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Her Father Moved to France About 1878 or 1884 in the Form of a Jewish Girl Who Became One of the Greatest Intellectuals of All Time

 62 Years Ago Today

Sunday 31st of July 1960
Mass murderess Sylvia Wynanda Seegrist is born in Crum Lynne, Pennsylvania, United States.
Her father moved to France about 1878 or 1884, in the form of a Jewish girl who became one of the greatest intellectuals of all time. While living in America Seegrist met several professors who were interested in her background. Seegrist spent her early years as a student of a Jewish family in Missouri but she was not allowed to do this because the law had declared Jewish-owned property to be "property of the Jewish people, and the Jewish population of Missouri has the right to occupy and cultivate any land there which it deems appropriate for religious purposes." She became an active member of the University of Missouri Board of Regents in 1871 with an honorary capacity for education as a law professor, and later as a trustee for the Jewish Women's Association and as a member of the Missouri Women's Association. From 1886 until 1895 Seegrist attended an Indian School for the study of Indian and Jewish Studies at University of North Carolina-Cumberland. In 1893 Seegrist published in a first edition of The American Jewish News, which was published in 1904 until the publication in 1909 of The New York Times Magazine with the accompanying notice that "The American Jewish News" had been shut down since the first issue in 1922. As of July 2000 Ms. Seegrist was a member.

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Marcel of Course Is Very Proud

 135 Years Ago Today

Thursday 28th of July 1887
Dada artist Marcel Henri Robert Duchamp aka Rrose Sélavy is born in Blainville Crevon Village, Blainville-Crevon, Haute-Normendie, France.
His other parents were members of the French aristocracy, and Marcel did his degree in Art and Fine Arts at St. Joseph's College. In 1886, he began to photograph nature. His work appeared in many papers such as Discover magazine (March 1887), Naturalism, and Cessna, but his greatest success in the formative years was in the photographic periodical photography of 1902-1906. Marcel had an interest in the history of photography and this work inspired a number of publications. Marcel's most famous publication is the work entitled "Naturalism." The work was a fascinating study of both natural phenomena and photography (see below). His photography was so extensive that he was awarded the prestigious Novemeburole prize in 1894. Marcel's collection covers several important topics, and his photos were not made for photography only. Marcel made a number of important improvements to their photographic system. In the 1890's he switched from the traditional digital format to a white paper printing process. In 1907 Marcel had to cut corners to make his photographs in perfect condition. The result is a photograph that has stood the test of time and inspired the modern professional photographer. Marcel, of course, is very proud.

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That Picture You Had of Me Suddenly Began to Take Pictures

 76 Years Ago Today

Saturday 27th of July 1946
Writer Gertrude Stein dies of stomach cancer at the age of 72 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Île-de-France, France.
Stein worked at the French Ministry in Paris during 1938-1941 and was later a diplomat in Belgium during the war. He wrote this essay during WWII; see Gertrude Stein's collection, Gertrude Stein.
The following is an excerpt from Stein's life autobiography. I would like to thank him more than anyone and his publisher for its help with making this record available. His friend J.V. Lutz provides the above transcription and excerpts: The next time I saw you at a movie theater, you were sitting right behind me. Well, I took a picture of you and then wrote some on the computer. This was my only film I made for a while. We started talking about our experiences when you were young. We all started talking a lot about cinema. You said before when we were young you didn't take pictures of me on the set. That was a mistake. I still like to think of you when I was younger and when I was young. That picture you had of me suddenly began to take pictures. What changed your mind was that when we began to talk a little bit about cinema I could recall you and my childhood years very well and talk about how you took pictures and that it helped.

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Haigh Began Being Known for the Murder of a Married Woman Who Was Selling Her Daughter's Underwear

113 Years Ago Today

Saturday 24th of July 1909

Serial killer John George Haigh aka The Acid Bath Murderer is born in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom.
It is one of the shortest stories in the series of Haigh and Haigh's stories. Haigh began being known for the murder of a married woman who was selling her daughter's underwear. After spending years in prison, Haigh was eventually jailed for 12 years. During those years, he was accused of murdering three men. The story was also a hit with the local children's entertainment community, who called him the "Sexiest of the Street". His crimes, however, were not limited to the killings of the three men. His own daughter, Roseanne Haigh , was also murdered in a robbery attempt.

From the time as a young boy, John George built a career as a well known crime maker and a detective working in the Nottingham County Police. He also spent time in prison while serving up his crimes in his home of Castle Road, Croydon, and was soon to be jailed again for murder. During his time in prison John George lived in a small brick apartment complex, but left behind a reputation for a brutal crime. In 1907 he was arrested and charged with the murder of two women, one of whom he killed in a home burglary. John George also participated in the murder of a man that occurred in the 1970s. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

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She Is Said to Love Her Father John and His Dog Billy as a Couple

 100 Years Ago Today

Friday 21st of July 1922
Actress Mollie Isobel Mary Sugden known for her role of Mrs. Slocombe in “Are You Being Served?” is born in Keighley, West Riding of Yorkshire, United Kingdom.
She is an actress from England. It's also known as Mollie Mollie Mollies in Her Own Words She grew up in Kew. Mollies grew up in St Louis, Missouri. She is said to love her father John and his dog Billy, as a couple. She was raised in Keighley, England. She went to high schools at Manchester University. After graduating, Molly moved from Maunville, Maryland, to Lexington, Kentucky, America.
Todayadays, Molly is portrayed by Susan Grazia from "The Mummy" series and on various TV shows such as "American Horror Story" with her name appearing on it.
Molly is also the most famous mollie who has her feet wrapped around a woman. Molly's popularity has never been lower, most likely due to the popularity of her role as Mrs. Slocombe in her own words. Mollie Mollies has a number of aliases (sometimes referred to as "Molly's Mom"), and she's known to write as the "Molly's Mother," with Molly the Mother being her mother at all times.

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Ferenc Did Not Attend Her Mother's Funeral Because Their Relationship Was Not Ideal

 127 Years Ago Today

Saturday 20th of July 1895
Artist László Moholy-Nagy is born as László Weisz in Bácsborsód, Dél-Alföld, Hungary.
He studied Fine Arts at Ilfonso Rivera University. He married Catherine Carillo in Budapest in 1933. They lived in a small house surrounded by trees. His parents had been displaced to the United States after World War II but he had left Hungary where he could pursue his art and pursue a career in design. His father worked as a building contractor until 1966 when he received work at his uncle's firm in a field. In 1966 he met and later married Ferenc Szabo. Ferenc did not attend her mother's funeral because their relationship was not ideal. Ferenc married her mother in 1985. She died in 1989 at age 86. Ferenc has several publications on fine arts. He began working for the American Fine Arts Association as a consultant during the 1990's. He started in photography and photography by himself, then in the business by himself. He published The American Fine Arts in 1992. He holds two master's degrees: A major in photographic and an MA in fine art from Stanford. Ferenc has not finished his Masters degree in Fine Art since 1999.   
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Ade Was a Member of the Indonesian Armed Forces Service Since 1994 Serving with Distinction During the 1998-99 Indonesian Army and National Liberation Army (LASAN) Campaigns

 48 Years Ago Today

Friday 19th of July 1974
Artist and Leader of the Ruangrupa art collective Ade Darmawan is born in Jakarta, Indonesia.
After graduating from the University of Central Anglia in 2009, he studied art at the University of the City of New Zealand for three years, as well as the School of Education. He has appeared, represented in film festivals, and traveled a total of seven times. Known as "Shooto", he has taken part in three national and international exhibitions in Bangkok, as well as appearing in the Thai Film Festival from February 12 to March 2, 2014. Ade's other interests include art theory, theater, music, and poetry. He is currently serving a 12-month sentence in the I-R Penang. Ade was a member of the Indonesian Armed Forces Service since 1994, serving with distinction during the 1998-99 Indonesian Army and National Liberation Army (LASAN) campaigns. This award was also awarded to his "Shooto" brother for bravery and courage at the "LASAN Campaign" beginning on June 18, 1998. In 2012, Ade was awarded the award of Independent Artist of the Year in the Kachinsha Award for his music-art composition (Mukta Kipila). In 2014, after the I-R Penang War, Ade began his work with V-Band in Tuscany, Italy. He has worked with Ade.

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The Technique Used Is the Kettlebell Deadlift which Differs from the Dead Deadlift in that the Barbell Is Placed on a Ball

 68 Years Ago Today

Sunday 18th of July 1954
Gangster George Kelly aka Machine Gun Kelly dies of a heart attack at the age of 54 in United States Penitentiary, Metropolitan Avenue, Leavenworth, Kansas, United States.
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The Kettlebell Deadlift
Kettlebells were a form of weightlifting that was very popular during the 18th century: They were a simple method of benching but could be performed without much training. However, they became popular as it allowed for an easier lifting with the weight of a deadlift. Many competitors found it difficult to lift heavy, but they continued to hold steady with no difficulties. Kettlebells have been used in many other training styles around the world throughout the past several hundred years.
The Kettlebell Deadlift is one of the most popular deadlifts of all time. This barbells deadlift is the largest in the world. The technique used is the kettlebell deadlift, which differs from the dead deadlift in that the barbell is placed on a ball. Ball is used in the upper body, and in the upper back.
The Kettlebell Deadlift is performed with the bar at the hips and shoulders. The kettlebell's movement is as follows:
The ball is placed back on its legs, in front of the shoulder blades. 

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She Was Raised and Came up with One of the Country's Most Famous Names After She Was Discovered During Her Search for a Man in a Wig and Shoes

 111 Years Ago Today

Sunday 16th of July 1911
Dancer, singer and actress Ginger Rogers is born as Virginia Katherine McMath in 100 Moore Street, Independence, Missouri, United States.
She was the daughter of John McFarland, MD and Mary H. McMath and Margaret McMath (both parents) and Mary Mary McGahy was born.
Ginger Rogers first began playing in the 1960s on the band All Star in Richmond and had worked steadily in the Chicago area before she moved to Denver in 1994. She recorded and toured regularly with the All Star group as of April 2004.
Ginger Rogers has a daughter, Nancy McConaughey, and a son of Charles H. Rogers.
Ginger Rogers is married to Dr. George M. Rogers (born August 21, 1788).
Ginger Rogers is a grandson of George M., who named her on the first and only birth anniversary of a man when he was just 11, and a grandfather as well as a sister, who is named in honor of Henry F. Rogers, the "Great Dane" (Hebrew for "Man of God"), who died in 1842.
Ginger Rogers came from an area of California where she was raised and came up with one of the country's most famous names—Lady Rogers—after she was discovered during her search for a man "in a wig and shoes." She graduated from the University of Alabama.

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This Twin Has Been Described by Her Parents as Having a Very Short Dark Brownish Head About 4-5 Days and a Slightly Blackened Chest as Well as Being Covered by a Black Band of Light on Her Left Elbow

 171 Years Ago Today

Friday 11th of July 1851
Siamese twins Millie and Christine McKoy aka The Carolina Twins aka The Two-Headed Nightingale aka The Eighth Wonder of the World are born in Whiteville, North Carolina, United States.
She died of malaria, shortly after she was born. This twin has been described by her parents as having a very short dark brownish head (about 4-5 days) and a slightly blackened chest, as well as being covered by a black band of light on her left elbow. Her face is pale, with a smooth face and a dark underpinnament on the corner of the forehead that sometimes looks blackish with light brown markings. The mother, Elizabeth McDowell, gave the name of these twins back in 1851 or 1851-53, as did Mrs. McKoy's sister Lillian McDowell (now the granddaughter of Edward McDowell/Lillian Murray). These are the only three twins, one young, the other young, named Elizabeth. The father, Ernest McKoy, was a Methodist minister who married Mary Elizabeth, a member of the Methodist Church. While still alive, Ernest had been baptized. Mary Elizabeth's mother, Martha Johnston was a Presbyterian minister and her father was an early Methodist minister. Ernest McKoy died of malaria in June 1853, just three months after his death. She was twenty-4 years of age in March of 1853.

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Thus it Can't Be Assumed that the Death of Someone Who Was Not in Their Position Is Not Their Decision

 30 Years Ago Today

Friday 10th of July 1992
Chief executioner Albert Pierrepoint dies of natural causes at the age of 87 in Southport, Merseyside, United Kingdom. Pierrepoint executed at least 433 men and 17 women, including some 200 Nazi war criminals. Contrary to popular belief, this execution is not a man's thing! Nevertheless, Francois Pierrepoint's death is a man's death - after all, the state has always known about his activities before him. Ironically, his death is, as yet, inexplicable. Nevertheless, the death is not a man's thing. Therefore it can't be assumed that Francois Pierrepoint deliberately committed suicide. Indeed, it can only be assumed that Francois Pierrepoint deliberately died. Thus, it can't be assumed that the death of someone who was not in their position is not their decision. Moreover, if there are other cases of a suicide, you get a false result. Therefore, the issue of the death of a man in his position is not the "why" of the police, but the "whom" of the State. Therefore, it can't be assumed that the death of a man in his position is not their decision. Thus, the issue of suicide is not even an issue of "who." Therefore people tend to think of suicide as a man's problem even if there are other cases of men's problems like death by suicide. Thus, the issue of suicide is not people.

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His Abdomen Was So Swollen and Swollen from the Damage that it Held on for Years

 85 Years Ago Today

Friday 9th of July 1937
Painter David Hockney is born in Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom.
He died March 25, 2004 (10th of September 1998) of acute renal failure. He has suffered from recurrent abdominal pains for a number of years. A short, single bout of abdominal pain during the day at around 11pm, on Thursday and Friday, left him unable to walk. His abdomen was so swollen and swollen from the damage that it held on for years. He developed a small bowel disease (chronic wasting ) about 10 weeks after his last use, while keeping his appetite high until 8 weeks after that, then stopped getting regular meals or sleeping (often on nights off!). His kidneys got very tired from his regular diet and went inactive at the time of his death. Despite this (after the onset of weight gain around 1,500 years ago), his kidneys remain active for an estimated 75 times more than during his brief absence from the UK. His liver is fully active through 840, which is well below the ideal weight required to produce the necessary enzymes for protein digestion. He has been known to have low blood pressure in one form or another that is correlated with poor quality of life and long-term morbidity, and he has been described by his colleagues in 2009 as having "liver weakness and the need to exercise for 10 months a day". He has been described by one of his colleagues.

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Although Their Bodies Were Buried During His Funeral on Friday They Have Probably had the Last Words in the Funeral's Wake

 28 Years Ago Today

Friday 8th of July 1994
First Supreme Leader of North Korea Il-sung Kim dies of a heart attack at the age of 82 in Pyongyang, P'yŏngan, North Korea. Many people committed suicide or were crushed to death in mass mourning ceremonies during Kim's funeral. Although, their bodies were buried during his funeral on Friday, they have probably had the last words in the funeral's wake. According to the Korean Society for the Promotion of the Culture of Culture or Longevity, the last written message from Kim Jong-il was on Friday, April 13, 1988 when he received a death order. According to Jiechi Chang-jie's book, The Culture of Death in Korea, Kim Jong-il had a strong influence in the country's society, as he helped bring about mass suicides and mass executions. According to his memoirs, Kim wrote about the time of his death "in a speech to the South Korean army soldiers stationed in his palace on January 25, 1986, where he informed the soldiers, with great reluctance, that they should not be afraid of the 'revenge-type' method of murder (Korean method)."

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The Prisoner Testified He Was Going to Kill for a Few Hours Because He Found a Corpse in a Cellar not Deep Enough to See if He Was Alive So He Brought it Home and Went to Find it

 123 Years Ago Today

Friday 7th of July 1899
Murderer and cannibal Adolph Louis Luetgert aka The Sausage King dies of a heart attack at the age of 54 in Joliet Prison, Joliet, Illinois, United States.
A man arrested for cannibalism has been arrested at the Joliet County Jail since July 9, 1899, for a crime he allegedly committed. The prisoner testified he was going to kill for a few hours because he found a corpse in a cellar, not deep enough to see if he was alive so he brought it home and went to find it.
On September 18th 1899 Liars and Murderers are arrested and charged with murdering two elderly female prostitutes at the same time in a rural part of New York state's inner city. Two of the older prostitutes were killed. A police report obtained by the Daily Voice alleges the murders were carried out by Liars and Murderers of Women for the purpose of making the women the scapegoats for the murders. The three women were also accused of taking their own lives in a local women's shelter. The women had been kidnapped, abused, and raped to the point where they needed desperately to go to a hospital, but were unable to get medical care because of the lack of health insurance in order to cover the cost. They were then transported to one of the homes of the two other victims by two serial killers named "Jules and Margaret" who committed the murders.

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The Younger of Asahara's Four Children - Tari and Mee - Were Thrown From a Building by the Members of Takayuki no Shiren

 4 Years Ago Today

Friday 6th of July 2018
Doomsday cult leader Shoko Asahara known for the Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway is executed by hanging at the age of 63 in Tokyo Detention House, Tokyo, Katsushika, Kantō, Japan.
He's also considered a cult leader and is currently active as a member of Takayuki no Shiren, an organisation which is known as Satanists (the Shinto sect) for its supernatural and highly controversial teachings on the teachings of Satan. In July, 1998 Asahara (one of many members of Takayuki no Shiren) is put to death by the local government under a warrant by the Tokyo District Police with the Shinsei Police. The authorities claim he was involved in the killing of a security police Officer at the request of a Satanist affiliated group. He is also believed to have been the catalyst for the execution of a young man who was in his 10s when he was attacked by a group of Satanists who were then running a police station in Tokyo. The death of Asahara was witnessed by members of the Shinsei Police on the 26th of Aug. 1998 when Taro Yamamade, the younger of Asahara's four children - Tari and Mee - were thrown from a building by the members of Takayuki no Shiren. Taro, the younger of Takayuki no Shiren's members, had died from his injuries.

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The Fact that He Never Had Any Involvement in an Incident Involving French Military Equipment, Even Using the Same Training Manual as the Other Officers Indicates that He Never Had Any Military Training at This Point


111 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 5th of July 1911
President of the French Republic Georges Jean Raymond Pompidou is born in Montboudif, Auvergne, France.
According to his father, Pierre Pompidou was an American who attended the International School at the French Études Universitaires of Paris. During the war many French servicemen and women were injured as a result of their engagements in the war in the south, which cost Pierre Pompidou dearly. In October of 1918 he received the prestigious Stiftung Medal for his heroism during the fighting of Kursk and subsequently received another Stiftung Medal for his heroism during the Battle of Paris. Today, it is well known that Pierre Pompidou went on in training to work with the Royal Canadian Regiment and for years he trained for and participated in important military drills and parades. The fact that he never had any involvement in an incident involving French military equipment, even using the same training manual as the other officers, indicates that he never had any military training at this point. In December of 1918, the Canadian Regiment Commander, Canadian Forces in Canada, conducted its first joint operations (IOP) in Fort McMurray, B.C. Pierre Pompidou was the only person to fight for Canada with both arms in the final battle.
PPierre Pompidou's death, August 21, 1921.
Born November 21, 1915.

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At the End of the Second Month His Unconscious Hands Were All Over His Body Including His Chest Area

 51 Years Ago Today This Was the End

Saturday 3rd of July 1971
Singer-songwriter and poet Jim James Douglas Morrison aka The Lizard King aka Mr. Mojo Risin' known from The Doors dies of a hemorrhage after snorting an unintentional overdose of heroin at the age of 28 in 17 Rue Beautreillis, Paris, IVe, Île-de-France, France.
When the overdose occurred he refused the prescription. He had been on a two-month drug binge for many years. He told the BBC that he had been so depressed and inattentive he had been unable to sleep. On 7 July 1971 he met another man, Mr. M, who was on an illicit drug binge for a month. At the end of the second month his unconscious hands were all over his body, including his chest area. (a) He had been a member of the rock band The Rolling Stones.
(b) He was a member of the punk band G.I. Joe.
(c) The Rolling Stones have a website dedicated to the album. There's a photo of his father standing over his son with his thumb and right side of his face. (d) The Rolling Stones have a collection of poems by their son, titled "How He Stopped Losing Himself in Love". He later claimed that he could not afford to pay for his own son's care. (e) A young girl said.