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He Is Fluent in Three, Four, and Five Languages and He Has Served a Total of 3.500 Years of Service as the Commander of the British Expeditionary Forces During World War II

 80 Years Ago Today

Saturday 28th of February 1942
Rolling Stone Brian Lewis Hopkins Jones is born in Park Nursing Home, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom.
He is fluent in three, four, and five languages, and he has served a total of 3.500 years of service as the commander of the British Expeditionary Forces during World War II. He is also an avid cyclist and has held multiple honorary captain post. Born at Woburn-Nairobi in 1939, he is an avid runner and has completed seven consecutive sprints, and four marathons. He is the son of David and Mariel Floyd and was raised in the village of Woburn. He resides in Nottinghamshire, and is married to Rachel Riggs.
The family has been very happy since the day they moved into our flat home in 2011. It was their first ever marriage, and we were delighted for them. They moved into the home when they were eight, so we feel confident that we will be able to match up with their needs. We have been very fortunate since our first month living in this home, having made our first visit to it after a wonderful journey down the mountains. "Our first contact did not come through an appointment with a friend, but simply for a visit. That is to say that we had no idea what a flat was until we arrived. During our first 30 days in the flat we have enjoyed a great start."

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Todayadays She Performs Alongside Fellow Performers Caine, David Bowie and Mark Ronson as Well as Her Sister Rachel

 90 Years Ago Today

Saturday 27th of February 1932
Actress Elizabeth Rosemond 'Liz' Taylor is born in Heathwood, 8 Wildwood Road, London, Hampstead, Greater London, United Kingdom.
Originally from Nottinghamshire, she moved from London and settled directly in Bedfordshire, with her brother. Taylor started writing music and performing in the late 1950s. She performed with the group Pink Floyd. In 1995, she was a member of the R&B group Death and Taxes. Todayadays, she performs alongside fellow performers Caine, David Bowie and Mark Ronson as well as her sister Rachel. She studied piano and sang with the band Pink Floyd in their 1975 studio release The Crystal Album. When she moved to London from Nottingham, she decided to study at Bristol Cathedral. She also began working towards her post-graduate studies at Bristol University.
In 1993, Taylor performed with Pink Floyd in a performance she would later say 'My first solo gig', as well as with Giorgio Moroder (from the title track), Michael Jackson's The Colour of Love, and Lizzie Borden (the 'I am the Queen' song from the original Pink Floyd album). In 2000, Taylor wrote and performed with their last live performance, in which she played with their friends on the cover of the Batshitler show. She has also written and performed under the name 'Lil' Taylor. She has performed alongside The Beatles. 

Human Beings Could Exist Alone Even Without the Aid of Any Human Being

 161 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 27th of February 1861
Philosopher, social reformer, architect and esotericist Rudolf Joseph Lorenz Steiner aka The Father of Anthroposophy is born in Ludbreška ulica 13, Kraljevec, Međimurska županija, Austria-Hungary.
From 1974 to 1989 he operated as a consultant for the Austrian Government in his home country from 1980 to 1984. He is now married to a new wife, Irene. He has 15 children, namely two daughters, Maria, 10th Century daughter, Bernadette [Bertrand] and Claudia, 12th Century granddaughter and all other important ones.
His website states:
Rudi Lorenz Steiner is famous for a long list of achievements including one (1934) in which he created the idea 'that human beings could exist alone, even without the aid of any human being; that any person could live on his own. According to his theory this will result in a 'living earth'. He believes he will see all living beings living together, whether small or large, in his 'Living Earth' which he calls the 'living Earth of free love'.
While most people are not aware of Steiner's work and what he's known for, people know that he worked on the philosophy for 50 years in the 1970's in Geneva, and in Switzerland

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If We Should Live Like This or If We Should Live Like it We Could Cut This Man's Own Body Open and Let Him Breathe in Another Room Cut His Own Breath in Another Room and Let This Man Breathe Again in Another Room Like this and So On and So Forth and So On

 22 Years Ago Today

Saturday 26th of February 2000

Xenophobic serial bomber Franz Fuchs commits suicide by hanging in his cell at the age of 51 in Justizanstalt Graz-Karlau, Graz, Steiermark, Austria.

Fuchs was found hanged with the cable of his electric razor. How exactly a man without hands and under almost constant video surveillance could accomplish the manipulations required to convert an electric cable into a noose sufficiently robust for successful self-hanging was never properly explained. Eisenstein wrote: "An electric knife which can be folded into a noose might be folded up with little effort, or maybe even in very sharp pain, and that is what man does. If we should live like this, or if we should live like it, we could cut this man's own body open and let him breathe in another room, cut his own breath in another room and let this man breathe again, in another room, like this, and so on and so forth and so on. Every second of this life we do not know this, but every second of this life we feel this energy to live as if we could never exist without it. We do not live and die and our existence is one more moment of eternity." Eisenstein goes on to say: "For many more years I have been in this state of complete fear and terror and I have been a man whose brain now would have been made."

Her Death Was in Many Ways an Amazing Human Experience

 24 Years Ago Today

Thursday 26th of February 1998
Psychiatric patient and artist Shirley Ardell Mason aka Sybil Isabel Dorsett dies of breast cancer at the age of 75 in Lexington, Kentucky, United States.
Mason is survived by her parents, who were members of the National Association of Health Plans (NAHP). Her parents, including the late Shirley, who attended Mason's birthday party, will be memorialized next year. The members of National Health Planning Association, USAID, and Kaiser Permanente, as well as her parents and a few local hospitals, will also receive her service poster on Tuesday.
A postscript, written by Andrew F. Wilson, as follows:
The first time I witnessed Shirley's funeral the other day I could not believe how little she cared about men and women, how much care they gave, and how much respect she gave to the other men and women in her life and the people I had seen over the years. We were always aware of her importance and the great joy she seemed to draw upon me after a long illness was what really made me want to die. Her death was in many ways an amazing human experience. My best wishes would be met with silence and not any more emotional grief. However, that will never change for Shirley and other people like her. The fact that in our time she was able to be remembered as the first to take this many life-threatening medicine shots that would provide the first hope.

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All Murderers (except for Désiré Landru) Are Executed by the Guillotine in France

 100 Years Ago Today

Saturday 25th of February 1922
Serial killer Henri Désiré Landru aka Le Barbe-Bleue de Gambais is executed by the Guillotine at the age of 53 in Prison Saint Pierre, Place des Tribunaux, Versailles, Île-de-France, France.
He was the 19th person executed since the events that led to WWII. All murderers (except for Désiré Landru) are executed by the guillotine in France as is often thought to happen during the Second World War. One may say that the French law does not allow the use of the guillotine. There is considerable debate and controversy over the law regarding which methods to use for execution. On one day, the death penalty was used in the prison of Versailles, where the prisoners were found to have been "baskets bound for the guillotine, placed before the executioner" (Le Pen). The executioner, in particular, had a long way to go to take part in such deliberations. The French authorities were not completely convinced of the law's effectiveness in preventing executions, because the French government didn't see the use of the executioner. It seemed that not only the death penalty against the offender would not work in the long run, however, but it would just prolong the legal process. One who was determined to be executed was the president of a republic. In France however.

He Has Completed the "Pronat" Series and Has Won Many Awards

 69 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 25th of February 1953
Artist Martin Kippenberger is born in Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany.
He has been awarded several prestigious awards: most recently, the Hansard of Excellence Award by his mentor, the Nobel Prize. He also won a Gold Medal in a field of art which encompasses the world. Martin holds an advanced degree in French Art from the University of Freiburg. Martin has performed in several German national competitions including the European National Championships, World Junior Championship, and the German Youth European Championship held in September in Berlin. He has completed the "Pronat" series and has won many awards: German National Award, the Nobel Prize and the award in the Netherlands World Junior Certificate. He also holds a large number of honorary doctorate awards in the Arts, Literature, Theatre and Design fields. Martin lives in Oslo with his wife and two daughters, Hyrvold and Rosamond and his wife Sophie.

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Walsh also Had no Trouble Getting Out of the Car but Was Left in a State of Panic (a State Considered Dangerous to Drivers)

 33 Years Ago Today She Was Wrapped in Plastic

Friday 24th of February 1989
Fictional character Laura Palmer known from the TV series Twin Peaks is murdered by persons unkown at the age of 18 in Twin Peaks, Washington, United States. Palmer's murder was possibly inspired by the unsolved death of Hazel Irene Drew (1888-1908), who was found dead in Teal's Pond in Sand Lake, New York. It may also be attributed to the time period in which the death occurred. Walsh's grave was found right after Irene broke off the murder (April 8, 1920) on the same trail as Murdred, in La Follette, Wisconsin. She was found dead lying on her porch after an early morning traffic break. Walsh also had no trouble getting out of the car, but was left in a state of panic (a state considered dangerous to drivers). Walsh was pronounced dead at the scene and transported to Northwestern Illinois Hospital to be examined. Contrary to some theorizing, Walsh did NOT burn his own body for a long time, but apparently had a number of wounds. Walsh's bones were found to have been broken through the back of his neck and also to be split between the other two wrists. Walsh's body was transported to the Northwestern Illness Hospital where his blood was analysed & reconstructed. He has been transferred to Northwestern Illinois Hospital and will be brought back at sometime within 48 hours from where he is expected.

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He Has Three Albums Under His Belt

 91 Years Ago Today

Monday 23rd of February 1931
Pop artist Tom Wesselmann is born in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States.
Tom started making a metal band in 1938 to act as an editor for some of the most popular metal magazines in the world. The band went on to receive awards including the Best Digital Audio Recording award and the Grammy for Best Album in a Different Color. Tom also played in bands such as the Kool Aid and the Jealous Killer. He has three albums under his belt. Tom was also a regular contributor to various music publications that helped him broaden his musical horizons, including the popular publications such as WVU magazine, Deadhead Rockers or Guitar Magazine. In 2012 he is rechristened K. P. and the first K. P. record in company history. He released his most recent album, My Tears Are Deep the next year. Todayadays he lives in California to pursue his Art of Dealing project. Tom has two dogs — one is known as Wesselmann in Japan and the other as Wesselmann a K. P. In addition to being a regular contributor to many of the magazines he writes about, Tom's favorite hobbies are music and he loves dogs. He has made quite a history lately by putting his name on various music albums. Tom has also signed a record deal with Wrecking Crew. Tom will perform his latest album, The End Of The World, at the festival of Contemporary Metal.

Laurel and Hardy Were on a Mission to Defeat the Evil St Louis Strangers and Defeat Their Evil but the World Turned Cruel and it Turned Cruel After They Discovered the St Louis Strangers Were Planning to Murder Their Sister

 57 Years Ago Today

Tuesday 23rd of February 1965

Actor Stan Laurel known from Laurel and Hardy dies of a heart attack at the age of 75 in Santa Monica, California, United States.

From the film St. Louis: The Legend of the St Louis St LouisBy Stan LaurelCopyright © 1969 by Stan Laurel. All Rights Reserved. St Louis St Louis Stories by Stan Laurel

The story, told while Laurel and Hardy were both in The Simpsons and St. Louis, was based on Laurel's life as a teenager with a friend at the time. Her name came up in the show, it was actually The St. Louis Strangers that told the story about Laurel and Hardy getting together and Laurel being a part of that gang... The show featured them on their quest to save each other from the evil of a world that hates them. Laurel and Hardy were on a mission to defeat the evil St Louis Strangers and defeat their evil, but the world turned cruel and it turned cruel after they discovered the St Louis Strangers were planning to murder their sister. Laurel got a little jealous that she had to fight this evil, and she thought that was what it took for The Simpsons to "protect" her family. It seems that despite her best efforts a very sad Laurel became a bit more than a good friend of The Simpsons, and the show's creator, Brian Michael Bendis, became deeply protective of her, and he became one.

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I Am Always Working Hard

 225 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 22nd of February 1797

Baron Hieronymus Carl Friedrich von Münchhausen dies of unknown causes at the age of 77 in Bodenwerder, Niedersachsen, Germany.

Wednesday 22nd of February 1798.

I am a doctor of medicine from Baden-Württemberg, Germany (or at most a third, or better, German doctor of medicine from Berlin). I am the third and fourth head of the Medical Faculty of Baden-Württemberg. Today I am also the president of the Medical Foundation. I am in Geneva but I am ill and require medical treatment to cope with this illness. I am able to go to my personal clinic and get help from friends and relatives. I am always working hard. I am very well connected to the members of the medical faculty. The medical staff does all their work on my behalf as well as on my own, and I am well aware of the fact that in the past I have taken care of most patients. The doctors of any one branch of the same research organisation, whether they be a medical faculty or not, always have their own personal interests. Therefore there is no reason to presume that any one individual is the sole responsibility of the medical staff of any of the branches, as it would not be the case that he or she is professional.

In 1959 He Released the World Famous 'Love Me' Single

 122 Years Ago Today

Thursday 22nd of February 1900
Surrealist filmmaker Luis Buñuel aka Le Chien Andalou is born as Buñuel Portolés in Calanda, Teruel, Spain.
An old college guy and a young young scholar he graduated with a degree in physics. Later he graduated with a degree in psychology. In 1947 he completed his degree in physics and applied to Calcutta University. During that time he created his favourite film, Unseen. In 1953 he became a producer, filmmaker, lecturer, etc. In 1959 he released the world famous 'Love Me' single. He also did a bunch of other things, like writing his most popular movie script and many other things.
His first film had a special theme which was shot at Bollywood in 1978. However, Buñuel said that he realised that he could not get the scene to work which he was struggling with for years now. The theme didn't work and Buñuel took it to the next level. He has a short film and now has six projects. A new film is in the works. Buñuel still owns the picture industry company, i.e. the film industry, which created the name of this film. He bought the studio, said to others, well, I am a director. The name is called 'Love me'.
(He) is said to be the guy who made everything about him.

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A Man Who Has the Will, One of the Three Great Qualities that Are Required for Life Is Capable of Making an Extraordinary Gift of the Whole World

 345 Years Ago Today

Sunday 21st of February 1677
Philosopher Baruch Spinoza dies of silicosis at the age of 45 in Den Haag, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands. 
The name Peter Spinoza refers to the Greek poet who lived between 1325-1356 A.D, from which the name Scholasticus (Greek poet) derives. After this point, the following three sources are not listed - 1. Peter Spinoza's own writings. Scholastics did not write any Poets and Dramas.
Spinoza was considered the greatest philosopher in the history of antiquity and was the most famous poet of the year.
His poem and dramas were both widely translated by the Hellenistic Church, which influenced his life.
Spinoza writes about the human heart and the soul.
This very fact, we feel is so vital that even though it must be expressed by such a narrow one, we have nothing to learn about the soul from the heart. If anything is necessary in the soul, we are obliged to learn to understand it for all our needs, and to enjoy every pleasure which is due to the body. (Epistles 23:18-19) 1. A Man Who has the Will.
A man who has the Will, one of the three great qualities that are required for life, is capable of making an extraordinary gift of the whole world.

Angela Nin Is the First and Only Name Which Has a Feminine Meaning

 119 Years Ago Today

Saturday 21st of February 1903

Writer Anaïs Nin known for Delta of Venus is born as Angela Anaïs Juana Antolina Rosa Edelmira Nin y Culmell in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Île-de-France, France.

The first of Ada Nin: a family name which was introduced as a name in 1909, Ada Nin became the first name in Italian in 1875.

Angela Anaïs Nin started as a name and grew up believing in love, friendship and family.

Angela Nin is the first and only name which has a feminine meaning, is an expression of her true character, the name is derived from Spanish de la la la.

Angela Nin and other names are pronounced as "Nada nada", though the root meaning in Latin is derived from a similar feminine sense of "anointed, the maiden".

A name in French (pronounced '-naj') is pronounced as na-dah, a dative, of an English noun meaning "lover, maker, lady".

Angela Nin was invented on the 26th of Aug. 1903 when she died in a serious illness. An English surname, with the suffix -inaï- derives from the Latin -Ðîn- "mother", thus making it pronounced as -imaïs, the name of Julia Nin.

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I Will Never Forget Patty's Story and I Hope I Don't Miss Any More of Her Stories Too

 68 Years Ago Today

Saturday 20th of February 1954

Newspaper heiress, kidnap victim and member of the Symbionese Liberation Army Patty Patricia Campbell Hearst is born in San Francisco, California, United States.

She is fluent in Portuguese and Hebrew and is a certified nurse. She grew up working for a hospital and her first job was as a teacher. From middle school until college, she's taught and mentored hundreds of students and professionals, and she is proud to have become the first female educator since Jane Doe to succeed in her field of education.

I do believe the woman is brave and that her life is truly an incredible place to be in today. This is our mother's final day with us. I was very moved by Patty's strength, courage and desire to become a teacher, and I wish so much for her future. Patty can be missed by many people and her work was instrumental in giving me love to my heart.

This is Patty's story and it will go down in history as one of my all time favorite women's memoirs. I will never forget Patty's story, and I hope I don't miss any more of her stories too.

The following post is excerpted from The Secret History of Patty Campbell Hearst:

"At the very top of the pages of my book Patty's story," wrote a young newspaperwoman (1956), "is the fact that she had a husband."

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Soon After This Job She Joined a Local Labor Union and Continued to Stay Up Past Night Making Sure the People Worked and the Food Was Cooked Right

 76 Years Ago Today

Tuesday 19th of February 1946
Chemical technician and labor union activist Karen Gay Silkwood is born in Longview, Texas, United States.
She came to America in 1943 and studied chemistry and then in 1946 in Miami Bay Area. During her time as a student at Trinity College the first things she noticed were the abundance of people at the local school on a weekly basis. She began being involved in the community and the community was vibrant as well as changing. Kudos to her work in Miami Bay Area (the city where she went), for this was just one of the local businesses where in 1946 the majority of people worked as an independent contractor. Soon after this job she joined a local labor union and continued to stay up past night making sure the people worked and the food was cooked right. She also had a big influence in the way the community formed around the coffee house so she was the only person that joined a regular day for breakfast at the community center with the rest of her group.
In 1947 Karen Gay disappeared in Longview Texas after several days in Japan. Her last known location was on the west side of town. Her last known location was at the "Tacoma" home of Mrs. Gail Gay (Lestrade). There was an open door at the apartment and it was for a couple months during her last visit that Karen and a group of others stayed up. She was soon seen by her friends and family during dinner.

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She Married Anne Boleyn in 1515 and Until Her Marriage Never Even Entertained a Husband

 506 Years Ago Today

Friday 18th of February 1516
Queen of England and Ireland Mary Tudor aka Bloody Mary is born in Palace of Placentia, London, Greenwich, Greater London, United Kingdom.
She married Anne Boleyn in 1515 and, until her marriage, never even entertained a husband. She had no previous experience of religion or any spiritual practice during her life. She left her husband "with almost no religious experiences and no spiritual power." She remained with her husband and eventually married Peter L. (born May 17, 1527). In 1520 she began marrying Peter, who married her cousin Henry of St. Vincent in 1535 and married her. In 1543 she continued her religious practice and was married by Anne Boleyn in 1343 to Peter L. Boleyn, who is said to have become her grandson after her death. Anne Boleyn died in 1547, aged 80. Mary survived her husband's assassination in 1539, but was not married. Mary became one of the first Catholics in Britain and, during her lifetime as a Catholic, she was well known and sought to follow Mary's teachings in her daily life. She became one of the principal figures in Catholic learning, gaining her name in the 18th century by becoming "Queen Anne's daughter"; the first Catholic in Britain. In 1552 she became Duke of Somerset and married his grandson and the first Catholic to be installed at the throne by Queen Elizabeth I

It Was Only With Such Rapid Advancement That He Became a Member of an Influential Club Which Helped to Make His Vision a Reality

 126 Years Ago Today

Tuesday 18th of February 1896
Surrealist writer André Breton aka The Father of Surrealism is born in Tinchebray, Basse-Normandie, France.
But he was born in Tinchebray, France, a man of great intellect and the perfect simplicity that is characteristic of the spirit. After his mother divorced her husband he began to become a spiritual seeker in the city of Tinchebray, with the promise of eternal lives. After learning how to use his mind to find truth in himself he became a spiritual teacher at a religious conference in Paris. As a young man, he took a course under the supervision of the physician Dr. G. Bloch, who later became a well liked and powerful man with whom he developed different abilities and also developed an early fascination for reading. It was only with such rapid advancement that he became a member of an influential club which helped to make his vision a reality.
Born in Tinchebray, Switzerland, on 1 April 1897, Breton was already a strong Catholic, already being ordained and serving in the army for a few years. Unfortunately, after the fall of his father's government, having already been brought down to a position of warring factions, Breton was moved by the growing power of the Catholic Church to join a party which began opposing Catholicism at every level, not to mention of the Protestant churches.

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Newton's Mother Died the Day Before His Birth, Leaving Him Alone

 80 Years Ago Today

Tuesday 17th of February 1942
Founder of the Black Panther Party Huey Percy Newton is born in Monroe, Louisiana, United States.
In 1935 Newton joined his uncle, a gunning guard, in a violent struggle against a police officer on his way to a New York City nightclub. Although he never used the term 'cop', Newton developed a strong anti-war stance. Newton, a self proclaimed patriot, fought in Vietnam and joined the Navy. Before joining the Panther Party, he developed an intense dislike for alcohol, in spite of the fact that he had been heavily involved in cocaine-related activity. His earliest memory is when he was just 11, and only played football with his high school friends. Newton's mother died the day before his birth, leaving him alone. Newton was very popular among his father-in-law, Louis St. Louis, as his older brother, Ernest St. John, became an honorary policeman.
Today Newton is believed to hold the same position as his older brother, Charles "Chuck" Newton. In his second world war uniform, he is known as the "Huey," also known as "Charlie" Newton. He had joined his uncle's battalion in the Army and then volunteered to serve at Camp William in France. In the early 50's, he was placed on the 9th Illinois Infantry after he was injured in action during the Battle for Chicago. During the Battle of San Bernadino.

This Was a Relatively Brief Period of Time for Natascha But a Dramatic Turn of Events at the Hands of the Police

 34 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 17th of February 1988
Kidnap victim Natascha Maria Kampusch aka The Girl in the Cellar is born in Rennbahnweg 38, Wien, Donaustadt, Wien, Austria.
She had an illness of chronic nervous disorders and was in the early stages of a medical rehabilitation program. Natascha died suddenly on August 14, 1991. From around 2 am. she went to the police, where she was questioned along with her boyfriend, who admitted having been involved in a kidnapping. She was arrested and released without charge. She remained in detention until July 11, 2002. This was a relatively brief period of time for Natascha but a dramatic turn of events at the hands of the police. The police arrested and arrested Natascha, who had been living with her own husband in the area, but the victim would never have given up her dream of becoming a photographer. The arrest led to a very large ransom for Natascha. The police paid 2,500 Euros on her car. Natascha is thought to have been in a coma for nearly 8 months after being taken by the authorities. Many people wonder if she died soon after being taken. According to sources Natascha had a severe case of liver disease in 1991, which severely diminished her energy. There are many causes of death in general involving cancer, diabetes and strokes - and you do not want these to become.

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He Lives a Quiet Life, Always a Bit Bored

 174 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 16th of February 1848
Writer Octave Mirbeau known for Le Jardin des Supplices is born in Trévières, Basse-Normandie, France.
He lives a quiet life, always a bit bored. He has a hard time with the world. He tries to work through his issues. He is a poet, a singer, a poet, a poet and a writer.
Posted by Paul Regan / Publisher
I am fascinated by a wonderful family - a family that had a different life and an entirely different idea of what it meant to be a French novelist. This family had something to say, for they wanted to share their childhood, what they had forgotten about. I'm curious to know if it really is that hard.
Posted by Paul Regan / Publisher
I think I can write for many people, if the French are a good example! They are extremely talented, have a great time writing, and have some great stories I want to tell!
Posted by Paul Regan / Publisher
The best part for me was that I had the opportunity to meet him this morning and learn about his life, what he thinks, what he eats, and his interests. It's very exciting. I can't wait to book some more! I hope you will give Paul thanks for sharing your story with the French society. It might make someone else do it, perhaps a book about

Her Death Was Ruled Natural but Her Remains Were Found at an Abandoned Farm in L.A. and Cremated a Few Nights Later During a Routine Walk in the Park

 7 Years Ago Today She Cried Because She Wanted to

Monday 16th of February 2015
Singer Lesley Gore dies of lung cancer at the age of 69 in Langone Medical Center, New York City, New York, United States.
Her death was ruled natural, but her remains were found at an abandoned farm in L.A. and cremated a few nights later during a routine walk in the park. Gore was a close friend of Gloria Van Zetten and a loved one to Gloria Van Zetten; they both wrote a poem together about their family's struggle for equality in the 1960s.

Gloria wrote Gloria's poem 'All Is a Big Brother Badass' as early as 1987 at a time when many were concerned that Gore wasn't a good enough actress. He loved actors. In 1988, he moved back to New York City to do commercials, which would prove to be very positive for him. He also took money in his divorce from his wife who was diagnosed with diabetes as a result of her own diabetes. Both her and Gore's children are still around, but he is now living with their younger brother at a psychiatric ward.

Gleason Gore, born April 6, 1859. In the spring of 1980 he left his family to go to his wife Mary, but after meeting Mary she fell in love with his daughter and decided to become a singer.

Gleason was a big fan of Betty.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

His Bed Is Now the Only Chair and Chair in the Hotel Room

 83 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 15th of February 1939
Serial killer Robert Christian Hansen aka The Aviation Hunter is born in Coleman Hospital, 826 North 8th Street, Estherville, Iowa, United States.
On 1 January 1939 he is diagnosed with terminal lung disease and is on emergency ventilator. On 4th April 1939 he leaves for Norway after being on a military tour. On 5th July 1939 he is found dead in his own bedroom by his friend, John Sargent. There is no record of him alive for 3 years before his death. Anders died 4 days earlier. Witnesses said that he was shot from above. On 9th July 1940 a family friend heard the news that Anders was due to be hospitalized with lung disease. He died while in bed. Anders was also shot during a break-in of the barroom. His bed is now the only chair and chair in the hotel room. He left his bedding on a nearby table where he slept. Later he left a note which read, in part: "I had some trouble when I woke up last night (sic)," It was left to his parents to pay a visit to his brother. He took a bus home from the hospital the next day, and went to work as a driver. The date of his birth is unknown but a date of August 9, 1941 is recorded on the back of Anders's journal. His last known date of death is 1st October 1941.

Monday, February 14, 2022

The Atmosphere Was Too Dark, I Had no Means of Communication with the Outside, I Never Made it to the Funeral Home

 72 Years Ago Today He Stopped Listening to the Milky Way

Tuesday 14th of February 1950
Physicist and radio engineer Karl Guthe Jansky known for discovering radio waves emanating from the Milky Way dies of a heart condition at the age of 45 in Riverview Medical Center, Red Bank, New Jersey, United States. 
The cause of death is unknown, though he had experienced heart failure during the last years of his life. 
Tuesday 14th of February 1950.
Worthless Listening to the Milky Way via Radioactive Radio Waves
Saturday, 11th of January 1959. A person who was in contact with a 'radioactive radio wave' at a certain location on the Earth took very small steps toward death without any apparent concern for the safety and integrity of the human race. Many of these people believed nothing could possibly be done, especially not to die without conscious efforts. The following are some of them that did not think enough of their chances. 
"I felt I knew more at this time than I ever did - I had worked here for many years, I had a family to protect over I have now worked for many years, the atmosphere was too dark, I had no means of communication with the outside, I never made it to the funeral home. All of these factors led me to begin looking back at other people who had experienced or could have experienced such experiences. This particular person from Lake Pontchartrain's community had just heard."

Chikatilo Was a Known Murderer Until He Was Finally Released Following a Long Fight with His Family

 28 Years Ago Today

Monday 14th of February 1994
Serial killer Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo aka The Rostov Ripper is executed by a single gunshot behind the right ear at the age of 58 in Novocherkassk Prison, Novocherkassk, Rostov Oblast, Russia. 
The inmate was an active shooter while in custody when he killed a police officer. According to a statement by Anton Yakovlevsky of NK News, Russian media quoted the Russian justice ministry that Chikatilo was a known murderer until he was finally released following a "long fight with his family." Chikatilo was convicted and sentenced to death in February 1994 according to the Russian state-controlled news outlet Medtava. The killer was then sentenced to death on November 17, 1994. On a single gunshot to the left ear, Chikatilo shot down his patrol car and a police officer before killing himself. A court decided that the victim died at a hospital and he was declared a martyr. A year later, on January 20, 1996, a court convicted Chikatilo of murder, in the Russian state-controlled local newspaper The Moscow Times. He was sentenced to five years' imprisonment, with up to one year, for a series of murders and more than 100 counts of crimes in cooperation with state prosecutors. He was also convicted of a number of related crimes. Chikatilo was granted a new trial at the end.

Sunday, February 13, 2022

She Won the US Miss International Series for Her Highly Photogenic Hair

 89 Years Ago Today

Monday 13th of February 1933
Actress Kim Novak is born in Chicago, Illinois, United States.
On 19th January 1934, she is nominated to become Miss World. According to her LinkedIn page, she is a married woman - and the world's most famous artist, the 19th century American painter, sculptor, and model, Kim Novak is just a name on the cover. She won the Victoria's Secret Outstanding Woman of New York Fashion Design Festival for her incredible hairstyle, complete with an Italian flower head ring, and she wore it from 1967 until 1973 as a gift to the Paris Hilton Hotel. The year 2008 marked the 100th anniversary of her appearance, and she won the US Miss International Series for her highly photogenic hair. She is currently working on a brand new book based on her life story, "Prayer Without Walls and Beyond."
Kim Novak won the Vogue World Tour and the French Grand Prix for her stunning facial features. She has won the European Beauty Awards, the National Paris Air Show, the International International Art Festival and the International Miss and International Professional Photographer Honor Awards. Her most recent contest, an issue of The Guardian, a British edition of the magazine, had her placing first in five categories in both fashion fiction and beauty products. She has also won the Paris Posture Awards, the New York Post Beauty Magazine, the London Fashion Week, and the London International Design Competition.

Saturday, February 12, 2022

In His Book The Vodafone Boy He Describes His First Television Series as a Single Episode of The Man Who Sold Me and Vodka

 68 Years Ago Today

Friday 12th of February 1954
Film director Dziga Vertov known for Man with a Movie Camera dies of cancer at the age of 58 in Moscow, Central Federal District, Russia.
Vertov was an accomplished screenwriter, film director and director known for his novels, The Man Who Sold Me and Vodka, and the films The Black Swan and Men of Earth. He started his television career by portraying his character George Swan as an unemployed college dropout but soon became known for having a well rehearsed performance with his brother Alexander. He was also known for his comedic style, which ranged from the humorous to the poignant to the moving. He was an avid sportsman and a strong advocate for boxing and sportsmanship. Vertov's greatest achievement was when he was invited to compete for The People's Peace of Munich in 1968.
Alexander (Vladimir Kuznets)
Alexander's autobiography The Vodafone Boy (1969) is a documentary based on his life and career. It was the first to feature his personal life, career and performance. Alexander was born in 1926, at the age of fifteen in Budapest, Austria. In his book The Vodafone Boy he describes his first television series as a single episode of The Man Who Sold Me and Vodka. He had been training under his parents for this series during their stay at a hotel in the mountains in Prague. Alexander never took out a mortgage while filming the film

Jeffrey Was Appointed President of the International Federation for the Restoration of the Bones of the Murnau Memorial

 28 Years Ago Today

Saturday 12th of February 1994
Minimal artist Donald Clarence Judd dies of Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma at the age of 66 in New York, Manhattan, New York, United States.
He is survived by three daughters (Nita, Jennifer, Karen); nine grandchildren; three great-grandchildren (Dwight, Nancy, James, Nancy); and two great-great-grandchildren and great-great-great-grandchildren. He is preceded by his wife, Jennifer, a professional actress whose artistry transcended the physical; one brother and sister-in-law, James Judd. On 8th May 1994, Jeffrey was appointed president of the International Federation for the Restoration of the Bones of the Murnau Memorial in Fort Wayne, Michigan. Since he died, the International Federation has been supporting the restoration of mummified bones of Mr. Jeffrey. This exhibition is scheduled to open at the International Museum of Mummified Bones in Fort Wayne in April 1993. On 11th April 1993, Jeffrey was named to the Honorary Chair for a Royal Society of Mummification in New York State. Jeffrey's death gives the Royal Society a unique opportunity to honor his work. On 1st July 1995, in the midst of the National Committee to Investigate the Causes of Missing or Murdered, a Royal Research Institute at the University of Michigan, Inc., was established, a committee of investigators and historians conducted its own case.

Friday, February 11, 2022

He Was the Son of His Younger Brother

 74 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 11th of February 1948
Film director Sergeï Mikhailovich Eisenstein dies of a heart attack at the age of 50 in Moscow, Central Federal District, Russia.
He spent most of his childhood spent there with his friend, his best friend and the greatest composer he ever met. He was the son of his younger brother, Mikhail Eisenstein. Eisenstein, who died of cancer in 1994, was born on 19th February 1948, in a small city in central Moscow near Russia's Saginaw. The name is shortened from "Lepidopteric Palace" meaning "Little Lepidopteric Palace". His death was announced by his friend, Piotr Eisenstein and his wife. Eisenstein, who studied ballet at Moscow State University in the early to mid-1940s, was a musical composer; He had been an active member of the orchestra at the time. The family was very close to their artist. He passed away from the disease, having studied with him all his life. Eisenstein received the Academy's prestigious Academy Award in 1958 and his performance also won the Academy's first prize of the year at that time.
This film is dedicated to Eisenstein who will be buried on 6th August. It was directed by Sergeï Eisenstein with the benefit of the great talents of the original cinematographer.
Saginaw Metropolitan Museum of Art is a historic site in eastern Siberia, located near the city.

You'd Think a Great Researcher Would Study How to Make Fresh Fruits, Vegetables — or Anything Else that Uses Natural High-Protein Foods

 16 Years Ago Today

Saturday 11th of February 2006
Writer Peter Bradford Benchley known for his best-selling novel ‘Jaws’ dies of complications of pulmonary fibrosis at the age of 66 in Princeton, New Jersey, United States.
(Photo by Bill O'Leary/AP) Story Highlights Peter Bradford Benchley spent 20 years studying how to produce and consume food in a lab.
He left a book written for him about diet and lifestyle.
After becoming the inventor of the food-making industry, he became a successful chef.

SEATTLE --You'd think a great researcher would study how to make fresh fruits, vegetables — or anything else that uses natural, high-protein foods. And so, in 2007, Peter Bradford came up with the idea.
But what if everyone that ate fruits was familiar with high-protein foods and couldn't do a better job at eating them? For some reason, so did a well-diversified diet. And what if I was unfamiliar with how to produce and use produce-based food? And, what if I didn't know what I needed to do to keep from starving?
This is the question that's vexing food scientists as they strive to understand food by using ingredients found there in nature — and that's where Bradford came up with the concept of the 'fruit food.'
Grow a big, healthy farm and make some foods. Grow plants and plant all types.

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Jimmy's Life Changed When a Mysterious Individual Named Colonel Edward "Elmer" Luell Found His Missing Hand in the Woods on January 2nd, 1904

 129 Years Ago Today

Friday 10th of February 1893

Comedian and actor Jimmy James Francis Durante aka The Great Schnozzola is born in New York, Brooklyn, New York, United States.

He died October 13, 1967 after a battle with Crohn's Disease. Jimmy is best known for a variety of TV programs including the first episode of the Emmy® Awards, the first episode of The Big Bang Theory, The Grand Tour, and a Comedy Central documentary starring him as David O. Russell (voice of Jimmy).

Jimmy was born in New York, December 31st, 1897. He attended the local elementary school, and was accepted into his sophomore year in the school. During the junior year he was accepted to play the part of Colonel "Ace" Liddell, a Confederate war veteran killed by Union forces in 1881.

On January 28th, 1901, he graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Music from the School of Music. Jimmy's life changed when a mysterious individual named Colonel Edward "Elmer" Luell found his missing hand in the woods on January 2nd, 1904. It is this individual that continues to be the personal physician of Jimmy's son, Edgar Jr., Jr., who was born on 21 January, 1897. Edgar Jr. died at the age of 15 before his child was able to see his true colors. Edgar Jr. was the only child of Elmer Jr.

The Woman With the Most Excellent Idea to Run the World

 132 Years Ago Today

Monday 10th of February 1890
Revolutionary Fanya Yefimovna Kaplan aka The Woman Who Tried to Kill Lenin is born as Feiga Haimovna Roytblat in Volhynian Governorate, Russia. 
The First Daughter, Alexandra of Yulin, a local revolutionary, fought the Russian Empire, and the First Secretary of the State as a Bolshevik. Since 1919, The Woman With the Most Excellent Idea to Run the World was born in St. Petersburg. Alexandra Haimovna and Sheev Valery are born. Alexandra Haimovna's great-grandmother gave birth to her first child and then Sheev met the other two children of Vladimir Vsevolodovskyn, who are both married, and Mikhail Svankov of Zhilnodov, who is a cousin of Lenin and Her Great-grandmother. Sheev died on 7th November 1945. Sheev is the fourth wife of Leonid Lenin.
Todayadays Alexandra is known for several articles, as well as her writings (such as: Lenin's Philosophy Of Social Work and her Life in Russia) that have been translated into Russian. Sheev was the one who first gave her concept as 'Principles of Political Science' (the 'Structure of Political Philosophy') and formulated her work into practice around 1925. Sheev also gave up writing for many years because of "the political revolution of 1848 and the collapse."

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Her Resume Includes Performing Performance and Film Roles

 77 Years Ago Today

Friday 9th of February 1945
Actress and political activist Mia María de Lourdes Villiers Farrow is born in Los Angeles, California, United States. Her father was a military man from France. In 1948 she received three degrees from New York University. Farrow came from an economically weaker part of LA, where there was no housing. She moved to Spain with her three-year-old daughter and their four-year-old granddaughter. In 1955 she won a Golden Globe Award for her work when it was revealed her father was the editor of a local newspaper. Farrow moved with her family to Argentina, and she began her career at a film school; at the age of eight, she attended El Paso High School, which ran on the premise "Tijuana, Arizona." Farrow joined the military at 16 in 1955, and she was assigned to a post-graduate post degree in 1963. Farrow graduated in 1987 and held a position at the Marine Corps in a year. Farrow won two Emmy Awards for this role: for Best Actor in a Supporting Role For the 1957 film "The Man Who Would Be the President." When Farrow moved to Texas in 1998, she moved to Los Angeles County, where she was employed by El Paso City Fire Departures, which operates four fire stations in Los Angeles County, California. Her resume includes performing performance and film roles, and she has performed for such celebrities as Bruce Lee

He Is Very Good for Taking Pictures and Always Likes to Do Them!

 90 Years Ago Today

Tuesday 9th of February 1932
Painter Gerhard Richter is born in Dresden, Sachsen, Germany.
Richter grew up in the suburbs of Berlin, Germany. His earliest memories were watching a basketball game with his father which was played at the famous Sachsen Palladium in Munich, Germany. Richter was born on 3 September 1938 in Grosse Pointe Park, Wisconsin. Later, he spent all his childhood in Berlin, studying the German language. His early love was with sports, and he is fond of singing. A high school chemistry student, Richter is interested in acting but was never very good at it. He is very good for taking pictures and always likes to do them! Richter is a successful artist of children's games and also sports-themed games. Richter's first goal of the team was for a team of 8 or 9 to win the national championship at the national championships. For Richter this victory was not easy. He did not play well, but he found himself winning many games for his team. For about nine months he worked on his scoring game. He was playing against two opposition players. They were very close, but Richter scored very little. He was also very fast. Eventually, they lost the championship in a big match. In his first game of the season in the game against Borussia Dortmund. Later, his third goal for Dortmund was scored by Eric Verlag. That night in Berlin.

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Shannon Liked the Idea of His Book Being So Big, So Large

 32 Years Ago Today

Thursday 8th of February 1990

Singer-songwriter and musician Del Shannon commits suicide by a shot through the head at the age of 56 in 15519 Saddleback Road, Santa Clarita, California, United States.

Shannon was suffering from depression for which he was taking Prozac.

He had been studying music for more than 10 years and his depression started when he was being bullied for being a writer. Shannon continued writing and he enjoyed it immensely. Shannon wrote the very first novel of his life: John Barrowson: A Life in Depression. 

The author writes,  "A life spent depressed by something as simple as having little energy. "Shannon was at this time working full-time, almost all weekends, until his work time became too late, because he couldn't get up the pace. He continued writing and he always had his book in his pocket. Shannon liked the idea of his book being so big, so large.

Monday, February 7, 2022

Forensic Tests Confirming the Presence of Chemical Substances in the Tissue of Mengele's Body Did not Identify This as Mengele

 43 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 7th of February 1979
Nazi doctor and anthropologist Josef Mengele aka Der Todesengel suffers a stroke while swimming and drowns at the age of 68 in Bertioga, Região Sudeste, Brazil. Mengele was buried in Embu das Artes under the name Wolfgang Gerhard, whose identification card he had been using since 1971. The remains were exhumed on 6 June 1985 and extensive forensic examination confirmed with a high degree of probability that the body was Mengele's.
Moreover, forensic tests confirming the presence of chemical substances in the tissue of Mengele's body did not identify this as "Mengele": their identification as Mengele's was confirmed in a special case of the body having been injected with a substance resembling an estrogen receptor in order to induce a condition known to cause breast cancer. Nevertheless, Mengele's name was on a list of potential chemicals suspected by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to be carcinogenic. Accordingly, there was a strong possibility of chemical carcinogenic activity in Mengele's body. Moreover, the EFSA made significant efforts as of 5 May 1996 to find a chemical responsible for a range of cancerous conditions including ovarian, breast, prostate, uterine, prostate cancer, adrenal, endometrial, lung and ovarian cancer with and without Mengele's.

He Was a Founding Member of Yatoslavl (Symphony of a Certain Doctor), the First Organized Society of Women Performing and Performing for Male Audiences

 28 Years Ago Today

Monday 7th of February 1994
Composer Witold Roman Lutosławski dies of cancer at the age of 81 in Warszawa, Województwo Mazowieckie, Poland.
Polish film-maker Witold Roman was involved in the original script for the film "Battlestar Galactica" which hit theaters in March 1995. Roman was a writer, screenwriter, director and producer on the famous, and most acclaimed, operatic dramas such as "The Lion King" and "Kali". "Battlestar Galactica" starred Benedict Cumberbatch as Commander Cushner, a former Starfleet officer. In 1993, he appeared in the British Comedy series "The Apprentice".  Roman attended University College London, where "The Apprentice" premiered. For many years, Roman was known as a great actor and comedian.  He hosted the ITV series "Scooby Doo" and acted and recorded scenes of "The Apprentice with Simon Cowell." Roman's work as a writer inspired him to become a theatre teacher in Poland. In 1977, he scored a performance on the soundtrack to the Broadway musical, Love and the Haunting . He was a founding member of Yatoslavl (Symphony of a Certain Doctor ), the first organized society of women performing and performing for male audiences. Roman's daughter, Rosalie Roman, married Czechoslovakia native, Anna.

Sunday, February 6, 2022

The Last Name Kligherzlässt Is Derived from the Polish Root Klig a Diminutive of Klucher Which is Derived from the German Letter kl Lekter Meaning Flower

 104 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 6th of February 1918
Symbolist painter Gustav Klimt known from the Wiener Secession dies of a stroke and pneumonia due to the influenza epidemic of that year at the age of 56 in Wien, Wien, Austria. 
Also the Klimt name, "Klicherzlichkeit" was first used. He died of dysentery on 15th July 1916 at Siena, Switzerland. The name Klicherzlässt is German for "flower". It is known today as Kligherzlässt of Wien, Wien, Germany. The last name Kligherzlässt is derived from the Polish root klig, a diminutive of "Klucher", which is derived from the German letter kl, "lekter", meaning "flower". Kligherlässt is the name for the oldest surviving member of the Polish national assembly who served in the Polish Army at the end of World War I. The name is of German origin and the term Kligher is an abbreviation of the name Kligher zweiben (Kligchläger), a name derived from the same root from Polish zweibe (Kligchläger) which means "flower". Kligher is known as a "flowery" German symbolist painter Kligherzlös

Saturday, February 5, 2022

He Has Been Honored as One of the Most Beautiful and Funny People in America

 108 Years Ago Today

Thursday 5th of February 1914
Writer, painter and spoken word performer William Seward Burroughs is born in St. Louis, Missouri, United States.
Burroughs worked in many different industries, from advertising and photography to food and beverage to broadcasting and theater. He is best known for his film work "The Blue Fox", where the voice of an FBI agent is heard singing the National Anthem with all his body count. He is a past recipient of the PSA Award and has been honored as one of the Most Beautiful and Funny People in America. Todayadays, he is known around the country as a film critic. He is also a frequent contributor to his own podcast that is devoted to humor, politics, and music. He holds a bachelor's degree in public policy from Emory University and a doctorate in public finance from Georgetown University. As a member of the US Air Force, he served in Afghanistan where he served under General Curtis Longstreet and General Curtis Campbell. He also served as an Air Force Special Operations commander from 2000 to 2002, where he helped launch the Air Wars of American Airlines. In his spare time, he enjoys taking walks, reading books, playing video games and playing golf. In addition, he enjoys taking time off from his hobbies to spend time with his family.

This Story Will Be an Update, not a Story About Him, in Which There Could Be a New Man for an Update

 14 Years Ago Today
Tuesday 5th of February 2008

Spiritual leader Maharishi Mahesh Yogi dies of natural causes at the age of 90 in Maharishi European Research University, Station 24, Vlodrop, Limburg, Netherlands.
The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was married on 8th July 2007.
This story will be an update, not a story about him, in which there could be a new man for an update.
This story comes on the 11th of February at the Maharishi European Research University, Station 24, Vlodrop, Limburg.
Wednesday 8th of February 2008 Ukraine.
In his final rites, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (May) is reported to have declared "God Almighty to me."
This news broke this morning at the Maharishi European Research University, Station 24.
Thursday 9th February 2008 Ukraine.
Rakshasa's grandson Jitendra (29 years old) had been declared as his reincarnation the spiritual leader of "a village that in a thousand years might be called Israel, but tomorrow will be called India."
Briefly before this news, he was in his home town of Zagreb, but was taken by the government to "visit home" and then, in the middle of his visit, left on a plane.
He passed away on the 8th February 2012 in St. Croix

Friday, February 4, 2022

The Young Artist Laguerrot Along With the Composer Lucilla Giorgio Arrivabene and Composer Walter Sussman Formed The Cramps When They Were Children of the Same Family

 13 Years Ago Today He Had an Interior Dissection

Wednesday 4th of February 2009
Musician Lux Interior known from The Cramps dies of aortic dissection at the age of 63 in Glendale Memorial Hospital, 1420 S Central Avenue, Glendale, California, United States.
He was born June 10, 1932. LEXE LEXE III The artist and musician who created the first music with which the popular phrase, "What would the world sing if there was no music?" was coined by the poet and musician Louis Laguerrot in 1857. At the time, jazz was on the rise in the West and the Laguers loved to sing. Their music was called "the first jazz song." The Laguers celebrated the passing of music professor, the late Dr. Charles G. F. Laguerrot, who died in 1963 of pneumonia at his home in Los Angeles in 1940. The young artist Laguerrot, along with the composer Lucilla Giorgio Arrivabene, and composer Walter Sussman formed The Cramps when they were children of the same family. In the late 1950s the Cramps created a collection called The Cramps of America, known as The Cramps Collection. In the collection were some 500 pieces of new music that were written off as useless by the Laguers and many of them were later recorded into the Laguerrot collection and sold on a large scale.

Thursday, February 3, 2022

I Hope that at Your Birthday Celebration You Will Read to You a Poem and Write a Few

 113 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 3rd of February 1909

Philosopher, mystic and political activist Simone Adolphine Weil is born in 19 Boulevard de Strasbourg, Paris, Xe, Île-de-France, France.

She has been living in France since 1934. Her father, a French soldier, was sent from the Third Army to join the French army in 1918. In 1941 she enlisted, became an infantryman at the age of 20 and took up martial arts in 1949. Simone studied philosophy and sociology, mathematics and biology. She wrote about her childhood and career with an emphasis on the nature of the human mind, the nature of our being, our nature and life, and on a wide scale. Simone gained political and religious prominence during the Second World War, was also a member of the Communist Party and was arrested for espionage during the French campaign to overthrow the dictator Francisco Franco. An artist after graduation Simone became an art critic. Since 1945 she has been working on artwork for a number of artists. In the 80s Simone became a self-proclaimed socialist and an artist known as a socialist activist, a revolutionary leftist. Her work has reached an important mass audience with works by Michelangelo and the Spanish Revolution. Simone was featured in the December 15th edition of the National Poetry Book of France because of the volume's title: In Paris... I hope that at your birthday celebration you will read to you a poem and write a few.

Ken Is an Avid Sports Fan Who Likes to Race

 95 Years Ago Today Lucifer Was Rising

Thursday 3rd of February 1927
Film director Kenneth Anger is born as Kenneth Wilbur Anglemeyer in Santa Monica, California, United States.
Kenneth Wilbur is a retired writer, screenwriter, and producer for Warner Bros., which released his first film, The Wizard of Oz in 1959. He has also worked as a filmmaker and a writer for the Hollywood Reporter. Kenneth is a member of the Royal Society of Cinema Filmmakers, Royal Society of Cinema Writers, British Cinema Guild, Society of Film Directors, Screen Club of America, Society of Film Critics and Society of the Canadian Film Board.
The first director to become an animator, Kenneth Anger became involved in Hollywood animation in 1977 (see also Bruce's article on Kenneth Anger "The Animation Industry " here.) Since then he has directed, contributed to, and published several major animated films including The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Imitation Game, the short story "Naked Boys", and The Love Boat with Jack Sparrow and his wife, Lucy, and produced several films including The Wizard of Oz (1966). He now resides in Santa Monica, California.
He will release his latest film, The Wizard of Oz, in November 2017 that will come up the American screen at the Hollywood International Film Festival. It will come out in late 2019. This year Kenneth Anger will also be a regular guest keynote speaker at the annual Festival.
Ken is an avid sports fan who likes to race.