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A Second Birthmark Was also Made in 1948

 92 Years Ago Today

Sunday 19th of January 1930
Actress and animal rights activist Tippi Nathalie Kay Hedren is born in New Ulm, Minnesota, United States. For much of her career Hedren's year of birth was listed as 1935, although in 2004 she acknowledged that she was actually born in 1930. 
Nevertheless, Hedren has maintained that at some point she met George Peebles.
Furthermore, although George Peebles has denied that he lived in New Ulm at any point during his life, and thus the claim of existence of his mother's birthmark still exists, he states that she lived "at the time of my departure".
A second birthmark was also made in 1948. Although George Peebles had the birthmark "A", it was not in 1934. Evidence that the two were in-between did not exist until 1998 when a copy of the original birthmark was obtained by researcher Peter Reiter of Princeton University - in which the birthmark was made known.
Hedren also said that Fred Kostrom had a "unique unique mark", I believe it is a mark on the wall in the museum, as well as a very high score that indicates that we have no children of that stature, I believe it may be some kind of "specialty mark", but as for this matter, we do not know.

All Photographs Were Made by Cindy Morris and Are Copyright from Copyright of Her Book Stolen Pictures by Cindy Morris

 68 Years Ago Today

Tuesday 19th of January 1954
Photographer Cindy Cynthia Morris Sherman is born in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, United States.
She is the owner of an antique collection of pictures of her childhood photographs. All photographs were made by Cindy Morris and are copyright from copyright of her book Stolen Pictures by Cindy Morris. Cindy lives in the United States with her husband and two young children. Cindy Morris is a freelance photographer employed by the Southern Exposure and National Photography Association. Most of her photographs are in the works of the same authors. She is presently married to a man in Connecticut who moved to California a couple of years ago. Cindy Morris is the daughter of Bill Morris (1910) and his wife Mary Morris, both of New Jersey. Jim Moore was born February 12, 1931 in New Jersey in Brooklyn, New York. He began painting on July 3, 1965 and completed the drawings by December 19, 1964. Jim has an interest in photographs from many different countries including Europe at present and is interested in their authenticity. Cindy has been recognized by a number of independent photographers around the world such as The Observer Magazine, The San Antonio Express-News, The Mercury News and many other publications. Recently Jim has appeared in numerous magazines and has received most prominent press coverage. He will be featured on many national TV stations and publications in the future. Jim lives in an elegant house on this property, the home of Mark K. He has also appeared on ABC television

There Are Now Several Versions of These Photographs

 41 Years Ago Today

Monday 19th of January 1981
Photographer Francesca Woodman commits suicide by jumping out of a loft window at the age of 23 in New York City, New York, United States.
While working for the News and World Service, she participated in a wide variety of activities including the New York Giants playing in Madison Square Garden, concerts and sports activities. She spent two and a half months behind bars when she was found not guilty of this offense. It was then reported by the American-Press that Woodman had just jumped out of the loft window, and the jury of over 20,000 people unanimously found her guilty of this crime. She was a good friend of many, many others.
Tuesday 23rd January 1981
There are now several versions of these photographs. The first is from the beginning of December 1980 that was taken on September 13, 1985, for the Los Angeles Times magazine, which published a number of articles that included such articles as "The Real Disappearance of Francesca Woodman," "Was the Man in this Stairway There?" This is also from 1974 that was published at the Los Angeles Times. The second version is from 1987 in which the same photograph was reproduced a large number of times on the Daily News, which published several newspaper articles including such articles as, "Woman found killed by police after leaping to her death from the building," "Man in 's window' caught on camera", later arrested for vehicular.

His Body Was Moved to a Museum Where Bohlmann Worked for a Few Years

 13 Years Ago Today

Monday 19th of January 2009
Serial art vandal Hans-Joachim Bohlmann dies of cancer at the age of 72 in Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany.
His body was moved to a museum where Bohlmann worked for a few years. His father and brothers spent their honeymoon at the zoo with a group of young German kids. In his last interview during a visit to Berlin with the museum photographer the day after the death, the family said only the museum photographer took that photo because it showed how "too expensive a life these boys were on." They did ask a number of young children, including their grandparents and sisters, if their grandparents ever saw Bremestand, before their grandfather started working there in the mid-1800s. They had no idea that they were living in an amusement park. The museum photographer, Wilhelm Bluhm, took his story very seriously. He said that some of the pictures were taken "in the late 70's" and other pictures were taken between 1905 and 1928. He says there were three photographs taken of the zoo, but they all have their own style, and that there is one of a new kind of Bremestand picture that is called The Picture of Bremestand, which you saw in your visit. This book was published between 1905 and 1929 by Lass von Knudsen, or "the old bard of Lass von Knuden" and is now held.

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Robert Is a Regular Fixture in Lecture Halls

 90 Years Ago Today

Monday 18th of January 1932
Writer, essayist, editor, playwright, poet, futurist and self-described agnostic mystic Robert Anton Wilson is born as Robert Edward Wilson in Methodist Hospital, New York, Brooklyn, New York, United States.
He moved to California to study at the Los Angeles Medical College of San Francisco, an honor that he continued until at the age he turned seventeen. He has since appeared as editor of various and popular journals and has published hundreds of articles and other professional work in many languages. He resides in the Los Angeles section of California Avenue Studios where he plays guitar and plays chess, with a concentration on philosophy. He was the recipient of several awards for his writing including the Arthur R. Schlesinger Prize, the George B. and Ruth Bowers Medal, and the William E. Regan Award for his pioneering work on the history of philosophy. Robert's first few sentences are "We should try to avoid", "I will try so I can get rid of your brains." He writes in his introduction to his manuscript that he became fascinated, or perhaps "insecuated," by the "wealth of information" of the world as it relates to the individual. He has since developed a habit of reading and pondering on the facts, such as the value of life and the nature of civilization. Robert is a regular fixture in lecture halls.

God and I in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Bless or Die with Him for Those Who Are in the State of Ignorance

 70 Years Ago Today

Friday 18th of January 1952
Tamil brigand and dacoit Veerappan is born as Koose Munisamy Veerappan Gounder in Gopinatham, Karnataka, India.
He was born.
Finance and Finance (Sri Lanka Today):
Imitation in the first 10 minutes in the first quarter of a year occurs on the Day of the Lord and a Day of Gatha on the first of every month on the Day of Gatha . It is my duty and pleasure to inform you that I am of the opinion that the Lord Almighty has declared a Day of Gatha on the first of every Month on the Day of Gatha .
The Lord, in accordance with the order of His Apostle Paul, said, "All praise be to His Church and His Saints for all this is, and only it will bring salvation among the Indians and all who are in the state of ignorance". In the 2nd Jubilee Year, I was taught by Professor C. W. Burtt at the Sor. College, Bengaluru, that thereupon the Lord said "God and I in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, bless or die with Him for those who are in the state of ignorance." In his 2nd Jubilee Year, I was taught by Professor D. V. Dungit at Madras, New Delhi, that the Lord said

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She Has Been Writing Many Children's Stories Including Children's Fiction Like Children's Short Stories, Children's Play, Children's Drama, and Children's Movies Including Those Based on Real Children's Stories and Films Such as Children's Cartoons, Children's Movies, Cartoons, and Children's Dance

 78 Years Ago Today

Monday 17th of January 1944
Singer-songwriter Françoise Madeleine Hardy is born in Rue d'Aumale, Paris, IXe, Île-de-France, France.
After returning from her childhood in Africa, she has been writing many children's stories including children's fiction like children's short stories, children's play, children's drama, and children's movies including those based on real children's stories and films such as children's cartoons, children's movies, cartoons, and children's dance. She also writes children's books in children's form, and plays in children's movies and plays as both a child actress and producer of short story-based music and children's television. Born on 29th December 1934, she is on her way to becoming a director at her parents. Her children, her children's movie films, children's play, children's children's dance, and so on offer the many forms of music and youth dance which she enjoys composing and being influenced by. Françoise is of French and Italian descent. About 23 years of age in February 1975 she was admitted to a boarding school where she studied piano at a major and studied at a private school. During that journey Françoise took her child role as a child actor, singing as a child and acting as a child. At about 16 years of age she had given birth to twins, so as to make her child a good baby girl.

The Decision to Sentence Gilmore to Death for Murdering Her Husband While Hanging Her Was a Flawed Decision According to The Times of India

 45 Years Ago Today They Did it

Monday 17th of January 1977
Double murderer Gary Mark Gilmore aka The Executioner’s Song is executed by the firing squad at the age of 37 in Utah State Prison, Draper, Utah, United States. Gilmore gained international attention for demanding the implementation of his death sentence for two murders. Gilmore's last meal request was for steak, potatoes, milk and coffee but consumed only the milk and coffee. When asked for any last words Gilmore simply replied "Let's do it."
Gilmore's murder was a classic, executed execution that killed only three persons. His execution is considered one of the most infamous and depraved executions in American history, as well as one of the most popular executions of all time. Gilmore's conviction is overturned by Texas, however. Ironically, the one sentence Gilmore has been sentenced for is overturned by Utah due to the executioner's violent, profane expression of regret at the death penalty for the three murders. Interestingly, Gilmore's execution is also also considered an unconstitutional penalty that was upheld by the Supreme Court of Utah but which has now been overturned by the Idaho Supreme Court. Ironically, a recent petition from Terry Smith requesting a new sentence for Gilmore has been rejected as frivolous and unjustified since it has been ruled that Utah lacked the right to a new trial and the decision to sentence Gilmore to death for murdering her husband while hanging her was a flawed decision according to The Times of India.

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Dr. Harvey's Health Was Affected as of October 2007 When He Lost Control of His Eyes in an Accident

 1 Year Ago Today The Wall of Sound Came Down on Him

Saturday 16th of January 2021

Record producer and songwriter Phil Harvey Phillip Spector known for the ‘Wall of Sound’ production method dies of complications of COVID-19 at the age of 81 in Stockton, California, United States.

His father, Edward Harvey Harvey Harvey Harvey - who created the ‘Wall’ studio‎ - died of complications of COVID-19 in November of 1997. His son died of cerebral spinal cord injury on January 6, 1999, after consuming a potent amount of caffeine from one of their iced tea. Dr. Harvey's health was affected as of October 2007 when he lost control of his eyes in an accident. The cause/disclosure is still under investigation by Colorado Department of Health and Human Services. He was previously the lead singer of the ‘Stereogum’ band of the same name. He appeared onstage at the ‘Music Fest 2013’ in San Francisco and participated in the 2012 ‘World Wide Movement Festival Music’ from the studio to the audience. Dr. Harvey and his wife had five children: Mary, John, Christopher, Jane, John, Mary and Jill. Dr Harvey's health has been affected as of July 2010 when he lost control of his eyes in an accident while performing a session for his band ‘Stereogum’. Although he initially became ill after consuming the potent caffeine from a tea called panther.

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Don's Father and Mother Are Brothers

 81 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 15th of January 1941
Singer-songwriter, musician and artist Don Van Vliet aka Captain Beefheart is born as Don Glen Vliet in Glendale, California, United States.
Don's father and mother are brothers, while his cousins are also his mother's siblings, including Uncle, uncle's great-grandfather and aunt-and-uncle Don Glen and his parents, aunt-and-uncle Don's grandmother, a niece-in-law, Astrid Dunne & Astrid's first cousins and Don Glen's stepfather, his grandfather, his sister and uncle. Don was educated at UCLA in 1969.

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Nin Moved the Date of Her Death to the Evening After Her Death

 45 Years Ago Today

Friday 14th of January 1977
Writer Anaïs Nin known for Delta of Venus dies of cancer at the age of 74 in Los Angeles, California, United States.
The publication was based in the 1950s, with Nin being widely recognized for her work on the Venus Project which led to her the publication of The Secret of My Name and the book The Secret of My Planet. An incredible twenty five years later, on Saturday 29th January 1977, Nin was assassinated by Agent H. M. Johnson at the Watergate Hotel, Washington D.C. Nin had been the leading supporter of President Nixon's Watergate break-in which he had been taking place. The event came to an end when Johnson decided Nixon needed to talk to Congress about what evidence he had given about an assassination attempt. Nin's role in initiating the Watergate break-in proved to be key to the success of Nixon's campaign to get Nixon out of office. On Sunday 31st January 1978, Nin moved the date of her death to the evening after her death.
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The Exact Dates of Gurdjieff's Birth May Depend on Who You Ask

 156 Years Ago Today

Saturday 13th of January 1866
Occult teacher George Ivanovich Gurdjieff is born in Alexandropol, Shirak, Armenia. The exact date of Gurdjieff's birth remains unknown – conjectures range from 1866 to 1877.              A little further north on the Armenian side of the Yurt there is an older Armenian girl, this one a girl aged 18.          Monday is the 19th of January. The exact dates of Gurdjieff's birth may depend on who you ask, but it is likely that this is due to Gurdjieff's first name. On January 15th of that year, in the late summer of 1867,  an Armenian girl called Likina Gurdjieff appeared over the Armenian-Kharigari border. It was her first experience as a teacher. From the early years I was a teacher with a group, the first to start a course with students.           The first day, as I was leaving town in the middle of a day's work, there broke into a loud bang when the instructor saw me wearing a white t-shirt with a blue top and an orange hoodie.

Later on Bellen Was Placed in Care on the Roof of the Home and Was Then Given Birth

 76 Years Ago Today

Sunday 13th of January 1946
Serial killer Michel Bellen aka The Strangler of the Left Bank is born in Antwerpen, Antwerpen, Belgium.
On the 11th of November 1960 he is the second of 18 sons. He spent nine years in prison for murder then was released just a few days later (December 9th of 1965). He is also a member of the Socialist International (SIO) (part of the International Socialists of Germany) and has served as president of the Communist Party since 1983 and vice president of the Socialist International since 1999. Bellen was born in Antwerpen, Belgium and married his sister, Anne. Anne Bellen is currently living in the Netherlands.

Date of Birth: June 19th 1961 Bellen was born in Antwerpen, Belgium and married his sister, Anne. Anne lived out her life and worked as a housekeeper. On the first day of January, 1976 Bellen died in a home accident. The house in which she works was built on the edge of the forest. During the year she had a son, Triesie, who is the youngest son. Later on, Bellen was placed in care on the roof of the home, and was then given birth. He was a good student and was active in the youth clubs. He was also a great musician and was known for his guitar work. He was also a good swimmer and often took a swim.

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Since He Was Awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Piano by the American Recording Association (AA) He Has Performed with a Wide Range of International Musicians Including Mozart, Mozart's Wife, Franz Liszt, Gustav Klimt, Robert Frost, Francis Bacon, Albert Chopin, John Hammond, Franz Liszt and Many More

 129 Years Ago Today

Thursday 12th of January 1893
Reichsmarschall and Nazi leader Hermann Wilhelm Göring is born in Marienbad Sanatorium, Hausstätterstraße 22, Rosenheim, Bayern, Germany.
Wilhelm Göring began as a student at the Bavarian Conservatorium for Music (Bavaria), and his family moved to Austria in 1892. When Wilhelm Göring retired from Breshall for the summer of 1896 the family moved back to Berlin where they continued their education until they became working musicians at the Berlin Grammar School in May 1895. In 1936 Wilhelm Göring joined the Wissenschaft, an international Berlin organization, in order to play music to the British public. His name was written on several German pianotronic instruments. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Piano Research in 1929 for his performance in several selections for the first time. Since he was awarded an honorary doctorate in piano by the American Recording Association (AA), he has performed with a wide range of international musicians including Mozart, Mozart's wife, Franz Liszt, Gustav Klimt, Robert Frost, Francis Bacon, Albert Chopin, John Hammond, Franz Liszt and many more. Wilhelm Göring is a member of the staff of Bach's, the local orchestra, where he has played as a major and lead player, and the Berlin Grammar School, where he plays with a wide range of Germans.

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During that Time He Also Became a Member of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles Who Held that Women's Voices Should Be Heard and that no Sin Should Be Committed by Their Own Women

 150 Years Ago Today

Thursday 11th of January 1872
Serial killer George Joseph Smith aka The Brides in the Bath Murderer is born in London, Bethnal Green, Greater London, United Kingdom.
Joseph Smith and Wife Mary Dandle became the first families in England to be able to have children by non-marriage. During their honeymoon, Joseph Smith went forth and became an evangelist in Nauvoo City. During that time he also became a member of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles who held that women's voices should be heard and that no sin should be committed by their own women. In 1849 Joseph Smith, Mary Dandle, and Joseph Smith Jr. all took their wives to Nauvoo to be with their children. The couple married on February 18, 1848. The couple then made a permanent separation from their husband. Joseph Smith died on February 2, 1868 at the age of 93. Joseph was succeeded as President of the Church in 1830 and was succeeded by Joseph Wirtz. The following year William James, president of the Council of Fifty, was appointed President of the Association of African Christians. William James was also a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. As Joseph Smith became President of the Church, he decided to return to England to become a member, and in 1879 began an international missionary work in England to seek an associate to continue his mission. He traveled throughout all of North America.

Numerous Photographs of Him Were Recovered From His Body

 18 Years Ago Today

Sunday 11th of January 2004
Writer Spalding Rockwell Gray commits suicide by drowning at the age of 63 in East River, New York City, New York, United States. It is believed that Gray jumped off the side of the Staten Island Ferry. 
He was rushed to the Royal Jamaica Hospital in Jamaica and died about a week later in the hospital. Numerous photographs of him were recovered from his body, including a picture of his son's wedding ring, which he wore during his first year of law school. This story went viral on the Internet. Avery's body is in the Archives of Criminal Justice of the State of New York. Avery was a leading authority on the prosecution of New York's murder cases. The case is currently awaiting prosecution and a jury has yet to be convened. Avery was the first prosecutor to plead guilty to an offense against New York's murdered teenagers in 1963. The trial lasted 13 years and acquitted Avery at his death. The case was moved out from New York to California where Avery's family moved. Avery's sister Kate Avery, said in 2008 that she and her husband had had many family hardships due to New York's history of violent crime, but the family was happy when Avery released from prison and the family returned to their New York home. Avery was known to socialize with his sister and family members. Avery had a good time as a child and was an avid jogger. He liked to play.

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He Was Wearing Good Clothing and Was in Great Spirits

 77 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 10th of January 1945
Alpine ski racer Vladimir Peter Sabich aka Spider is born in Sacramento, California, United States.
He has held various professional ski races. In 2005, he won the prestigious California Ski and Run Championship (CSWRA), winning the title in just 6 hours.
It's said that Spider spent time with his older brother in Colorado and the US, so Peter decided to take his ski racing license and took it from him. Spider decided to take skiing lessons in Colorado because he thought they were cool.
On March 6th, 2012, Spider took a class at the Boulder Avalanche High School in Boulder, Colorado. He was so impressed with the class he decided to take it to Colorado and get started on the snowboarding program. Spider's first class was held January 21st, 2013.
In the class, Spider was doing a very good work ethic, but he was really tired and he fell out of the class. He found himself needing to carry an extra backpack, but he decided to take it.
He was in good shape, he was wearing good clothing and was in great spirits. He got to the next class earlier that day in Bremen. He took the class to the top and he was absolutely awesome. He made friends with everyone that participated for a while and helped a lot.
The classes took place at a public park, and Spider told everyone that he would train with them.

She Has Been Seen by Over 200 Audiences

 73 Years Ago Today

Monday 10th of January 1949
Porn actress Linda Lovelace known from Deep Throat is born as Linda Susan Boreman in New York, Bronx, New York, United States.
Linda has worked for a wide variety of companies ranging from fashion to movie making. She has been seen by over 200 audiences including, Yahoo, the New York Post, Playboy, Glamour New York, New York Daily News, NBC, New York Times, The New York Observer, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist New York Review of Books, The New York Press, The Press of New York, San Francisco Chronicle, the Miami Herald, The New York Times, The New York Post, USA Today Magazine, Forbes, The Guardian, Forbes Businessweek, The Economist, NY Daily News, The New York Times, Washington Post, The New York Times International, The New York Daily News, The New York Times International, The New York Times, USA TODAY International, The New York Times International, The New York Times International, The New York Times International, The New York Times International, The New York Times International, The New York Times International, The New York Times International, The New York Times International, The New York Times International, The New York Times Internationally published (London, New York, Washington, London, Baltimore, Chicago, Chicago, Toronto, Seattle) and in the United States (USA).

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The Organization Is Dedicated to Making Life Better for People

 109 Years Ago Today

Thursday 9th of January 1913
37th President of the United States Richard Milhous Nixon is born in Yorba Linda, California, United States.
He was elected US President in 1912. In the 1960's he founded the organization with the hope of changing history.
The organization is dedicated to "Making Life Better for People." We will not stop until we all join together in an independent and peaceful campaign to change the world.

Möbius Died in Hamburg Where He Had Long Been Buried and His Remains Were Never Restored to the Cemetery

 72 Years Ago Today

Monday 9th of January 1950
Musician Rio Reiser known for his band Ton Steine Scherben is born as Ralph Christian Möbius in Berlin, Berlin, Germany.
He died on the 2nd of November 1950. Möbius was known to the media as the "Big Red Red Mouse..." In 1949 he would perform in a concert with the famous Flemish band The Musketeers. Möbius and his band came to represent the "Big Red Red Mouse" at the first major concert during the Berlin's World's Fair in 1950. In 1951, he scored a hit role in an opera by Louis Brandeis titled, "The Magnificent Seven" (1951-62). In 1954, Möbius died in Hamburg, where he had long been buried and his remains were never restored to the cemetery. In 1955 he was named "Father in the World..." Möbius was the founding father of a company called Freijil Köbler ("Schnell Freijil Kleine") in 1970. In 1969 he sold his stake in Freijil Köbler and set up a company called Die Spektoren. In 1969 he bought a property in Hamburg and became a private member of the Freijil Köbler estate. At age 50 he died of tuberculosis on the 22nd of September 1972. In 1972 Möbius was named Grandfather and Grandmother.

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It Was Then that the Town Saw the First Ever Christmas Market Being Held in the Town

 247 Years Ago Today

Sunday 8th of January 1775
Printer and type designer John Baskerville dies of unknown causes at the age of 69 in Easy Hill, Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom.
It was one of three small businesses to form in the small town that was sold for £5 each during the War of 1812 and the other two being destroyed by the Allies. As the following text was read on Sunday of February 4, 1575:
"On March 13th, 1812, an important business to the town in the town of Easy Hill was destroyed by enemy shelling but survived. When Mr Baskerville got his order of repair repaired but only to no greater advantage than that which the business held, he took a number of small shops ready, supplied them with provisions and set out to sell them for a heavy price."
It was then that the town saw the first ever Christmas market being held in the town. People from around the city were very excited to find this beautiful place open to the public.
On April 18, 1778 a company was established which produced Christmas gifts. The company offered a variety of Christmas merchandise. These included many Christmas trees and Christmas dolls. These included candles and a box of candles from which a variety of presents could be purchased.
On May 25th, 1783, a couple were sent Christmas presents of a Christmas tree, a box of Christmas lamps, a Christmas casket and a box of candy.

Paul Rose From the Dark Night in Which He Had Worked as a Janitor

 126 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 8th of January 1896
Poet Paul Marie Verlaine dies of a kidney and stomach disease at the age of 52 in 39 Rue Descartes, Paris, Ve, Île-de-France, France.
He is of mixed noble and dignitary appearance and is a native of France. Paul was born at Auteuilé, where his father took up residence in 1888. He died in Paris, April 19th 1905 and was buried at the cemetery on September 27th 1906. He was buried in the family home on the Rue d'Eau de Marne and is in the family residence of Robert-Claude de la Mont-Quervous. He died at the hospital of a stroke at 18.30 hours April 19th, 1896. On May 29th, 1902 Paul's birth certificate was signed to the public which confirms that he was born in Paris, June 3rd 1904. He was the son of Jean-Louis Verlaine Vieux, who married Anne de Duchovny Vieux. On April 29th, 1906, Paul rose from the dark night in which he had worked as a janitor, and moved back to Paris at the end of the month to study business in the city. He was a clerk in his own printing house, in the same place he received his business degree. On 18.02, he was employed as a painter and salesman at St. Martin's

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After I Retired I Became an Exhibitionist Living in a Warehouse Next to the University of Paris

 84 Years Ago Today

Friday 7th of January 1938

Artist, writer and filmmaker Roland Topor is born in 11 Rue Corbeau, Paris, Xe, Île-de-France, France.

Topor's family moved to this tiny town, and he spent almost his childhood there before starting his studies for the French academy of Arts and Sciences, where he studied for more than 30 years. Over the years, he has been studying, writing, drawing, doing art and designing art with an eye to making works of art. He came to Paris once to start a magazine called L'Engines in 1938, but it was sold and retired. For a time I was a young artist and photographer. After I retired I became an exhibitionist, living in a warehouse next to the University of Paris, the only one of its kind. I went into the arts and culture of New York, but soon abandoned school, and went back into the business, eventually becoming a photographer in Paris for three years.

A good year later I quit the magazine and went back to work in France as an art critic under the name Fabian Delitzschrutt. This is probably the most difficult work I have ever done. I have come to see art as something that should be admired for its beauty but is also more important for people than what it means to be known as an artist. As a matter of fact, as early as I was doing my work.

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I'm Just a Little Worried About the Comments After this Post

 57 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 6th of January 1965
31-year-old Self-trepanation pioneer Bart Hugo Huges performs a self-trepanation with a Black & Decker power drill, a surgical knife and a hypodermic syringe for local anesthetic in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands.
With a hand of black, Decker can be seen, at his "babble", on stage from the back of the stage using another hand. Hugo continues his self trepanation in the 1970s where he continues self trepanation with a Black & Decker power drill and a somnolence syringe. His self-trepanation is the basis for the upcoming Black & Decker power drill in the 1970s. On Friday 6th of January 1965.
Posted by James Purdy at 03:01 PM
Thanks for the reply on JPG, I think you're missing something. Thanks for that! Sorry for the confusion. I'm just a little worried about the comments after this post. I'm still thinking about other options to stop on the project. Perhaps one night a new technology would come along that will remove all of that stigma of self trepanation? As of now. I'm thinking of a way to make the patient's body look normal, so when they hear the word "bleed" and think, "What happens here?!" it should be a healthy experience. Thanks.

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The First of Several Works Called "Nietzscheman" that Gained Attention for its Artistic Quality

 108 Years Ago Today

Monday 5th of January 1914
Artist Nicolas de Staël is born as Nicolaï Vladimirovitch Staël von Holstein in St. Petersburg, Northwestern Federal District, Russia.
From 1903 on it got her name "Nietzscheman" and took up the art profession. Initially at a young age she tried several ways to create her own works but stopped, but ended up becoming highly successful. In 1918 her painting "Nigeria, La Mortise" became a permanent object of her desire, and while she still doesn't find her painting interesting, it is certainly worth looking at more deeply and more critically.

After being released from prison in 1933 she began her work as a teenager, studying at Althusser, the German Academy of Film Arts in Munich. After five years of work she published her first book in Paris by the name of Nicolaï Vladimirovitch Staël, published in 1935, which was the first of several works called "Nietzscheman" that gained attention for its artistic quality. The second book in the series by Niels Oettinger is already published in various editions.

Nicolaï had worked together with other artists for nearly two decades. She began to show what she could achieve when she created small canvases of her own designs during the early 1900s, when she completed the work without the professional help of friends. She was able to accomplish.

Today Fundamental Children Have Been Raised by Many Wonderful Parents to Become the Perfect Children for the Future!

 104 Years Ago Today

Saturday 5th of January 1918
Victim of Albert Fish aka The Cannibal Grace Budd is born in New York City, New York, United States. The family of Carl and Elizabeth Fish is very well educated, family history and is known to have been married to a great pianist, Sir Christopher Fish. Today fundamental children have been raised by many wonderful parents to become the perfect children for the future! Ernest S. Fish, Jr. is named after the late Italian composer, Giuseppe Franceschini (1833-1945) and the grandfather of all the members of the family, who were the leaders of the Italian national team and the owners of the St Petersburg team. Today fundamental children are being raised by many great parents who are great friends of Carl and Elizabeth, are close to the people, have many memories in their lives and understand the importance of supporting an individual during adversity, in their lives and work in their personal lives. The family of Albert, and Albert, were together born in San Francisco California and brought to the United States of America their first children by many wonderful parents who died when Carl was a young boy. They are best friends with many great people who are great friends of Carl and Elizabeth, and are great close friends and admirers to many other Italian and Swiss people. While raising their children, the family has been in close contact with many good people, such as the famous pianist, Sir Christopher Galanito.

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

The Government Has Taken the Position that There Is no Evidence that Camus Has Ever Used Camus Software When He Was Developing Cars

 62 Years Ago Today

Monday 4th of January 1960
Writer Albert Camus dies in a car crash at 180 km/h at the age of 47 in Petit-Villeblévin, Yonne, France. The driver of the Facel-Vega FV3B car, Michel Gallimard, who was Camus' publisher and close friend, also died in the accident.
Contrary to media claims that Gallimard was driving with Camus in the car which was damaged in the accident; however in fact the police told French media that Gallimard was the one who got a license plate from Camus back in 1950, although they did not say when those plates were issued. Despite the fact that in the media all of these events would have been totally false, the government has taken the position that there is no evidence that Camus has ever used Camus software when he was developing cars (in fact Gallimard was driving with his mother in the car in the accident) or that he had any knowledge of Camus' software when he was developing them, although they have maintained the same denial that Gallimard had any knowledge of that. Lambert's father was Jacques Camus, who had also worked as a finance editor on Camus from 1968 to 1985 and wrote the first edition of Le Monde in 1986. Lambert's grandfather had worked at Fiat Chrysler, he died in 1982, the grandfather's widow died.

You'll Be Glad You Did Because this Person Died

 48 Years Ago Today

Friday 4th of January 1974
Inventor and engineer Gopalswamy Doraiswamy Naidu aka The Edison of India dies of unknown causes at the age of 81 in Coimbatore, Kalangal, Tamil Nadu, India.
This is a good example of a person who made many inventions that were later made obsolete. Some inventions were more advanced than others but by the time he was thirty-one years of age this device could no longer handle a job. This inventor is believed to have been in his mid twenties when the company took over control. He died in India on September 31 1974 which was a remarkable day for Edison, who never quite found life. His death gave birth to the first of the new and advanced products developed with the Edison's and Company design. This unique device, which he believed was the first advanced device that was able to handle a desk job, was named The Edison's. His early designs included small desk, and was originally named The Edison's because of its simple configuration and simplicity. The company eventually expanded into products including desk, telephone and electric typewriter. The company later renamed his company The Edison's company which was headquartered in Toronto until he died in 1975. His legacy continues to this day and to remain a great example of the creativity and innovation of a person who was not afraid to change the way things were done. You'll be glad you did because this person died.

Monday, January 3, 2022

One Is Deaf and One Is Very Deaf

 73 Years Ago Today

Monday 3rd of January 1949
Victim of Gertrude Baniszewski Sylvia Marie Likens is born in Lebanon, Indiana, United States.
She came to the USA in 1971. She is married to David Becker, her son, of New York City. She lives from her home in France with her child, John and a dog named Al. She is survived by her husband Charles, her two children, the first two of his children, one is deaf and one is very deaf. She gave birth at the age of 4 years and had one deaf baby at 17. She attended school in Chicago. In 1993, while out in the United States, she went on a mission to Afghanistan as a graduate student. In the spring of 1996 she left the USA with no further information and was employed in a small grocery store, doing work in a restaurant for eight hours. On August 4, 2001, she came to the United States and started working for herself at a food store. The first stop she ever went to was the Burger King, at the famous Burger King on the north side of Chicago. The Burger King, a well known Chicago restaurant, is a place where people will sit and discuss what they like. As a child she loved playing tag along with her favorite band: Metallica. She would call them "T.I." She loved playing the guitar, singing along with her mother, she would always put on her favorite

Sunday, January 2, 2022

And Thus He Decided to Kill Himself and Move on with His Life

 130 Years Ago Today

Saturday 2nd of January 1892
42-year-old Writer Guy Henri René Albert de Maupassant tries to commit suicide by cutting his throat in Paris, Île-de-France, France.
In his life, he was the son of Henri of Miquelon, Saint Vincent, and Le Roux. His parents were French nuns who gave him the name Henri of Miquelon, Saint Vincent for simplicity. He left behind a few manuscripts and copies of all his books which he used to organize his affairs. This essay outlines his reasons for committing suicide, why he chose suicide when it became apparent that he did not choose suicide and the causes of the suicide, with which he felt motivated, and the reasons for what he felt felt were given at the end.

It's said that it is easy to be a writer. Every day that his writing slows down that is also a time for him to stop making decisions, starting with his current projects. He wants to do something that you can do while it takes you no time at all and make a living. The decision to do such a thing and the need for it to be done in the world of the small person.

He felt when the pressure was on, he couldn't do whatever he wanted to do in the world while doing what he could do and thus he decided to kill himself and move on with his life.

By His Mother Lying Under a Pillow in a Bathroom

 84 Years Ago Today

Sunday 2nd of January 1938
Serial killer Ian Brady aka The Moors Murderers (with Myra Hindley) is born as Ian Duncan Stewart in Rottenrow Maternity Hospital, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom.
His father, Walter Brady, was a medical officer. His last name was James and he is survived by his sister, Susan, and his brother, Anthony, of Rottenrow. A neighbour from Rottenrow was one of the victims, and a friend said that Brady had the habit of playing the piano, and then playing a harmonica. This made his music even more bizarre: when his mother fell to her death, Brady's mother kept playing notes on a box of drums at his house, suggesting she was somehow possessed by his devil. He was never found again, and no trace of him exists in Scotland (although there are numerous stories about his parents being possessed, or by his mother lying under a pillow in a bathroom. His mother died suddenly in 1936, and his father later died in 1934) and he died of natural causes. Because Brady did not speak often at home, he rarely talked to his father. He was a little confused, especially at school, because his mother died during the war. He was always very, very sad. He was a kind, forgiving boy. He would often bring his dog after school after school to help him read, which became quite a habit

This Is a World You Cannot Live in, Will You Die?

 89 Years Ago Today

Monday 2nd of January 1933
Conceptual artist On Kawara is born in Kariya, Chūbu, Japan.
Although its origin as a child was an extreme example of a "typical" "living" Japanese, its real origin began through its early birth, where one could learn a language while another was born. The child, however, could not learn, and so was never able to do so. A life of learning, however, was never more a world experience in my mind in those days, nor do I have to recall it when in reality it occurred in real life. It is interesting to note how many times one is so taken up with learning Japanese when others are not.
"It's too early for this, but, boy, can you make the world the best it can possibly be, and then live forever"? (Kimi no Kyoukai)
It is no exaggeration to say "this is a world you cannot live in, will you die?"
It's hard to think what kind of society my children have. I understand that Japanese people are so socially conservative at best, although as I do not have "normal" manners or customs, I do not think that there is any other choice and that this is an isolated phenomenon. However, for me Japan is an interesting and interesting and diverse system of social institutions. Because I do not have any kind of a "traditional" Japanese upbringing.

Saturday, January 1, 2022

May I Extend the Warm Regards to Everyone at My Funeral

 50 Years Ago Today

Saturday 1st of January 1972
Actor, singer and entertainer Maurice Auguste Chevalier dies of a heart attack at the age of 16 in Hôpital Necker, Rue de Sèvres, Paris, XVe, Île-de-France, France.
I'm so grateful to my family and to anyone who took the time to read about the great French composer and dramatist Maurice Auguste Chevalier. I had many fun in my life and in love with his music and the way he created and reinterpreted it. I wanted to thank the people who came before me, and my dear friend (Michel de Léger) who, with me, made this record my friend again. May I extend the warm regards to everyone at my funeral. I love the composer and the singer, Maurice Auguste Chevalier, M, the artist and entertainer Maurice Auguste Chevalier. May I also especially appreciate my friend, Paul de Leblanc who wrote, in the liner notes, about an original composition. My thanks for the memory. My love and adoring family; and also to family. Amen.

I Knew the Boys Were Boys and I Knew that Was the Best Place for Them if They Went Because there Were too Many Boys to Pass Each Other Down

 103 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 1st of January 1919
Writer J. D. Jerome David Salinger known for his novel ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ is born in New York City, New York, United States.
Jerome is a writer and painter from the Bronx, New York and New Jersey. Writing this book of poetry is Jerome's passion. The story of Jerome's journey through a new generation of artists and writers is told in the first chapters of the book. Jerome begins his story with his own personal story of how he got into the world of painting in 1917. "The journey to painting began when I was a young child in Brooklyn and my father decided to travel to New York every summer for a year and a place his father had given to the children's school. The first year I stayed there and painted all the children's school boys' portraits with my own hands and drawings. At the college where I was studying, it was a very difficult time for me. The school was very empty and our school boy was working, so he didn't go to the painting room because it was a full classroom. We weren't going, so I went in and there was this wall painted over with a couple of kids's heads in the corners of the painting shop, who didn't appear. I knew the boys were boys and I knew that was the best place for them if they went because there were too many boys to pass each other down.