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In This Novel Hemingway Is Told That He Never Knew Ernest Was a Writer Until He Became Blind on His Right Hand and Became a Vegetarian

 96 Years Ago Today He Was Collected

Wednesday 31st of March 1926
Writer John Robert Fowles known for his novel The Collector is born in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, United Kingdom.
He met Ernest Hemingway by coincidence while he was a student in Paris where he wrote poetry and won awards for his work. Ernest, now deceased with several sclerosis and chronic fatigue, writes on the subject of his experiences in New Zealand - New Zealand in the 1930s and 1940s.
I was invited to write to you for my own part, the novel which took place and is dedicated to Ernest Hemingway and his poetry. I believe many of you here know Ernest as the poet that I love and think that this is one of my favourite collections!
In the years that have followed his life Ernest has collected works and works of fiction and poetry that would be considered classics, but have recently come under scrutiny by some critics who have said that the novel is not so original that it has been forgotten.
In this novel Hemingway is told that he never knew Ernest was a writer until he became blind on his right hand and became a vegetarian; his son is born from the same condition when Ernest is able to read, even though they are in school still. In fact despite having read to a few times Ernest never learned about Hemingway and was almost afraid at times to read Hemingway's poetry.
I was invited to write to you.

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He Was the Subject of Numerous Murders in This Country, Including Léger's Execution of a Young Girl; His Execution by Shooting of Three Persons; His Shooting of a Young Dog; His Drowning of a Pregnant Woman in New York; His Rape of a Newborn Baby and in the Middle of the Night He Is Murdered at a Hotel

 85 Years Ago Today

Tuesday 30th of March 1937
Child killer Lucien Léger aka L'étrangleur nº 1 is born in Paris, Île-de-France, France.
An 11 year old boy. He was the subject of numerous murders in this country, including Léger's execution of a young girl; his execution by shooting of three persons; his shooting of a young dog; his drowning of a pregnant woman in New York; his rape of a newborn baby; and in the middle of the night, he is murdered at a hotel, murdered by a group calling themselves the Stade des Anglais (People of Anglais and the Black Stag), kidnapped by a German gangster and later murdered. A few days ago, a group of Jewish families and a man came to Paris just to watch him kill. The last person they saw was Lucien Léger. He was the last person to ever come.
Léger became an infamous figure amongst his peers on the Internet after this attack, as he was portrayed as a "Jewish pedophile" whose "tradition" would become part of his DNA database.
He is currently living in another country named France.
Léger was a Jewish pedophile who murdered four young women, who claimed to be his friends and their mother in Paris for a religious holiday, and who would kill their mother, as well as their father.

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Since the Age of 24 He Would Have Been the Oldest Person Alive

 2 Years Ago Today

Sunday 29th of March 2020
Composer Krzysztof Eugeniusz Penderecki dies of a long illness at the age of 87 in Kraków, Województwo Małopolskie, Poland.
He was born on 24th March 1867 (age 29). Since the age of 24, he would have been the oldest person alive. Eugenius was a graduate student at the prestigious University of Warsaw and earned a PhD in Physics at the University of Zagreb (2003-2013). His name is pronounced as Vryk as he was the first person born on 23rd March 1867 (age 30). His parents were both Polish, he also studied in the Polish University of Zagreb as a teacher (2000+ years). He graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics at the Faculty of Chemistry and Biology (1999-2002). While at the Faculty of Chemistry and Biology, he was a member of the Board of Regents of the Faculty of Art and Craft and a member of the Technical Board of the Polish National Art Museum. He graduated in 1985 from the University of Warsaw and was the first Polish to earn an MB on the American Association of Composers' High School Composer's List.His achievements have led to numerous publications and, for example, he was awarded first prize for the best short symphony orchestra in the world in 2003 while he was finishing his doctoral thesis.

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If You Would Like More Information About Aldi's Current Plans to Run Their Small Grocery Business or Even Less Information on the Details of What the Group Is Now Up to You Can Contact Me

 100 Years Ago Today

Tuesday 28th of March 1922
Entrepreneur Theodor Paul 'Theo' Albrecht known for co-founding Aldi supermarket is born in Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany.
An old college dean told me his first idea was to open a "big brick shop." Since then he has also worked at some successful multinational companies in Germany and the North-West. On his third and fourth plans are to expand into Germany's smaller grocery business. As far in principle as Aldi is concerned, they have never done more than that, which is to put their products on the shelves and give one man the opportunity to run a small grocery chain. In a nutshell, because of my background in the small world of food planning, I've learned the way to create a successful small grocery chain. If you would like more information about Aldi's current plans to run their small grocery business or even less information on the details of what the group is now up to, you can contact me at Below are the links to their website: Aldi Enterprises blog - - "I love living in the company, I believe in the value and are proud that I've established myself as a success. I look forward to working with them. We have set up shop.

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Tarantino Is an Actor, a Professor, a Producer, a Producer's Father, Son, Son's Teacher, Grandfather, Grandmother, Uncle and Granddaughters

 59 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 27th of March 1963
Film director Quentin Jerome Tarantino is born in Knoxville, Tennessee, United States.
He graduated from the University of Tennessee as a junior.
Tarantino is an actor, a professor, a producer, a producer's father, son, son's teacher, grandfather, grandmother, uncle, and granddaughters. He has a degree in filmmaking from the University of Texas A&M, an associate doctorate from the University of Virginia and a master's degree in communication from the university's Kennedy School. He is one of fifteen students in the "New Media School" based in Atlanta.
He also writes music.

Matisse Is the Mother of a Daughter and a Son

 50 Years Ago Today

Monday 27th of March 1972
Artist Maurits Cornelis Escher aka M. C. Escher dies of natural causes at the age of 74 in Hilversum, Noord-Holland, Netherlands.
He was born in Nantes, the capital of France, to Matisse (Emmanuelle) Maurits and Mervyn Escher. Matisse is the mother of a daughter and a son – Maurits' wife Marcel – and a daughter-in-law, Lucia Deacones (from the family name Matisse, aka Maurit Deacones). They emigrated to the Netherlands, where he has lived since 1985. In 1987, after a brief legal battle, he settled in London. Today Maurits is considered to be one of the founding of European art collective Arthaus (Arthaus is the name of a collective founded in the Netherlands after the death of a founder of the art collective), The Arthaus Collective – known in Belgium as "Arthaus-Celticia," after the name of one of the founding members. From 1994 to 2010 Maurits was involved in many of the innovative and creative works being exhibited around the country. He represented many projects in his first job. In 2001 he left the company that created the Arthaus exhibition, and then began working with other artists and artists to further the interests of the collective. He was on the staff.

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We Must Be Certain That it Was Not the Show Which Intended This to Be Filmed but Rather the Production Design of the First Episode Itself

 91 Years Ago Today His Long and Prosperous Life Began

Thursday 26th of March 1931
Actor Leonard Simon Nimoy aka Mr. Spock is born in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.
He studied film at Indiana University and directed four episodes of Game of Thrones. He died Monday at the age of 66 and his widow, Ann.
There are five deceased persons at this time. He is a native of Chicago and one of the most beloved players in New York City. Leonard is survived by his wife and two children, Ann Simon and Elizabeth Simon. Leonard died peacefully in Brooklyn from complications from pancreatitis and prostate cancer while on vacation.
The death of Leonard has brought the celebration of Mr. Spock to the United States of America.
There is also a special thank you for supporting Mr. Spock here on the web. Thanks again!  
On Wednesday 24th of January 1931, Mr. Spock came to Boston and made an appearance in an episode of Game of Thrones. His role as Mr. Spock was initially portrayed as the character of the arrogant Captain Kirk (played by George R. R. Martin).   In this episode, Kirk tells Dr. McCoy about a plot to take over the world.   It is unclear if this is actually an attempt to take over America. We must be certain that it was not the show which intended this to be filmed, but rather the production design of the first episode itself.
A short clip of Mr. Spock.

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The Best Scientists Are the Scientists Who Develop the Technologies That the Others Are Interested in Developing

 104 Years Ago Today

Monday 25th of March 1918
Presumed illegitimate son of Adolf Hitler Jean-Marie Loret is born as Jean-Marie Lobjoie in Seboncourt, Aisne, France.
He graduated from Seboncourt High School with a BA in English and Philosophy in 1975. A year later he went to Paris for graduate business before coming to France after finishing college. He worked at C.S.M. and subsequently took his teaching course with us when the school was in a crisis. In 1972 Jean-Marie was elected in the Socialist Party, and is now president. He is a member of the committee of his own party. He is also a member of the committee of his own party. Jean-Marie has made numerous advances in modern science and is considered by many to be the most outstanding scientist on the planet.
"I have been a student for fifteen years and have been involved in the scientific community from a young age. The people who are really concerned are my colleagues. They want to be involved in the development of this great world, the best scientists, and the best scientists are the scientists who develop the technologies that the others are interested in developing. That is what the scientists in Germany are interested in. They want to see humanity develop for ever, and then we'll build a world, one that has a high possibility of being inhabited by advanced people. Only the world's leading scientists will do this."

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I Shoot a Lot of Portraits and I Am Always Keen to Look Into New and Interesting Works of Art

 148 Years Ago Today

Tuesday 24th of March 1874
Illusionist, magician and escapologist Harry Houdini aka The Handcuff King is born as Erik Weisz in Budapest, Közép-Magyarország, Hungary.
He works as a lawyer and a private detective working with his uncle, a priest. He has one daughter and a son. He has an active blog on YouTube and on Facebook.

I am a photographer. I shoot a lot of portraits and I am always keen to look into new and interesting works of art.

On May 17th, 1978, I bought a 12 inch 12 x 13 inch poster, in silver. Unfortunately, my local art dealer refused to sell the poster and we left town. The dealer called me and said that, because only one poster was delivered, I could not make it in time for Christmas. We went back to my home state of Michigan and I was able to get a copy of the poster for the first time.

The picture shows an area of the park that was formerly used for many years as an art studio. The mural in the upper right shows an outdoor area and some large stone staircases. The mural is from about 1950, about 15 years ago.

The last version of this poster was sent by mail from New Jersey in December, 1978.. It was sent back by Frank Wainwright who has sent me many.

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Stano Was Convicted of Driving While Pregnant and Sentenced to 7 Years of Probation

 24 Years Ago Today

Monday 23rd of March 1998

Serial killer Gerald Eugene Stano aka Blind Fury is executed by Old Sparky at the age of 47 in Florida State Prison, 23916 NW 83rd Ave., Raiford, Florida, United States.

Stano's last meal request was for Delmonico steak, a baked potato with sour cream and bacon bits, tossed salad with blue cheese dressing, lima beans, a half gallon of mint chocolate-chip ice cream, and 2 litres of Pepsi.

Stano's last request was for Stano's last meal request.

Stano's last meal request was for Krieger's Last Meal Request dated April 23, 1998. 

A week in prison is a lot of prison time for a guy to go through when faced with only 100 hours. Stano was a convicted felon who was charged in 2003 with conspiracy. Stano was convicted of driving while pregnant and sentenced to 7 years of probation, ordered to register as having suffered from Child Abuse Disorder under the Sex Offender Register for the first time in his life. Stano was sentenced to 33 years of probation and ordered to register as having suffered from Child Abuse Disorder under the Sex Offender Register, and the same as a sex offender as a sex offender and the same charges as a sex offender. While most people consider him a good guy, some think he's a horrible person.

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Most of the Evening Was Spent on Music, Dancing and Performances by Shatner

 91 Years Ago Today He Was Set to Boldly Go Where no Man Had Gone Before

Sunday 22nd of March 1931
Actor William Shatner aka Captain Kirk is born in Montreal, Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Quebec, Canada.
In his early teens he got a job in a military company and got into theater at the age of 15, where he played a member of the Royal Canadian Forces. Shatner was well known for his comic style and as such was quite a fan of both classic and modern cinema. His first feature film "Chinatown" was directed by Paul McCartney, and he made the first ever movie feature film titled "A Night to Remember". His best known role was as Chief of Staff of the U.S. Strategic Command in Iraq, which became one of Shatner's best known projects from 1995 to 1998.
Sunday 21st April 1931 constituted the third day of the 'Dancing in Paris' concert. This was celebrated by many for its spectacular performances, most of the evening was spent on music, dancing and performances by Shatner. On the 17th the show's audience decided to march over the stage with "Carry on, it's my turn". This was considered one of the most important performances during his career for many due to its huge amount of special effects, including a special effect (complete with a giant neon head which stood like a giant giant neon penis! A huge one!).

He Was Regarded as a Very Intelligent Speaker Although a Bit Off Topic


190 Years Ago Today Wollte Er Mehr Licht
Thursday 22nd of March 1832

Poet, writer and botanist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe dies of heart failure at the age of 83 in Brauhausgasse 10, Weimar, Thüringen, Germany.
A celebrated Berlinist poet, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe had a son born after his untimely death. His mother, Eva von Goethe, was born after two of his relatives were assassinated in 1942. He died in the early weeks of this morning. He became an internationally known German public speaker after he won his fourth Nobel Prize. He was regarded as a very intelligent speaker, although a bit off topic. He is buried this afternoon. Johann Wolfgang was one of the most influential philosophers in Germany for several thousand years and has lived one of the longest lives. During this period of time it wasn't unusual for him to speak to crowds of people.
He was also one of the founding members of the University of Berlin, and had many of the university's famous lectures delivered to his students. He was known as one of the most fascinating and well known members of our great university world and this is why he became one of our top five most talked about thinkers in Germany, being one of the most influential modern German philosophers. A well known professor of German philosophy who was the head of the Institute for the Study of Philosophy for over 30 years his tenure as chancellor.

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Sabich Had a Very Busy Life Spending Many Time Behind Bars When His Daughter Became an Adult so Sabich Could Spend More Time With Her and His Daughter

 46 Years Ago Today Love was Blue

Sunday 21st of March 1976
Alpine ski racer Vladimir Peter Sabich aka Spider is shot dead by singer, actress and murderess Claudine Longet in Aspen, Starwood, Colorado, United States. Longet claimed the gun discharged accidentally when Sabich was showing her how it worked. Sabich was hit by a single gunshot in the abdomen and lost a significant amount of blood before an ambulance arrived. He died on the way to Aspen Valley Hospital with Longet at his side.
Sabbich had been a singer since 1983. Sabbich lived to be 80. Sabbich left a note in the newspaper announcing "He is with me. A love for my friend that loves to work with you." Sabbich wrote on it, "I am here. There is no more time for writing. If nothing else, you have the opportunity today to have a chance to show how much you love me. It is too late...It is too late. You have to go. Thank you.
Friday 21st of March 1976The following is a special chapter of the series that includes the film "Videocape" where Sabich had a very special time in Aspen (as evidenced by his appearance in "Videocon"). Sabich had a very busy life, spending many time behind bars when his daughter became an adult so Sabich could spend more time with her and his daughter.

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She Was Rescued From a Radioactive Bunker By a Young Healthy-looking Japanese Woman Named Mitsuyoshi

 64 Years Ago Today

Thursday 20th of March 1958
Actress Holly Hunter is born in Conyers, Georgia, United States.
During World War II, Holly was a first responder to the Nazi death camps. She also became an actor when she was 19 years old and received a Best Actress nomination for the role of "Lillian Cooper", in the film about the lives of POW survivors in Nazi Germany. Holly lived through the first World War, surviving to become the first woman to have one of the fastest healing cycles of the war. In the film, Holly tells of the fact that she has a "full-blown, full breast transplant". Holly is also seen in the film 'Black Hole' where she was rescued from a radioactive bunker by a young, healthy-looking Japanese woman named Mitsuyoshi. This led her to go on to form her own brand of medical-technique called Medical Technique. Holly was awarded the "Star Wars" by the Empire when the movie hits theaters. While training with The Clone Army in California during the early 1940s, Holly and her twin sister, Sarah (Sidley Young Lee), helped rescue a boy of a dying age in 1945. "Medical Technique" became the first television series to have a single, live-action series featuring Holly. An Emmy Award winner for Best TV Program for "A Series of Unbeatable Voyaging for a New People", she won a Golden Globe for her performance.

He Won't Be Happy About This or That!

 127 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 20th of March 1895
Psychiatrist Fredric Wertham is born as Friedrich Ignatz Wertheimer in München, Bayern, Germany.
He was one of an astounding number of people who have met Friedrich as a child and, having met a few things along the way, we can say that he has come an amazing distance in his field, his professional knowledge, a love of mathematics and life on a very high level. The way he developed his methods for research into a world that includes mathematics and science was his characteristic. He was able to solve problems which in reality were more like real problems and he is such an outstanding mathematician; he developed such a huge amount of logic in the last year that has now resulted in the first book written on this subject, and this is an amazing chapter for the readers in this book. The work of his method is to make sure that his ideas can be applied to any mathematical work that he has attempted. Friedrich has been involved for many years in leading groups such as the World Mathematics Association, the Mathematical Society of America (NUSA), and the Mathematical Journal of the Society of Mathematics as well as in developing numerous specialised training courses for students from different countries. In order to continue this work and to build up an army of students interested in his work, we invite you all to come and attend a number of lectures with him. He won't be happy about this or that!

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I Believe That Even the Most Difficult Situations Can Be Solved Through an Experience that Will Open Up Your Eyes With Great Love and Compassion and Inspire You to Further Your Life to the Ultimate Goal or Purpose or Life You Wish to Continue

 14 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 19th of March 2008
Science fiction writer, futurist, inventor, undersea explorer and television series host Arthur C. Charles Clarke known for 2001: A Space Odyssey dies of respiratory failure at the age of 91 in Colombo, Basnahira Palata, Sri Lanka.
He left behind his wife and two young children. The Clarke family had just sold his company, SciFi Magazine. During the recent sale of SciFi Magazine to, the family had an uncles and a few cousins. They were on the board of directors at RDA Capital, an international business entity with a stake in SciFi.
My name is Stephen Clarke. I'm the director of sci fiction project (or "pride" in the United States) and the author of two novels: 1984's The Black Swan (the first series) and 2011's The Black Crowes (the sequels). My life is full of adventure and adventures, from being a man of mystery to being an inventor and entrepreneur. A passionate advocate for the advancement of all, I am not afraid to write stories to educate others. I write fiction, and I am fascinated about the idea that a life without fear is a lifetime of adventure. I believe that even the most difficult situations can be solved through an experience that will open up your eyes with great love and compassion and inspire you to further your life to the ultimate goal or purpose or life you wish to continue.

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The Revolution of the Revolution Was Followed by the War Against the Bourgeoisie and by the Seizure, Suppression of Any Political Opposition

 154 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 18th of March 1868
Physician and psychologist Wilhelm Stekel is born in Boiany, Chernivtsi Oblast, Ukraine.
He spent his life as an artist, philosopher, orator. Alongside his scientific pursuits, he worked for the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. In 1936 he founded the Russian National Institute of Economics. Stekel is the author of Russian State Bank of Statistics; an autobiography written by Joseph Volker. Stekel's main contribution in this field is his article about this famous book entitled The State Banks of the World. In The Russia of Slavery: A Novel, Stekel uses his time to write about Russia's early history. In this edition of Stekel's book Stekel writes: "As a child, I was obsessed with the history of the Russian Republic... I learned that in Russia, the capital city of Russia was St Petersburg, and that the citizens of St Petersburg were so called... The revolution of the revolution had already begun, and everything that had come in to it had not been achieved... The Russian national system was the culmination of the revolution... What has since become known as the Revolution Of The Revolution had not yet been fully realized... The revolution of the revolution was followed by the war against the bourgeoisie and by the seizure, suppression of any political opposition. The revolution had been won. In St Petersburg, it was impossible to break through this barricade."

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Inventing an Experimental Technique Which Can Make a Number of Interesting and Unexpected Applications of the Doppler Effect it Is Still in the Testing Stage

 169 Years Ago Today

Thursday 17th of March 1853
Mathematician and physicist Christian Andreas Doppler known for discovering the Doppler Effect dies of pulmonary embolism at the age of 50 in Venezia, Veneto, Italy.
Inventing an experimental technique which can make a number of interesting and unexpected applications of the Doppler Effect it is still in the testing stage. Christian Andreas did invent a technique for the measurement of blood pressure which is currently being implemented for a large number of clinical indications.Inventing the technique is very exciting because it is the first time the technique was completely practical for a wide range of medical purposes and does not require any prior education. It is estimated that a person can draw more blood without causing harm to themselves, their relatives or any other person. When an individual passes a diagnostic test and comes back to live their life, then their blood pressure will be low. The process is very exciting because it can provide important clues as to just what type of cancer a patient could have. Christian Andreas developed a technique for recording the blood pressure and using it to compare them to others, both to see if they agree. This method is known to be effective and not a very expensive way to use blood pressure monitor methods for long-term studies with specific patients. Therefore the blood pressure is a good indicator of how the patient is functioning. To begin with, a person cannot take blood pressure for long periods of time. Therefore.

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In 1869 Vincent Left France and Took Several Trips Abroad as a Young Man to Discover How Music Could Be Performed Without the Aid of Painters

 124 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 16th of March 1898
Artist Aubrey Vincent Beardsley dies of tuberculosis at the age of 26 in Menton, Alpes-Maritimes, France.
At an early age, Vincent was renowned for his ability to write with a fine touch.
This photo of Vincent was taken at home by his wife of twenty years, Louise. The photograph is a tribute to him and by his wife. Vincent was a skilled composer and was renowned for composing the songs "I Cauterise."
In 1869, Vincent left France and took several trips abroad as a young man to discover how music could be performed without the aid of painters. This was a period that he has been writing extensively. He had the following words in his life that are often featured over the years after his death:
This picture of Vincent of Menton, France looks into the back to get to where he left off, for many years, Vincent of Menton, France
Today, a young Vincent, who has been around for nearly 200 years, is dying quietly of tuberculosis. His body was discovered in a field in northern Louisiana recently, on a farm of his parents, of which he is a co-worker. It is said from a recent autopsy that his body contains around 18 tons of tuberculosis, which is expected to rise considerably in future years! He lost all memory of writing. He was an amazing musician and the most outstanding performer on music.

Even on Sunday it Is Really Nice to Travel Without a Car

 233 Years Ago Today

Monday 16th of March 1789

Physicist and mathematician Georg Simon Ohm is born in Erlangen, Bayern, Germany.

He spent over a century researching mathematical phenomena.

Fifty years have passed since the last time we visited Erlangen. And as we wait to finally bring this discovery of information to you, Erlangen has become a city we can only assume means we have to explore further and further. With its modern amenities and lively life (no toilets, no stables, no library, little rooms are all just in the town), Erlangen has a strong affinity with the art form. Our country and culture have been shaped by our fascination with math, mathematics and mathematics in this unique and interesting country.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Erlangen with such amazing events as the Allele (an enormous event which means the town is in tune with you), the Reutgleitung (a special place of religious and philosophical prayer, the best way to get to know the town and people), the Völkisch (the best places to get to know them, the first time you encounter local artists, mathematicians and physicists, of all ages) as well as the "Euhemerschutz" (the best places to visit art museums) (even on Sunday, it is really nice to travel without a car.) The town is a perfect location for an event like this.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Lovecraft Appeared in More Than 300 Plays Including The Life of Peter, Muckrock and The Man from the Muckwind

 85 Years Ago Today

Monday 15th of March 1937
Horror fiction writer H. P. Howard Philips Lovecraft dies of cancer of the small intestine at the age of 47 in Providence, Rhode Island, United States.
Lovecraft appeared in more than 300 plays including The Life of Peter, Muckrock, and The Man from the Muckwind; in the play, Mucky Steppes, was a member of the American Horror Story Hall of Fame. He is survived by his wife of 30, Lillie, daughter of the late Frank H. Philips, grandson of the late Frank Phillips, and six sons and sisters. (See his Wikipedia entry for H.P. Howard Philips Lovecraft and his wife Lillie Philips Phillips Lovecraft, (1868) "The Life of Muckrock" (1926), and this biography from Harper Collins, Inc., (1954), with an added excerpt from Muckrock. (2) "Bewitched" (1916). On a page about Howard and his first reading of Lovecraft's works, we find a letter from a Lovecraft friend who told us that Howard wrote to him as of January 1942: "A letter has been received from a reader who has already heard of Lovecraft. He told me that I must get hold of Lovecraft's works in London. Lovecraft's works are published in the London press, which is very bad for any English novelist when he is such a prolific scholar."

Monday, March 14, 2022

The Only Thing Left to Do Was to Remain with Life

 139 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 14th of March 1883
Economist and revolutionary communist Karl Heinrich Marx dies of pleurisy at the age of 65 in London, Greater London, United Kingdom.
He was born on 15th August, 1883, where his family lived. He lived happily ever after until the middle of that fateful year when he was struck off his health and found himself in a position of absolute despair. Since then, Marx is one of Britain's most prolific writers. Marx devoted himself to the struggles of the people of 1871-1918, a period in which a revolution on one side in the revolution on the other left the country devastated. Marx's contribution to this period is that "The only thing left to do was to remain with life". In 1913, the following year, he decided to move to Chicago to pursue a new education for which he could make important contributions. With the help of a friend he left his life, which he had dreamed of for generations to follow. His new life has been called the world-class "Baudelaire School". Marx's father, a famous lawyer who specialized in legal matters, had worked very hard in making a law firm and became a regular member of the New York Board of Education. He started his education with an emphasis on "the principles of economic justice and social progress", he was told in 1875. As soon as he graduated he was a member of the first New York State Board.

Sunday, March 13, 2022

An Illness of the Mind That Has Been Defined as a Mental Deterioration Caused by One's Behaviour or Manner of Thinking that Causes Loss of an Equilibrium in the Brain

 32 Years Ago Today

Tuesday 13th of March 1990
Psychologist and writer Bruno Bettelheim commits suicide by asphyxiation with a plastic bag at the age of 87 in Silver Spring, Maryland, United States.
His passing comes days later than his body was taken to an intensive care unit for treatment. He was 65 and had a brain transplant. The story of his death is almost as heartwrenching as it is horrifying. He had a massive brain tumor that kept him in severe pain all his life. The death of his children was a terrible loss. The young man had an extremely strong need for food and was desperate. He did not want to die. He could not cope with his illness, and in the spring of 1990, his heart stopped. His lungs were empty of oxygen. He survived by swallowing whole meals and chewing on his favorite foods, and by a very intense period of time. Although he had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, he had never experienced psychosis, and had received no psychiatric treatment at all. On November 16th, 1992, he left his home in the early morning and headed to the hospital. He had no family in the hospital waiting in vain for him. Bruno Bettelheim was diagnosed with "epilepsy", an illness of the mind that has been defined as "a mental deterioration caused by one's behaviour or manner of thinking that causes loss of an equilibrium in the brain. In this manner it is known."

Saturday, March 12, 2022

They Traveled at Night and Were Never Seen Again

 159 Years Ago Today

Thursday 12th of March 1863
Writer, poet, journalist and soldier Gabriele D'Annunzio aka Principe di Montenevoso aka The High Priest of Erotica is born in Pescara, Abruzzo, Italy. Legend has it that he was initially baptized Gaetano and given the name of Gabriele later in childhood, because of his angelic looks.
Anyway, he was placed in a Christian order and later taught at his school where he received his Gospels. Moriarty Gospels as well as books such as Deuteronomy (in Greek) and Mark (in Latin). Moriarty Gospels had all sorts of interesting and well written characters who spoke to me like this: D'Annunzio, born in Pescara, is born in Pescara, a city located in a coastal town south of Naples, Italy. Whereas most children of the area do not know much about Pescara or Naples in this day and age, Di Lorenzo could be pretty much a tourist attraction. In early childhood Di Lorenzo and his daughter María stayed with a friend of his who had been sent out to a missionary village that had a nice, small church on the outskirts. They traveled at night and were never seen again. They came to visit the little church when they were too ill and the church was closed when they came home to look after their friends and families.

Friday, March 11, 2022

While Working at a Coffee Shop in Chicago the Passenger of Their Car Accidentally Struck Their Driver Who Was Also an Electrician and Had a Head Start

 91 Years Ago Today He Had a Headkick

Wednesday 11th of March 1931

Expressionist film director Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau known for Nosferatu dies of head injuries suffered in a car crash at the age of 43 in Santa Barbara, California, United States.

The day before Murnau's 14-year-old Filippino servant crashed their hired Rolls Royce against an electric pole.

While working at a coffee shop in Chicago, the passenger of their car accidentally struck their driver who was also an electrician and had a head start.

The accident became the catalyst for an all out series of strikes which culminated in the death of one of their own conductor, Walter Murnau, 

Mr. Murnau died at the age of 42 on 26 December 1936.

He was buried on December 16, 1936 in a stone coffin in his home state of Illinois in Pleasant Grove, Illinois.

He was a regular visitor to the family grave, which was where the deceased mummified his dead wife to be hung.

He was survived by his son Walter Murnau at his second marriage to his second wife, Margaret Lomond.

As a child Murnau was known on the street for his unusual style of singing, which included a double electric-bomber.

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Moore Invented 'the New Medical Gown' and He Gave it to Women to Cover Their Bladders and Back After an Episode of Menstruation

 42 Years Ago Today She Found Lingerie in the Bedroom

Monday 10th of March 1980
Cardiologist Herman Tarnower aka The Scarsdale Diëtist is shot four times at close range by his 57-year-old lover Jean Struven Harris at the age of 70 in Purchase, New York, United States. Harris supposedly got mad at Tarnower when she found lingerie of 38-year-old secretary-receptionist at the Scarsdale Medical Center and love rival Lynne Tryforos in the bedroom.
According to the Daily Mail (via @Silly_Sisters) "In the back of her dress gown there appears an old-fashioned lace top, and it may or may not be an antique or a reproduction of an old fashion dress. The gown is a vintage dress pattern written in 1854 by Sir William Moore, who was the most important female health practitioner in the country at the time. Moore invented 'the new medical gown' and he gave it to women to cover their bladders and back after an episode of menstruation (the surgery to drain the blood from the uterus was a very painful process.")
According to a piece of information available to them in the papers, the couple had been dating during the year 2000, when Tarnower had just been told she would not get married and that Harris was going to be coming to town every month for several years.

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

I'm Sad to Hear That One of You Had Been Declared Dead and Has Received More News of Death and Deathless Times Than Any of You Shall Ever See

 28 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 9th of March 1994

Poet and writer Charles Henry Bukowski aka Hank dies of leukemia at the age of 74 in San Pedro, California, United States.

His wife and family members were the family of Joseph Fielding Smith. Charles graduated from the Nauvoo Seminary in Missouri in 1848 and was ordained a Bishop of Tlaxdall, Illinois. In a personal letter to the Bishop, Charles addressed his late wife and family, "To my dear wife, and to your sisters and all who dwell at home. I'm sad to hear that one of you had been declared dead and has received more news of death and deathless times than any of you shall ever see. May the Lord bless us; may all these who are under the same sufferings receive the good news of the resurrection."

In May 1974, the LDS Church issued a letter of apology to Joseph Fielding Smith. Joseph Fielding Smith sent a public letter, including the following:

Dear Friends,

I'm writing to say that over the last couple of years, I've lost more friends than I could ever have guessed. My wife took the first step towards finding fulfillment on her path for her husband's untimely death, but now that she's finding that she doesn't have the time or resources to write down whatever we think of as the story of the passing of Joseph, a personal matter has become very difficult.

We Were So Touched To See How Much More Life Yuri Lives On This Earth

 88 Years Ago Today

Friday 9th of March 1934
Cosmonaut Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin known for becoming the first man in space is born in Ulitsa Gagarina 42, Klushino, Smolensk Oblast, Russia.
On the night of September 9th, 1924 Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin, the 20th President of the USSR, receives a call from his future wife. The next day the second child of the President is born on the spot of Yuri Dmitriyevich Gagarin. On the night of September 9th, 1924 Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin and his wife, Ivyanna, take their children to the Algarve Children's Hospital in St Petersburg. For several days after that we went to check out the new hospital to see what was in there. The first question we asked Yuri Dmitriyevich Gagarin on was not whether he would like to join forces with Yuri Vladimirovich Gagarin or to go alone with him to the Algarve Children's Hospital. On this question did he tell us about himself? Of course, he did not want to say this but he wanted to say something because he could be in our care while he awaited a doctor to bring him home from the hospital. We were so touched to see how much more life Yuri lives on this earth. Our eyes met with tears when you can see through.

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

His Daughter Lai Yiming Had Been Brutally Murdered Without Telling Anyone and a Policeman Who Was Not Involved Was Ordered Not to Look for Anyone Because He Did Not Have the Money to Buy Food or Help With the Execution

 87 Years Ago Today

Friday 8th of March 1935
Silent film actress Lingyu Ruan commits suicide by an overdose of barbiturates at the age of 25 in Shanghai, China. Ruan's funeral procession was reportedly three miles long with three women committing suicide during the event.
According to this story, Liang Yu's father, Wang Jianwen, had told the news report that his daughter, Lai Yiming, had been brutally murdered without telling anyone and a policeman, who was not involved, was ordered not to look for anyone because he did not have the money to buy food or help with the execution. Liu and his father also claim that Liu Xiaobo never told anyone of her death. Nonetheless her family's claim of complicity may be the most telling and disturbing evidence that has come to light about what happened at the funeral. The story, which comes after years of speculation, has prompted international criticism that China is increasingly turning into a drug-free version of the 1970s. The most recent report released on the topic shows that China continues to practice drug-free living, even in such difficult circumstances as death of a loved one and, in some cases, suicide. Nevertheless it also shows that Liu Xiaobo's family is deeply involved in the system, and that even when Liu Xiaobo dies young, her own family members, who are no longer members of either the Beijing or Shanghai authorities, still work for the local drug-testing

Frederick Was Born in West Yorkshire on 4th of March 1948 and Came From What Has Been Described As the Netherlands

 15 Years Ago Today He Was No Longer Served

Thursday 8th of March 2007

Actor John Frederick Inman aka Mr. Humphries known from Are You Being Served? dies of hepatitis A at the age of 72 in St Mary's Hospital, London, Paddington, Greater London, United Kingdom.

He appeared in 20 other episodes of Are You Being Served? in both English and British television. Frederick was born in West Yorkshire on 4th of March 1948 and came from what has been described as the Netherlands, where his father was a civil engineer as well as an accountant. He was educated at a school in the Dutch city of Nijmegen (near Amsterdam) where Frederick was born and studied art, literature and architecture. Frederick's father who worked as an auctioneer at the auction house was Edward Ewart Ewart (1845 – 1916) and the latter, as the son, ran his own business. Frederick was known for playing the roles 'Jack' and Arthur on many TV shows as well as for his theatrical acting (and acting as a musician and conductor). He was well known throughout the musical and acting career, including the role of L.J. from The Little Prince on the ITV series "Eyes of Saint Nicholas". He also appeared in the BBC series "Good Will Hunting" and a TV series where he and fellow amateur actor Michael Davies were filmed. Frederick was a great entertainer, winning two Tony Awards.

Monday, March 7, 2022

Just as You Look Around You See a Pair of Dark Shapes Running Up Towards You

 127 Years Ago Today

Thursday 7th of March 1895
Writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch dies of unknown causes at the age of 59 in Mollerschen Landhaus, Lindheim, Hessen, Germany.
As they were waiting there for the train to stop for them, there is a sudden loud noise so loud it makes you forget that you have ever heard it before. "What do we say?" you might ask.
But your brain is ready to know all your answers, so you simply tell the train and it will pass you by. The person you meet will then return to you and you have no need to think about your situation. You would just say "thank you", but when you make contact with them it's clear he or she only speaks directly to you.
But as they slowly get nearer, you begin to run up to them. You hear them screaming. The train does nothing but leave the other side of the railway with the trains still running behind you. You hear a sudden noise to you from across your path. Just as you look around you see a pair of dark shapes running up towards you. There is a sudden explosion of glass coming from one of the other sides. Even though you expected this, this didn't occur. "What did my father kill?" cries the driver. "This girl is dead?!" Your brains are totally shattered. Why in God's name did the train stop or how can they do that?

Sunday, March 6, 2022

He Died in 1896 From an Agitonarian Disease

 81 Years Ago Today Was een Zonnige Dag

Thursday 6th of March 1941

Serial killer Hans van Zon is born as Johannes Marinus van Zon in Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands.

He has been around since 1790 and was raised in Utrecht, his mother, Anne, a doctor at a local hospital, was the sister of Louisa, and he grew to respect his mother.

In 1899 he married a prostitute, Anne Krizema, he died in 1896 from an agitonarian disease.

For many years he lived in the Stuttgart neighbourhood where the Duchy of Stuttgart was named, a large house in the middle of central Neustadt.

From his home he drove along the city streets for almost three hours in this beautiful neighbourhood surrounded by many houses but before dawn he would ride to various schools, walk or to his car to get some hours with the children they had at school.

In 1807 he married the great Anna Noldor (later Margaux), he married and divorced his brother in 1901, and in 1912 he had three children with his second marriage, Anne Pied de Vaux and Anna Krizema.

As a result on his death page only the date of his death was known.

Hans van Zon's father has been named Hans Van Zon as described on the web site of The Hans van Zon Archives, Amsterdam. A member of the Society.

Saturday, March 5, 2022

I Am Aware of the Fact That Although I Am Known to Be "Really Kind", I Am Rarely Surprised

 83 Years Ago Today

Sunday 5th of March 1939
Actress Samantha Victoria Louise Marie Elizabeth Therese Eggar is born in London, Hampstead, Greater London, United Kingdom.
A London born actress is one of those whose work can only be described as "interesting" or "interesting". A regular member of the local comedy circuit and, like all of my friends, a frequent visitor to London, I am aware of the fact that although I am known to be "really kind", I am rarely surprised. As always, there is a great sense of humour to the local cast members; some such as James M. for example, have even used jokes they found entertaining. As I remember, I often spoke to a local lady during a performance of Jaws - "I believe that there is actually some fun to be had during the performance". The locals told me, as well as others, that there was, in fact, some kind of fun during the performance. I am so grateful for these comments. I am sure you can relate. So, I went there from the street theatre and did some little talk with some of the local dancers. I found out that one of them was in fact the director of the London theatre - and as you may know, this is when I knew the best way to explain things to him. Now, I won't lie - though some of the other local women - are obviously very good friends of mine, and I did some little.

His Work Is Based on the Discovery That a Large Fraction of the Water in His Urine Does Not Belong to the Water in the Ocean

 144 Years Ago Today

Tuesday 5th of March 1878
Mathematician and esotericist Peter Pyotr Demianovich Ouspensky is born in Moscow, Central Federal District, Russia.
He is a pupil for an academic research on mathematics and geometry held at the Institute of Mathematics in Moscow, the Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences in St.-Germain and at the University of Halkenburg; his work is based on the discovery that a large fraction of the water in his urine does not belong to the water in the ocean, a finding based on tests in an underwater chamber measuring the concentration of water molecules such as hydrogen chloride and ammonia.
Peter believes that water is the source of the energy of all the particles in the universe or of the physical system on which the universe rests. His work is oriented toward the conservation of the physical system in a way that maintains energy to energy balance. The results of his research demonstrate that water is one of the only substances for which life remains viable, an area of intense research that has no place in today's technical knowledge-that is, we can only speculate about what may be the mechanisms that have made this possible. Peter is currently in his third year of graduate school in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Moscow's University of Halkenburg, and is engaged in intensive research that culminates in his entry in the United Nations Department of Science and Technology's Advanced Materials Council. 

Friday, March 4, 2022

The Girl Was Lying on the Ground Trying to Fall Into a Sleeping Bag While Her Pillow Was in Her Hand for a Nap

 74 Years Ago Today Il en Finissait avec le Jugement de Dieu

Thursday 4th of March 1948
Playwright, poet, actor and theatre director Antonin Antoine Marie Joseph Artaud known for le Théâtre de la Cruauté dies of a lethal dose of chloral hydrate at the age of 52 in Clinique Esquirol, Ivry-sur-Seine, Val-de-Marne, France. Artaud was found at the foot of his bed clutching his shoe. It is unknown whether Artaud was aware of the lethality of the drug chloral hydrate. 
Raymond, France.
Wednesday 2nd of May 1948 Madame Laval Jean Pierre Marie Charles Cunhaël.
A woman was found suffocated inside the cots of his bedroom on 17th March 1948. Her bedside monitor was found hanging upside down on a concrete wall and the floorboard was open. The girl was lying on the ground trying to fall into a sleeping bag while her pillow was in her hand for a nap. Claude Laval, France
Tuesday 3rd of April 1948.
A female body was found lying by a roadside near his home in Saint-Claire in Belgium on 16th January 1948. The body was first reported by a man and his daughter on 5th January as an early death. The woman, with all its features including a long black hair, had been found.

The Band's Release of the Music Video in Which They Play the Opening Chords For the Opening Track Was an Online Stunt Which Led to Their Death Following the Following Day

 3 Years Ago Today

Monday 4th of March 2019
Musician Keith Charles Flint known from the electronic music band The Prodigy commits suicide at the age of 50 in Brook Hill, Great Waltham, North End, Essex, United Kingdom.
The band's release of the music video in which they play the opening chords for the opening track was an online stunt which led to their death following the following day. The video is available here: The Prodigy Website. Flint recorded her first US live performance under the alias "Lizzie" on 26 January 1995 with Michael Lautner and also toured as a soloist with the Rolling Stones and the Rolling Stones, before releasing her debut album in February 1996. She released an album of unreleased artwork by the group in her basement back in November 1996 and followed this up by releasing their new album "The New Kid". Flint's release the following year was also the title and name of her own forthcoming studio effort, The New Kid. The album was widely used at the time as a track for all three of her albums, including "Dirty Lips" (the title disc of the singles) which has since then sold over 25 million copies worldwide. On 6 August 2011 she released her third studio album, "New Kid". After that she relocated into the basement of her longtime friend and collaborator Jack Tapper, who also worked with her on the "Dirty Lips" commercial and several subsequent singles.

Thursday, March 3, 2022

She Had a Beautiful Smile that Was Easily Visible at the End of Her High Ponytail

 111 Years Ago Today

Friday 3rd of March 1911

Actress and sex symbol Jean Harlow aka The Blonde Bombshell is born as Harlean Harlow Carpenter in Kansas City, Missouri, United States.

Her mother is from England. It is estimated that she is the oldest daughter of Mary and Mary Shelley, who died in 1922. In 1903 Mary Shelley's granddaughter, Elizabeth died and died in 1904, and Elizabeth's son, Harold, died in 1907. Mary Shelley married, and married William C. Shelley, in New York State in 1912. The oldest daughter of the English poet William C. Shelley was the author of "The Poet of the Evening Times " and later the pseudonym "The Lady of the Laundry" - in 1912. Elizabeth died in December 1904. Mary Shelley died in 1914.

Mary Shelley's First Birthday.

She was known for "the goody yellow rose" which are sweet and juicy flowers that float at night with a red blush.

She had a beautiful smile that was easily visible at the end of her high ponytail.

She gave birth to a son named Henry W. and his wife, Elizabeth, in April 1910.

She was also known for getting great joy out of her actions which I did not appreciate.

She was born a few nights old during a late spring day in England, December 5.

I Am Sorry to Say That All the Posts on This Site Have Been Taken Down

 46 Years Ago Today La Clef Était avec le Concierge

Wednesday 3rd of March 1976

Artist Pierre Molinier commits suicide by a shot in his mouth at the age of 76 in 7 rue des Faussets, Bordeaux, Aquitaine, France.

Molinier was suffering from prostate cancer and feared an anal operation. On his door he wrote in chalk the following words: "Je prends ma vie. La clef est avec le concierge".

Molinier took his confession to court where he was convicted. On sentencing he claimed that he had been an accomplice to a murder. According to Molinier: "J'avais pratique et toujours avoir au sécurat". (Molinier said there was a conspiracy between himself and the murderer who would not die. Molinier told the judge to find him a "good man" but he did not.)

I am sorry to say that all the posts on this site have been taken down. I have taken an extraordinary measure in keeping this site looking good. However I have taken much stronger measures to keep this site up and running than usual. I will take my time and try again. The people of La Clef Était have always enjoyed an abundance of local music and this is no different. There have been a few recent projects in my area that have inspired.

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

After Being Released From Hospital in Tokyo He Later Went to California Where He Discovered God by Creating a Demon of Divine Intelligence

 67 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 2nd of March 1955
Doomsday cult leader Shoko Asahara known for the Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway is born as Chizuo Matsumoto in Yatsushiro, Kumamoto, Japan.
Matsumoto spent his entire childhood in Japan. His father, Matsumoto, was a well known "satanist" who helped to save the world during the "War of Peace". Matsumoto also taught his younger brothers how to read and write in English. After being released from hospital in Tokyo, he later went to California, where he discovered God by creating a demon of divine intelligence. As his father taught him to read and write, Matsumoto became the author of numerous children's books. This same process continued in Japan and is said to make the world a better place. As one of his last words, 'Koko Matsumoto (Babies) The Beginning of the End... The End of Life' comes in Japan from the book Chizuo Matsumoto is Chizuo Matsumoto's grandson. Written in English, Chizuo is known well for his short wit, his hard to read diction and his sense of humor. As well as his long hair, he has a long beard with three red crosses. Despite Matsumoto's high status, he is usually portrayed by Takayuki Takahashi. In 1986, Matsumoto became an icon.

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

This Was the End That Merlin Met a Woman Who Wished Him Happy Birth and They Both Had Dreams of Finding Peace in Their Mother's Womb

 159 Years Ago Today

Sunday 1st of March 1863
French aristocrat and possible murderess Meriora Gillibrand aka Mr. Arthur Hawarden dies of a lung disease at the age of 58 in Ligneuville, Liège, Belgium.
While in health care, Merlin became famous for his ability to fly, use his body as a makeshift tool for a living, and create new friendships by having the help of others, and his friends. His health was not as well-known, though he was known for his love of golf, to include doing a little bit of everything, even if it was mostly physical. This was the end that Merlin met a woman who wished him happy birth, and they both had dreams of finding peace in their mother's womb. She had told Merlin that she was going to move to her home in South Wales where Merlin and others would do their work as soldiers and not come to China, but Merlin gave her the option to live with Merlin if that was what she wanted. The young woman was called Marlin and they had a romantic relationship through Merrin's work, her best friends and her sister Merrin, who were both in the military. Merrin was named after her. It was in these events that Merlin learnt of the power of air, his brother Alderley told him from an acquaintance he knew, the true reason that Merlin could walk to his hometown would be to meet his enemy.