Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Francis Had Suffered from Parkinson's Disease, a Degenerative Disease Caused by Chronic Pain that Causes the Brains to Degenerate in Response to Constant Pleasure

 26 Years Ago Today He Tuned Out

Friday 31st of May 1996
Psychologist and writer Timothy Francis Leary known for his advocacy of psychedelic drugs dies of prostate cancer at the age of 76 in Los Angeles, California, United States.
The death of Francis from cancer comes as former U.S. Vice President Richard Perle is on the national news talking over him. The former Vice President, who worked alongside Perry for many years, had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Perry was only 56. His name was announced on the International Ladies' Day Parade in the same week that Perry was diagnosed. Later we learned that Leary died at age 96 of prostate cancer which Perry has blamed on a combination of hormones taken by him as a child and some other substances taken as children. Francis had suffered from Parkinson's disease, a degenerative disease caused by chronic pain that causes the brains to degenerate in response to constant pleasure. He went on to be one of the world's most prominent and successful philosophers. He was a staunch supporter of psychedelic drugs, an idea which gained worldwide fame as "Slim Back" of drugs like LSD and MDMA. He died of cancer at the age of 79 following a battle with prostate cancer. There are also reports to suggest two women who have accused Perry from the first edition of "The Science Channel Presents" in 1986, on the subject of the influence of drug in treating cancer. The most intriguing aspect of "The Science Channel Presents".

Monday, May 30, 2022

I've Been in the Building Since the Early 20th Century

 208 Years Ago Today

Monday 30th of May 1814
Revolutionary anarchist Mikhail Alexandrovich Bakunin is born in Pryamukhino, Tver Oblast, Russia.
He is a member of the Order of Lenin and founder of a private collection of workmen's associations in Moscow. He resides in Siberia; also in Volga (Pravda). For a limited time this address was written in Russian in 1991 and the number of those is listed below:
I'm a small independent person living in an old Soviet-era Soviet building in Volga's Khrushchev River region. I've been in the building since the early 20th century. The building is located at 21st Street Central in eastern Russia around 2000-30 years old with many Soviet-era Georgian furniture. During this time it's been used as furniture for furniture manufacturing and workshops. I was a member of a private club, the Moscow Anarchist Collective. From this club I worked as a small shopkeeper and eventually became a mechanic. I bought my first typewriters and have used them in nearly all my bookings. I've been married three times and have two children. For a very large time I lived in a separate room and was responsible for making everything for various kinds of bookings (i.e. from typewriters to books). In fact it was my role to do so if my work was needed for any reason. I started the collection of works.

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Whale's Death Was the Most Dramatic One of His Career as He Made Several Films that Would Become Landmark Films and He Would Become One of Those Famous Films where Every Scene Was Cut from a Film that Was Shot a Decade Apart from the Rest

 65 Years Ago Today There Was Only One Way to Peace

Wednesday 29th of May 1957
Film director James Whale known for the film ‘Frankenstein’ commits suicide by drowning in his swimming pool at the age of 68 in Hollywood, California, United States.
Born into a mixed race family, Whale played a wealthy man with long life, including a successful career in Hollywood. Whale's death was the most dramatic one of his career, as he made several films that would become landmark films and he would become one of those famous films where every scene was cut from a film that was shot a decade apart from the rest. Most of those cut scenes were never released (although a handful of scenes never really made it on DVD). Whale wrote the screenplay for most of Whale's movies. He also created many other scripts for Whale's movies. The first script for Whale's movie was shot in 1948, for "The Dream of a Man". The "Dream of a Man" was directed by William L. Ebbins (see also film credits "A Man From Another Earth") and made its theatrical debut in theaters on July 30, 1953. "A Man From Another Earth" has not made it out of theaters and the production only reached theaters in theaters around the world. In a 1977 interview, Christopher Nolan said "In these days of super-labor unions, we see this as the beginning of the end, and that we'll all be able to move on."

Saturday, May 28, 2022

He Lived as a Cook in an Old Apartment in Köln District

 101 Years Ago Today

Saturday 28th of May 1921
Writer Heinz G. Konsalik is born as Heinz Günther in Köln, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany.
Heinz G. Konsalik is the son of J. G. Konsalik and the grandson of V. G. Konsalik. Heinz G. Konsalik, born in 1903, died in 1940. Heinz G. Konsalik was born to V. G. Konsalik and the grandson of A., M. Möller G. Konsalik. The family lives in Göteborg, Sweden. Konsalik Konsalik was born in 1932, was an engineer in an insurance company until 1939, he lived as a cook in an old apartment in Köln district. Konsalik passed away from heart disease in 1937. Heinz Konsalik, like the other German children, lived in Köln until he was in his early twenties. Heinz Günther Konsalik was born on March 10, 1876 to V. G. Konsalik. Konsalik was born around 1882 and graduated from the Obertechnik der Heiß (Welt des Konsalids) in 1883. V. G. Konsalik was born in 1892 and graduated.

Friday, May 27, 2022

His Mother Is Also a Soldier

 19 Years Ago Today

Tuesday 27th of May 2003
Composer Luciano Berio dies of unknown causes at the age of 78 in Rome, Lazio, Italy.
He is survived by his wife Estrada; son Emilio; nephew Antonio; grandchildren Antonio Gómez; great- grandfather Sergio and his wife Ana ; daughter Maria; grandson Marissa; son José; and great-grandfather José. He was born on 6th November 1935 in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. His father was a soldier and was wounded during World War II in the Battle of Königsberg. His mother is also a soldier. A brother Albert is also born on 19th June 1938 in the city of Izmir, Poland. His father was a soldier. His mother is also a soldier. His great-great-grandfather Alfred is born on 29th November 1944 in Szczeczyń (Kievan province). His father and brother were soldiers of Yugoslavia during World War II. His mother was a nurse and went to school in the area from 1580 onwards as a caretaker at the hospital. He has three brothers. His mother was of Hungarian descent and his father is from a Christian family. He is a member of the Order of the Red Cross of the Polish People's Commissariat for Human Rights. His mother also served in Poland during World War II. He arrived to Lithuania on 7th May 1945. His father died.

All of Us Really Love this Music but We Do not Always Have Fun with it Especially if Our Parents Are not Allowed to Listen

 144 Years Ago Today

Monday 27th of May 1878
Dancer Isadora Angela Duncan aka The Mother of Modern Dance is born in San Francisco, California, United States. I have been a fan since early age of music and I have been a long time fan of classical music since the very beginning when I grew up in Toronto. I moved to London in 1976 and had been interested in music since I was young. I started dancing back in 1967, while my dad was still an assistant guitarist for his band. My dad had really loved and respected classical music and was quite excited about bringing it to Toronto. As much as I loved dancing with my dad and my mom, I have always wanted to pursue the arts in a musical way while in my early twenties. As I would discover in my writing, there is a lot of learning from watching classical music in our neighbourhood. It is interesting that many of the more experienced groups of people who have studied classical music today are very much like me – highly educated, very social, passionate about them – often sing along to classical tunes. What makes dancing so interesting is that many of these people are very creative and have very imaginative minds. All of us really love this music, but we do not always have fun with it, especially if our parents (or my older self if I have to say so myself) are not allowed to listen. My friends, family, and even cousins have become very interested in classical music.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

While Otto Did not Live to See His Birthday His Passion for Music History and Community Helped Inspire and Empower Him to Achieve Greatness

 9 Years Ago Today

Sunday 26th of May 2013
Wiener Aktionist Otto Muehl dies of Parkinson's disease at the age of 88 in Moncarapacho, Olhão, Algarve, Portugal.
While Otto did not live to see his birthday, his passion for music, history and community helped inspire and empower him to achieve greatness. Otto had a passion for music (which I don't hold dear today, at least!), history (which has brought people together and a great community to share music together), international music (which has been a catalyst for a great community to come together for so long), the creative process of making music, and art and music as a tool for creativity and growth. During his life, Otto had his first love: passion for music. Otto started playing music on his own and had a lot going for him. He still practices music today. His favorite songs include "I Have a Dream", "The Greatest Things In My Life.", "I Go Where No One Has Gone", "Be Somebody", "I See" and others. Otto has always wanted to create music and enjoy it at the same time! Otto loves his music, but he wants to help others. He thinks that his spirit was the most important thing for the whole. He has many passions, but they all work for him here all the time. After working tirelessly to create music he continues to play as much as possible. His best friend at work.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

I Don't Want to Get into the Weeds but Some People Are Going to Start to Go Over from the New World

 66 Years Ago Today

Thursday 24th of May 1956
Mass murderer Steven Timothy Judy is born in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States.
He was convicted of murdering his mother, Sharon. In 1997, he made a court settlement with a second state over her killing. Judy is sentenced to life imprisonment on the second count. He is a former judge on the state panel where he also judges criminal defense appeals regarding his criminal conviction. Judy committed one mass murder in 2007. Judy was convicted and sentenced to 80 years in prison. There is a petition to have Judy's life terms reduced so he can be executed. He will serve about 50 years. JUNE 11: I was given this document by an Arkansas defense attorney named Robert Williams.
This is a reference, a reference. I know that most of you know "Moral Lawyer", but I've been wondering if any of you are familiar with the word. Because I just read about this today. I'm going to have to ask some people. Well, you know, I like what they do. I like the old school, and I want to give the old school a try. Well, I am going to be honest here. I don't want to get into the weeds, but some people are going to start to go over from the new world. So, I'm going to try to tell you, this is not what a moral jurist is supposed to do. I'm going to try to tell you exactly.

Monday, May 23, 2022

By Means of the Following Natural Remedies

 89 Years Ago Today

Tuesday 23rd of May 1933
Actress Joan Henrietta Collins is born in London, Greater London, United Kingdom.
By means of the following natural remedies: 2 x astragalus (1 mg); 1 x leucine; 2 x anhydrous sodium chloride; salt; vinegar; 1 x benzoate; 1 x aliqua (a crystalline solution made from various salts of ammonium sulfate, of one mineral; of other minerals, of 1 mineral) 1 x stearic acid; ½ x stearate A (a crystalline solution made of magnesium sulphide; of one mineral); 1 x fructokinin A; ½ x fructopropyl B E (of any mineral); 1 x pyridic acid; ½ x pyridine A A.1.1, A.2, & D (of any mineral); ˆ ³ triclosan (of any mineral); cetyl alcohol; ½ & tetrachlor (a crystalline fluid) I ½ & tetrahydrocannabinol; tranbuterol; cetyl alcohol, tetrahydrocannabinol, carbonated vegetable oil tetrahydrocannabinol, acrylate metabisulfite ½ &  tetrahydrocannabinol; thiophene hydrochlor.

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Ted's Flying Skills Include Flying a Flying Car

 80 Years Ago Today

Friday 22nd of May 1942
Mathematician and serial bomber Theodore John 'Ted' Kaczynski aka The Unabomber is born in Evergreen Park, Illinois, United States.
Ted spent many years of his life as a serial bomber. He spent five months in air support missions in WWII with the US Air France squadron, which he retired soon after. Ted founded his own company, Ted Knob in 1944, but when he found his job his wife, Jane, separated from them in 1946. Ted started a new business, Riptide Air Products, which quickly moved into selling parachutes and helicopters. After his promotion, Ted retired but is still a prolific pilot and was known throughout the Pacific region for his flying skills and great dedication to flying. Ted graduated from high school and then went on to train at the University of Washington. Ted made a career in aviation by flying and developing flight instruments. Throughout this time, Ted spent his whole life practicing his craft using his unique instrumentation. Ted has over 120 awards on his website, and his favorite books are A Flight Instructable for Airmen, and A Guide to Understanding Flight for Private and Military Aircraft. Ted's flying skills include: Flying a Flying Car; Air-Bases for People, People Who Want to Fly; Flying Aircraft for Small Businesses; Flying High Altitude Aircraft; and Flying High Altitude Air Vehicles. His hobbies include fishing, riding boats, camping.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

On the Day Mr. G. Is Wearing Shorts and a Long Black Turtleneck Sweater Over a Blue T-shirt

 71 Years Ago Today

Monday 21st of May 1951
Serial killer Douglas Edward Gretzler is born in New York, Bronx, New York, United States.
He speaks English, Spanish, Russian and Arabic. During the 1970s, he started to write fiction. In the 1980s he was arrested by US authorities for kidnapping and killing two women in a motel room in New York City. In 1991, he was released from jail and sent back to prison. He was released about four years later. Later he had a restraining order taken out from him for having sex with a woman but it proved to be a false confession. The couple divorced in 2006. He and his wife are widowed. On the day, Mr. G. is wearing shorts and a long black turtleneck sweater over a blue T-shirt.

Friday, May 20, 2022

On the 11th of July 1280 He Led the Church on Pilgrimage to Saint Peter's Park at Rome by Flying to Venice by Horse and Carriage

 745 Years Ago Today

Thursday 20th of May 1277
187th Pope Ioannes XXI dies of injuries suffered when the roof of his bedroom collapsed on 14 May at the age of 62 in Viterbo, Lazio, Italy.
There was widespread speculation about his death (since his death was declared by Pope Lorenzo IV the 15th of May 1278), but the Pope had to flee and take refuge in Rome on the orders of Pope St. Peter VI . On the 11th of July 1280 he led the church on pilgrimage to Saint Peter's Park at Rome by flying to Venice by horse and carriage and then the following day he built the Cathedral of St Augustine in Nice, Nice, and afterwards took the place of Pope Tullius of Bologna and made it his mission to the east of the Rhine in 1451. Amongst other things Francis made history when he took the Order of St. Nicholas Basilica in Alexandria in 1464 with the Pope. In 1466 he built St Nicholas the Great, the first cathedral or temple of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and made a permanent cathedral in the south of Italy with The Monastery of St Augustine in the city of Assisi the fifth of August 1473. In 1478, with the permission of the Pope he erected the cathedral of Basilica St. Sophia, Rome. In 1480, he began rebuilding the Church of St. Francis of Assisi with St. Peter of Assisi.

His First Major Project Was to Develop an Artificial Atmosphere to Generate Hydrogen for Rocket Propulsion

 97 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 20th of May 1925
Aircraft designer Alexei Andreyevich Tupolev is born in Moscow, Central Federal District, Russia.
He studied aeronautical engineering with the Techno-Chemistry School of Moscow State College of Sciences (the Moscow State School of Science), graduated with a doctorate in Civil Aviation and a doctorate in aeronautical engineering. As a member of the Soviet Union's Aeronautical and Civilian Aviation Department, he operated a major plane company that produced aircraft on the Moscow-Stratovsk, Moscow, and Khrushchev-Zaporizhia-Rozhakhshia highways. Andreyevich would later become chief engineer of Tnok (A/V) Vedomosti, a company built into the Russian railway track railway, to transport the heavy equipment from Russian and abroad to its American customer for repair for various commercial aircraft carriers. Andrei Inovsky, a former Soviet and Russian Air Force Colonel, was the Director of the Moscow Air Force Research Laboratory. In 1978, he was appointed by President Gorbachev to manage the Russian Space Exploration Agency (Roscosmos), Russia's first major space industry agency. His research on rocket rockets was well-known in Russia because it was first pursued by the Soviet Union at the beginning of 1969. His first major project was to develop an artificial atmosphere to generate hydrogen for rocket propulsion. The theory for doing this was.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

He Was Placed in a Coffin in Which He Remained Until He Died

 87 Years Ago Today

Sunday 19th of May 1935
Man of Action Thomas Edward Lawrence aka Lawrence of Arabia dies due to injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident six days earlier at the age of 47 in Clouds Hill, Wareham, Dorset, United Kingdom.
During his stay at Redhill Hospital where he was treated for chest pain in the days before his death, he was placed in a coffin in which he remained until he died on Sunday 19th of May 1935. The family of the man have asked for the burial of Robert Lawrence of Arabia.
William & Mary Thomas Edward Lawrence Jr.
1st Doctor, US Marine Veterans Hospital and Retired Marine Corps Captain. William and Mary Lawrence is survived by his wife Mary; two daughters, Dorothy and Lucy; three six-year old sisters, Rachel and Lucy; sister Kathleen and son William; five-year old son William III; two sons William III III III; three grandchildren, William, Samuel, Stephen, Christopher and Mary; daughter Sarah; a son, Robert, Charles; and a son-in-law, Richard. William was a member of the United States Marine Corps Reserve from 1965 to 1968. In 1991 William served in the Gulf War, and in 2005 served in the Iraq War. During the Iraq War he helped to liberate Kuwait City in 2003, where he helped to liberate the city of Tikrit in 2009. He is survived by his wife, Mary Jane, brother, John, daughter Jane, daughter.

As a Child Grace Was not Able to Speak or Write Because of Her Hair which Covered Her Face and Had not Been Trimmed or Put Back Long Enough to Fit Her Body

 74 Years Ago Today They Hadn't Seen that Face Before

Wednesday 19th of May 1948
Model, singer-songwriter and actress Grace Beverly Jones aka Grace Mendoza is born in Spanish Town, Middlesex, Jamaica.
Born April 14, 1932, she is married to Robert and Marianna. Grace describes her childhood in a kind of Hollywood, where she was constantly told she was beautiful and good looking - and to be honest she only ever hated the people who told her that.
As a child, Grace was not able to speak or write because of her hair, which covered her face and had not been trimmed or put back long enough to fit her body. A part of her beauty is not so much her face as that of all those involved in her day-to-day life. I am often asked if she will give birth. Yes, I know I'll. I will not stop doing it. But I will continue to do it until I take the reins off at the moment.
Why is an older woman doing this to us? Well, because the most important things are in keeping with those old things and because as soon as you take a baby out of a bag to put all his limbs, to tie back his eyes, to carry away with him a sack of hay or straw and that's it for you - the biggest money you have is nothing. That you have to put a bag of hay or straw on top.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

By Far the Strongest Case to Date Was the Time that the Michael Ryan Brothers Attended an Art Gallery

 62 Years Ago Today He Was Mummy's Boy

Wednesday 18th of May 1960

Spree killer and mass murderer Michael Robert Ryan aka The Rambo Killer is born in Savernake Hospital, Marlborough, Wiltshire, United Kingdom.

Michael and his little brother, Michael Michael Ryan, were killed by Joe and Mary Haddaway on Monday afternoon at 7pm. Their family members were attending their funeral, The Haddaway family and Michael were both involved in the crime.

During his early childhood years the Michael Ryan children and younger siblings were taught that they were to believe that Joe would attack them when they arrived at his house. Michael and his brother often would play with the children and he would try to distract them from the story that his father was looking out for them. The brothers never did this, he claimed that every time he played with the kids that he had to hold his son's hand if they wanted to play again. According to him, the siblings would spend a lot of time together and were usually together to a good time. He also claimed that the brothers often didn't talk at all to each other and that they were very quiet if they didn't like it. The Michael Ryan brothers would often sit on the dining table looking out on each other talking about the big picture and the life that they had going for them. By far the strongest case to date was the time that the Michael Ryan brothers attended an art gallery.

Monday, May 16, 2022

Liberace is Survived by Four Children: Liberace, Pianist, Sow, Pestilence, Pitten and the Poet

 103 Years Ago Today

Friday 16th of May 1919
Pianist and entertainer Liberace aka The Glitter Man aka The King of Bling is born as Władziu Valentino Liberace in West Allis, Wisconsin, United States.
(A) Liberace was a member of the Pestilence Club from 1910-1915 and is one half of the team of the Pestilence Club and was a member of the band The Docks, and the band In The Woods. He also sang for the band The Sow. According to his Wikipedia entry Liberace founded The Pestilence as a sort of family funhouse where families made fun of each other, and if one did so to some other family member it would have been considered a threat to them. He also published several music videos on YouTube with titles such as The Glitter Man is the King Of Bling, The King Of Plagues, The King Of Bling Is A Man, The Lazy King Of Bling and The King Of Bling Is a Man. Liberace lived in West Allis, Wisconsin for a time under the pseudonym Paul. Liberace is survived by four children: Liberace, Pianist, Sow, Pestilence, Pitten, and the Poet. Liberace was also the first person to win the "Greedman" award from the National Theatre Association. This was the first award winning act.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

A Man of the Intellect Wolfgang Přiklopil Is a Real Adventurer

 60 Years Ago Today

Monday 14th of May 1962
Kidnapper Wolfgang Přiklopil is born in Hainburg an der Donau, Niederösterreich, Austria.
He studied Fine Arts with his family at the University and in Hamburg. Later he worked on numerous publications such as magazines, the Kriegsmarine in Hamburg and in the Netherlands. A man of the intellect Wolfgang Přiklopil is a real adventurer. He has worked hard and is eager for his freedom. And with his brother Wolfgang he takes on the responsibilities of a photographer. The younger Wolfgang goes abroad to pursue his vision for new countries. He spends much more time with his family and he has a lot of memories in his head. Wolfgang lives in Hildesheim or the city of Hildes in the north of Germany with his family.

Suffolk , United Kingdom.

Ft of Tisz.

As of Today no One Knows His Future Future but Today You Can Only Know the Future

 86 Years Ago Today He Was His Sister's Mandarin Duck

Thursday 14th of May 1936
Singer-songwriter Bobby Darin aka The Dream Lover is born as Walden Robert Cassotto in New York, East Harlem, New York, United States.
He has been in singing since 1953. The boy's lyrics show that he had a dream, from the very beginning, about becoming a singer: "I dreamed of being a teacher, singing like a teacher, and singing like a teacher for the love of those who love me…" It is now about this dreams and that he has made a name for himself through his singing and the songs of others . It has not ended for him, but this dream has not ended forever. As of today, no one knows his future future, but today, you can only know the future. He knows his place with his singing and the words of others, and now his voice gets to represent this dream. He does not just sing 'He could be singing and he could get a good day!' he sings 'I could be singing and I could get a good day!'" Bobby is a real story, and he has achieved this with his singing. Through his son, the Dream Lover, he had great success among the masses as a voice of his own. He always sang "I dreamed of becoming a teacher" and 'I could been singing and I could get a good day' for those who love him. Now he has become.

Friday, May 13, 2022

In Life When You Think there Is an Opportunity for Creativity there Often Is

 4 Years Ago Today He Ascended

Sunday 13th of May 2018
Avant-garde composer and guitarist Glenn Branca dies of throat cancer at the age of 70 in New York, Manhattan, New York, United States.
His death is confirmed by his wife, Catherine Branca; son Eric Branca and sister Nancy Branca, who is the second daughter of Italian painter Lalozzi Frantz II: "He was born just a few days after the death of the first child of his father."
Born on April 7, 1928, he studied classical opera and played a major role in the 1960s. In 1981, Branca also played the lead in the 1991 film, The Devil's Advocate.
He was born after four children and married, in 1978, his first wife. They have three daughters.
Branco: "The only other person who has ever worked the score to a professional piece is Frank Picchiotto. I love him personally and I am very grateful. I love Frank Picchiotto. Thank you."
"Frank Picchiotto: I love Frank Picchiotto. Thank you. I like Frank Picchiotto so much. To think that Picchiotto wanted something so much, was a very sad thing. I like him."
Romeo: "In life, when you think there is an opportunity for creativity, there often is. That is why these guys are so good at what they do.

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Florence Nightingale also Serves as the First Public Official to Visit Rome in Her Full Medical Robes

 202 Years Ago Today

Friday 12th of May 1820
Social reformer, statistician and modern nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale aka The Lady with the Lamp is born in Villa La Colombia, Via di Santa Maria a Marignolle 2, Firenze, Toscana, Italy.
Florence Nightingale is her personal doctor who specializes in medicine, pathology and geriatrics. Florence Nightingale's goal is to be the official name of a local area medicine centre, the City Centre of Naples, which will feature the local team of local doctors. Florence Nightingale's first appointment was at the City Centre in 1995, the previous appointments were by the Cematonic Academy of Medical Sciences. Florence Nightingale is the second official member of the Medicina della Cusa, the European Union's largest medical society, which is based in Florence. Florence Nightingale is known for her role in medicine and in the work of the European Association for Research on the Infectious Diseases (AARC), and the international association whose mission is to promote the medical field. Florence Nightingale also serves as the first public official to visit Rome in her full medical robes. Florence Nightingale is the first lady to visit Rome, for example, and by all accounts she attended the Roman Imperial Palace at the expense of many Italians. Florence Nightingale was born in Villa La Colombia in the early 1900s and emigrated to Italy shortly thereafter. Florence Night.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

It Is Reported that He Survived Which Has Led to Speculation that He Was Killed by the Guillotine Used to Kill Him

 165 Years Ago Today

Monday 11th of May 1857
Criminal and criminalist Eugène François Vidocq known for founding the first known private detective agency dies of cholera at the age of 82 in 2 Rue Saint-Pierre Popincourt, Paris, XIe, Île-de-France, France.
It is reported that he survived, which has led to speculation that he was killed by the guillotine used to kill him. Vidocq was educated at the private hospital located in Saint-Charles Lourdes in Paris on 15th November 1835, where he was given a degree in politics and published many books, in 1842, 1888 and 1989. His work received the highest award of honors under the title "Madonna" under the name "Vladimir" at the award ceremony as well as being cited by the English Historical Review as one of the book's greatest works. Vidocq was appointed as "Victoire Pierre Bouschêque d'Ombre" in 1881 and became an officer in the French police force in 1897. He was promoted to lieutenant colonel, but had to return to France in 1897. In 1903, his wife Maria Bouschère disappeared and died at the age of 86. Vidal moved to the French colonial police force in 1908 while working on an investigation into organized crime in Paris. A French detective of the famous French criminal police company, Jean V.

He Later Moved to Osterbegen with His Family and There They Had an Argument Because of the Lack of a Home for Their Son Gustave, a Naturalist Who Was So Far Into His Doctoral Course that He Didn't Have the Means to Take His Own Place

 128 Years Ago Today

Friday 11th of May 1894
Leider van het Nederlandse Volk Anton Adriaan (Ad) Mussert is born in Werkendam, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands.
He has an MSc in Political Science from Dordrecht University, he worked in the Ministry of Justice department for over 15 years. An avid photographer, he lives with his wife and three young children; he likes to see them and his wife doing their business well. The family was originally from the Netherlands.
Wednesday, 15 Mar 1894 - Moriutta Moria - This is an excerpt from the diary of Nellie Moriutta, daughter of the Dutch king Gustave Moriutta of Aijon, who died of a stroke on 3 Dec 1879 in Anelungen on her return to Holland, which he had accompanied to Tver. The diary, dated 16 January 1894, says that he had gone to the "Ludum, Garten, and Dennon" (the island of Natal atoll) on the 14th of Apr 1874 to visit his grandmother while at a local church. He later moved to Osterbegen with his family and there they had an argument because of the lack of a home for their son, Gustave, a naturalist who was so far into his doctoral course that he didn't have the means to take his own place.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

The Show Was Named After the Man Who Once Stabbed John Lennon in a Car in Manchester and the Murder of British Intelligence Boss John Lennon

 67 Years Ago Today

Tuesday 10th of May 1955
Murderer Mark David Chapman aka The Man Who Shot John Lennon is born in Fort Worth, Texas, United States.
In 1961 he moved to Australia to pursue his education before taking up a job. After working briefly on films for the ABC television network he started writing cartoons, and when his cartoons became popular he set out to publish one of his cartoons, entitled "The Man Who Fought the World." The show was named after the man who once stabbed John Lennon in a car in Manchester and the murder of British Intelligence boss John Lennon. Shortly thereafter Chapman went back to the US on a teaching loan, and he was promoted to a lecturer in linguistics, a specialty he pursued in the United Kingdom. He later worked as a freelance writer, producing the comedy "The Great Gatsby" and later producing "The Great Gatsby 5" as well. Chapman was a prolific screenwriter, animator and writer, drawing sketches for both TV and film on his own terms; in 1985 he was featured on "The Incredible Hulk," the 1985 shortlist-produced animated film "Walt Disney's Adventures in Space" and, in 1996's "The Wizard of Oz," an animated movie based on "The Wizard's World." For more information contact Richard Miller @rossmiller.com or call 855-383-6245. The Author: Richard Miller. The Son of the Father is the name given to.

Monday, May 9, 2022

Adam Was also Known for His Car Manufacture Which Produced High End Sedans Like the Fuhrer-Benz

 185 Years Ago Today

Tuesday 9th of May 1837
Automobile manufacturing pioneer Adam Opel is born in Rüsselsheim, Hessen, Germany.
Adam was also known for his car manufacture which produced high end sedans like the Fuhrer-Benz. He's a passionate fan of the sports car segment of the German media and works towards developing cars for the modern world. He also works as a designer for Daimler and was a model year winner where he was named to his racing team of the year 2009. In 2007, he was named a 2015 FIA World Rallycross Champion. Adam is also the founder of the world's first fully autonomous vehicle by the Ford Motor Company called R4. Adam's passion for making cars is a reason why he believes a modern electric car is not the ideal solution. He is still working towards getting his MQB-1 in on the road and will be using his personal brand and personal vehicle for the project as well as being able to develop R4. Adam is also now working towards acquiring more engines for his MQB-1 (which is an all-electric version of the M3). He is currently working on a car that could drive on the road and he will put his ideas to completion within the next few years.
Adam Opel. Adam was the founder of the R-Series racing car and he was a Formula 1 driver in the 1970s during his father's service.

Sunday, May 8, 2022

The Following Is a Transcript of an Interview with the Deceased Spengler

 86 Years Ago Today

Friday 8th of May 1936
Historian and philosopher Oswald Arnold Gottfried Spengler dies of a heart attack at the age of 56 in München, Bayern, Germany.
Spengler was in business, publishing the first book in German science and philosophy. He was the first philosopher to enter the American publishing world. Most recently, he taught in Chicago's Humboldt Hall and was the publisher of The Atlantic Quarterly and The New Classical in New York City.

The following is a transcript of an interview with the deceased Spengler:
Q: Thanks, Oswald, for a very short time. Did you know that you were a journalist? A: Probably not. In my youth, I was a very close friend of Karl Spengler. In college at Leipzig, I was in a very interesting position. I had a great interest in Hegel as a student, partly because I had done a good thing in the lectures he gave. His lectures, in contrast, were interesting and thought out ideas. But I had a great interest in the way in which they could be put in action.
Q: How does one get into academia? A: Most students come to society as individuals. One of the things they learn is that people are different. To think they are different is to feel that you have different opinions. In other cultures, people can say, 'I like the politics of the world.'

Friday, May 6, 2022

Orth Said that if He Dies the Next President Will Walk Down into My Grave

 160 Years Ago Today Came Good Sailing

Tuesday 6th of May 1862
Writer, philosopher, abolitionist, naturalist, tax resister and transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau known for his book ‘Walden’ dies of tuberculosis at the age of 45 in Concord, Massachusetts, United States. Thoreau's last words were "Now comes good sailing" followed by two lone words, "moose" and "Indian". Orth was married when he was 8 years old to Elizabeth Cochrane as she had become pregnant with his first child, which came in December of 1862. Orth said, "Merry Christmas to the whole family. The kids will all be born as well. What will you do next?" Cochrane asked. Orth replied that he will be in New York to attend his family wedding to the daughter of former President Jefferson. Orth said that if he dies, "the next president will walk down into my grave." Orth's funeral was carried out on March 4th of 1861 at 6:30 PM to honor her memory. Orth was a lifelong supporter of a cause known as "The Long War ‘War of Independence". Orth died from tuberculosis at the age of 59 on January 9th of 1863. Orth wrote most of his philosophical work as a poet from the earliest years of his life including a poem about the Great Depression of the late 1930's.  

Rudolph Spent Much of Her Time in Bars Playing Guitar to a Large Crowd

 127 Years Ago Today He Was a Spoiled Child

Monday 6th of May 1895
Actor and sex symbol Rudolph Valentino aka Latin Lover is born as Rodolfo Alfonso Raffaello Pierre Filibert Guglielmi di Valentina d'Antonguolla in Castellaneta, Apulia, Italy.
Rudolph started being an actress as a teenager. It was around age 15, her older brother and her family got involved with the Italian punk scene. Rudolph spent much of her time in bars, playing guitar to a large crowd. She moved to Italy once she went to bed, but she decided to stay instead in America (she got divorced at 29 and moved back to her native country). In 1892 she was sentenced to life without parole in Florence. When she tried to get back to Italy, she ended up in St Paul's church by himself. At this time she lost her sanity and she decided to keep going until her last moments. She never saw any person get up and started working. A life of work and sobriety with no love or respect for anybody. All for one. She was famous for her sex symbol, Rodolfo Alfonso Raffaello Pierre Filibert Guglielmi di Valentina d'Antonguolla. She is most known for her involvement with American punk bands The Red Wings (1992-1994) and The Searchers (1993-1995).

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Tito's Childhood Friends Describe Him as a Bright Talented Young Man Who Enjoyed Pivotal Work for a Living and Who Enjoyed Having Friends and Even Going Out to Restaurants at Night

 42 Years Ago Today

Sunday 4th of May 1980
Yugoslav statesman Josip Broz Tito dies of gangrene at the age of 88 in Univerzitetni Klinični Center, Ljubljana, Carniola, Yugoslavia.
As a son of Czechoslovakia, Bosnian WWII veteran Josip Broz Tito spent the majority of his youth in the city of Ljubljana to join a private military school where a number of senior officers met them. Tito's childhood friends describe him as a bright, talented young man who enjoyed "pivotal work for a living" and who enjoyed "having friends, and even going out to restaurants at night."
The family came to Ljubljana along with a number of other WWII veterans. Tito was a proud veteran who served for many of Croatia's WWII heroes, including his brother Sergi. Tito was also born to two Czechoslovakian brothers, Josip and A. J. Tito. In his early years after the war in Yugoslavia, his mother and the family moved to Yugoslavia, having previously fled the country to join the Bosnian Sergia Nazi Party. Tito never met his family there but he was a natural at home and loved to learn, and had a strong appreciation for all.

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

He Would Be the First American to Go to the Moon Which Would Be Celebrated by the Moon Colony of Which One Hundred of His Birthdays Are Commemorated

 31 Years Ago Today He Went to Eternity

Friday 3rd of May 1991
Writer Jerzy Kosiński commits suicide by ingesting a lethal amount of alcohol and drugs and wrapping a plastic bag around his head and suffocating to death at the age of 58 in New York, Manhattan, New York, United States.
His body was discovered two days after the accident. He died at the age of 50 June 10th, 1991 in the Bronx, New York, United States. Kosiński's suicide was announced on 3rd of June 1991 at his apartment in New York City. He was 46 years of age and was living in Philadelphia. He was born in Pomerania in Austria. He is a married father with 3 children, 2 of which are born prematurely. His wife is Margherita. The couple lived together and died of heart failure in 1991 at 63. He also married his daughter and two sons. He also had a daughter of 3. He also had 11 beautiful grandchildren and a young son of his own. He would be the first American to go to the moon, which would be celebrated by the moon colony, of which one hundred of his birthdays are commemorated (1939-1991). He was one of the founders of the National Association of Space Engineers, and is most popularized by the NASA astronaut pictures. He and his girlfriend, Margherita Kosiński were both born and raised in New York City.

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Manslaughter Survivor the Great Man of Germany is not Dead Yet

 130 Years Ago Today

Monday 2nd of May 1892
Fighter pilot and flying ace Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen aka The Red Baron is born in Kleinburg, Województwo Dolnośląskie, Poland.
A former aeronautical engineer, he joined the RAF in 1892. He served during the war as an air mechanic. In 1939 he left his occupation of the air force to enter the Royal Aeroplane Club but did not make it to RAF. He soon became a general. Although he was killed during the Battle of Kursk, he survived. Today he lives in Wilsbad, Poland as A.V.H. Fishel.
Tuesday 3rd of May 1893 Florence Fleming Fishel.
Manslaughter survivor the great man of Germany is not dead yet. His death on 6th September is the culmination of his many years of life efforts to establish the first public awareness of the dangers and inhumanities that plague the lives of men, women and children of every race. For over one thousand years, mankind has fought each other, but this war had two decisive factors: its fate and the strength of its enemies. The struggle has been to end poverty; it has waged every war on the enemy, each time for the absolute ends of humanity. A great power was born, and mankind was forced to fight each other, and this did.

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Her Body Was Later Found Hanging from a Tree

 77 Years Ago Today War Das Engelchen Tot

Tuesday 1st of May 1945
Wife of Joseph Goebbels Magda Johanna Maria Magdalena Ritschel aka Engelchen commits suicide cyanide poisoning and a shot through the head at the age of 44 in Führerbunker, Berlin, Berlin, Germany.
Her body was later found hanging from a tree. He died in a hotel bath the day of the crime. John Kieferbach (1889-1969) was the best known person to watch during WWI. (C) G. C.
Wife of Hitler (1934-1985): The wife of the most prominent German war criminal, Adolf Hitler is the only known wife from the German SS family. He married Brigadier Fuhrer Kieferbach, who was the head of the SS, at that time in Germany. (C)
Wife of Winston Churchill. The wife of a Soviet Union leader, Herwig Hitler, is a major supporter of the Soviet Union. (C)
Wife of Hitler (1940-1990): The wife of John F. Kennett, President of the United States of America, the husband of John F. Kennett, the late president emeritus for the World Jewish Congress. A member of the Council of Foreign Relations of the Organization of Security Treaty Organization ("OSCE"), the Organization, as well as the International Council of Churches at The Hague.