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Herre's Car Struck a Fence in the Town Centre Causing Serious Injury

 72 Years Ago Today

Tuesday 8th of August 1950
SS-Sturmbannführer and commandant of Fort Breendonk Philipp Johann Adolf Schmitt is executed by the firing squad at the age of 48 in Antwerpen, Hoboken, Antwerpen, Belgium.
The body, which belonged to Schmitt's personal belongings, was recovered at a local hospital on 17 August, 1943 and was buried in the Arbeitschei. Johann Adolf Schmitt's wife, Helle Helle Herst, was the last survivor of the body, and her husband was of the same family.
Herst and Schmitt began their reign in the military. Herre was married two months later to Hans Härtth, the son of the famous Heinrich Heinrich Schmitt. The couple has an unmarried child, Hans Kapp. They were also the founders of the Leipzig branch of the Frankfurt School. Herre attended Leipzig for a period of several months.
Herst died on 12 August, 1945 at the age of 56 in a car wreck in the German border town of Düsseldorf which he drove down to. Herre's car struck a fence in the town centre causing serious injury. Three years later Herre died from his injuries on 15 November 1944. His remains were then interred in a crematorium at St. George's Cathedral while his wife (Helle) and his young son.

Sunday, August 7, 2022

In a Video Posted on YouTube on 11th of August 1920 He Was Called Upon to Win the 400 Meters at the Age of 30 for His Remarkable Endurance


90 Years Ago Today

Sunday 7th of August 1932
Olympic marathon champion Abebe Bikila known for winning an Olympic marathon while running barefoot is born in Jato, Shewa, Ethiopia. Known for competing in the Olympic Winter Games and having a great reputation among others. In a video posted on YouTube on 11th of August 1920, he was called upon to win the 400 meters at the age of 30 for his remarkable endurance. He also held the record for this race during the event of the Year of the Eagle and the Olympic Silver Medal. He died in the hospital on 6th of August 2012. He was 75 years old and had a son and daughter. Punishing the Devil Punishment is an important duty of a strong and strong man who always carries the day, and he has a great power of strength and will to do so much even at the risk of injuring his own wife and children. This has been a common misconception that there are three very similar punishment categories which can be found for any evil man when he engages in those same acts. On August 4, 1727, the Prophet Joseph Smith wrote the following about punishment: "If any man be taken in his hand till it be deemed necessary to put his finger down, he will put his finger down with him as far as the eye is able to see. A man who does this is going so far as to lose his life and his husband.

Saturday, August 6, 2022

Carl Schmelz Was the First Person to Live on the Internet for More than Five Decades

 120 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 6th of August 1902
Mobster Arthur Flegenheimer aka Dutch Schultz is born in New York City, New York, United States.
He was originally employed as an electrical engineer in the United States Army, and later as a salesman for a major appliance contractor.
In 1907 Carl Schmelz arrived in the United States as a computer technician. Carl graduated from the University of Wisconsin and worked as a software engineer. He gained his first job with a commercial television station a few months later. Carl was elected mayor, won the first major election and became a citizen of the United States. Carl took his full advantage of the Internet and its influence on his life, as well as his personal life. Carl studied mechanical engineering at Stony Brook University and was elected to the United States Congress in 1914.
Upon death, he devoted his life to the work of repairing electrical appliances and was a lifelong citizen. Carl has been involved in various campaigns as a volunteer, for president, state legislature, governor, and as an editor at several newspapers. Carl died March 2017. Carl Schmelz was the last surviving surviving member of the Schmelz family and his ashes will be donated by the Schmelz family to honor the 80th birthday of his friend.
Carl Schmelz was the first person to live on the Internet for more than five decades. Today Carl is the youngest member of his family. He was born on August 23, 1917.

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It Was Unusual for Men to Become Interested in Learning to Live in Space

 92 Years Ago Today

Tuesday 5th of August 1930
Astronaut Neil Alden Armstrong known for becoming the first person to walk on the Moon is born in Wapakoneta, Ohio, United States.
His brother Michael Armstrong holds the world record in the 5,008 meters he has set for his second attempt at this great stage in his life. Michael is also one of only five European astronauts to walk on the Moon since the launch of Apollo 17. Armstrong walked on for only seven days after he touched down at the International Space Station in June 1969, as his father Neil did not go aboard to study his early career in space when he was still a teenager. Michael was born on February 28, 1883, in Wapakoneta, Ohio. Michael studied Earth sciences at Harvard University but, by the time he entered the astronaut program, he had taken an engineering course. As it turns out, after starting this, there was not much interest in science at college, because it was "unusual for men to become interested in learning to live in space", his mother said. The fact that the boys did not want to study science and engineering in college may have been a problem as soon as they were a teenager, but they were the first in their family to ever go on a mission. Michael has lived the longest in space. One way or another in Wapakoneta, Ohio, we all come to see, and we all go.

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Klaus's Father Was a Painter and He Was One of the Most Important Musicians in the Nazi Regime

 75 Years Ago Today

Monday 4th of August 1947
Electronic music pioneer Klaus Schulze aka Richard Wahnfried is born in Berlin, Berlin, Germany.
Before him being recruited by the German military in 1939, Klaus was one of the first musicians of his age to earn a German military record. Klaus's father was a painter and he was one of the most important musicians in the Nazi regime. The German occupation was just beginning and the young Klaus was born in an orphanage. While he was young he wrote music in a piano program and played as well on piano as he could. At the age of two, Klaus and his sister (her father being a musician who was a young and dedicated painter) were brought up but they were abandoned in the refugee camp and had to return home. A year ago Klaus was born. During that time Klaus played piano on a band called Die Schöne in Hamburg. Later he met his future wife Nina and went to the school of Art Deco. They continued playing the club club and became friends.
Luther Schulze Bach (1889-1945), also known as The First Emperor, was a member of Schule's group of 20 musicians on the St. Louis Blues. Though his time at the club was brief Klaus chose to come to the United States for graduate school and as he finished his law practice he took an interest in becoming a guitarplayer before traveling to Germany and settling in Seattle, Washington.

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She Received 2 New Teeth Removed from Her Jaw 2 New Teeth Installed and 2 New Teeth Added in Her Abdomen

 16 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 2nd of August 2006
Fashion model Luisel Ramos dies of heart failure caused by anorexia nervosa at the age of 22 in Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay. Ramos died of heart failure while participating in a fashion show during Fashion Week. On 12th July 2009 Florez Mariania. In September 2008, Florez had her surgery to correct her missing tooth that required a new tooth to take care of. She received 2 new teeth removed from her jaw, 2 new teeth installed and 2 new teeth added in her abdomen. Meralia Mariania did have 2 new teeth installed until recently when she was discovered by a doctor in an operation for the operation to remove the damaged teeth, which will require the removal of two new teeth. There was an operation the surgeon used to remove the broken teeth. On 11th June 2008 it was revealed that Marcos had had a long-term condition and had the surgery for her new nose. Mariania underwent a CT scan of her nasal cavity and located the following information: Mariania had a chronic low back spasm that developed rapidly, and has seen significant changes in her posture, posture and movements in the past six months as well as having difficulty moving at all. Mariania has never had a full 24 hrs of rest that would make her completely ill at rest.

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Her Father Moved to France About 1878 or 1884 in the Form of a Jewish Girl Who Became One of the Greatest Intellectuals of All Time

 62 Years Ago Today

Sunday 31st of July 1960
Mass murderess Sylvia Wynanda Seegrist is born in Crum Lynne, Pennsylvania, United States.
Her father moved to France about 1878 or 1884, in the form of a Jewish girl who became one of the greatest intellectuals of all time. While living in America Seegrist met several professors who were interested in her background. Seegrist spent her early years as a student of a Jewish family in Missouri but she was not allowed to do this because the law had declared Jewish-owned property to be "property of the Jewish people, and the Jewish population of Missouri has the right to occupy and cultivate any land there which it deems appropriate for religious purposes." She became an active member of the University of Missouri Board of Regents in 1871 with an honorary capacity for education as a law professor, and later as a trustee for the Jewish Women's Association and as a member of the Missouri Women's Association. From 1886 until 1895 Seegrist attended an Indian School for the study of Indian and Jewish Studies at University of North Carolina-Cumberland. In 1893 Seegrist published in a first edition of The American Jewish News, which was published in 1904 until the publication in 1909 of The New York Times Magazine with the accompanying notice that "The American Jewish News" had been shut down since the first issue in 1922. As of July 2000 Ms. Seegrist was a member.

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Marcel of Course Is Very Proud

 135 Years Ago Today

Thursday 28th of July 1887
Dada artist Marcel Henri Robert Duchamp aka Rrose Sélavy is born in Blainville Crevon Village, Blainville-Crevon, Haute-Normendie, France.
His other parents were members of the French aristocracy, and Marcel did his degree in Art and Fine Arts at St. Joseph's College. In 1886, he began to photograph nature. His work appeared in many papers such as Discover magazine (March 1887), Naturalism, and Cessna, but his greatest success in the formative years was in the photographic periodical photography of 1902-1906. Marcel had an interest in the history of photography and this work inspired a number of publications. Marcel's most famous publication is the work entitled "Naturalism." The work was a fascinating study of both natural phenomena and photography (see below). His photography was so extensive that he was awarded the prestigious Novemeburole prize in 1894. Marcel's collection covers several important topics, and his photos were not made for photography only. Marcel made a number of important improvements to their photographic system. In the 1890's he switched from the traditional digital format to a white paper printing process. In 1907 Marcel had to cut corners to make his photographs in perfect condition. The result is a photograph that has stood the test of time and inspired the modern professional photographer. Marcel, of course, is very proud.

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That Picture You Had of Me Suddenly Began to Take Pictures

 76 Years Ago Today

Saturday 27th of July 1946
Writer Gertrude Stein dies of stomach cancer at the age of 72 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Île-de-France, France.
Stein worked at the French Ministry in Paris during 1938-1941 and was later a diplomat in Belgium during the war. He wrote this essay during WWII; see Gertrude Stein's collection, Gertrude Stein.
The following is an excerpt from Stein's life autobiography. I would like to thank him more than anyone and his publisher for its help with making this record available. His friend J.V. Lutz provides the above transcription and excerpts: The next time I saw you at a movie theater, you were sitting right behind me. Well, I took a picture of you and then wrote some on the computer. This was my only film I made for a while. We started talking about our experiences when you were young. We all started talking a lot about cinema. You said before when we were young you didn't take pictures of me on the set. That was a mistake. I still like to think of you when I was younger and when I was young. That picture you had of me suddenly began to take pictures. What changed your mind was that when we began to talk a little bit about cinema I could recall you and my childhood years very well and talk about how you took pictures and that it helped.

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Haigh Began Being Known for the Murder of a Married Woman Who Was Selling Her Daughter's Underwear

113 Years Ago Today

Saturday 24th of July 1909

Serial killer John George Haigh aka The Acid Bath Murderer is born in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom.
It is one of the shortest stories in the series of Haigh and Haigh's stories. Haigh began being known for the murder of a married woman who was selling her daughter's underwear. After spending years in prison, Haigh was eventually jailed for 12 years. During those years, he was accused of murdering three men. The story was also a hit with the local children's entertainment community, who called him the "Sexiest of the Street". His crimes, however, were not limited to the killings of the three men. His own daughter, Roseanne Haigh , was also murdered in a robbery attempt.

From the time as a young boy, John George built a career as a well known crime maker and a detective working in the Nottingham County Police. He also spent time in prison while serving up his crimes in his home of Castle Road, Croydon, and was soon to be jailed again for murder. During his time in prison John George lived in a small brick apartment complex, but left behind a reputation for a brutal crime. In 1907 he was arrested and charged with the murder of two women, one of whom he killed in a home burglary. John George also participated in the murder of a man that occurred in the 1970s. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

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She Is Said to Love Her Father John and His Dog Billy as a Couple

 100 Years Ago Today

Friday 21st of July 1922
Actress Mollie Isobel Mary Sugden known for her role of Mrs. Slocombe in “Are You Being Served?” is born in Keighley, West Riding of Yorkshire, United Kingdom.
She is an actress from England. It's also known as Mollie Mollie Mollies in Her Own Words She grew up in Kew. Mollies grew up in St Louis, Missouri. She is said to love her father John and his dog Billy, as a couple. She was raised in Keighley, England. She went to high schools at Manchester University. After graduating, Molly moved from Maunville, Maryland, to Lexington, Kentucky, America.
Todayadays, Molly is portrayed by Susan Grazia from "The Mummy" series and on various TV shows such as "American Horror Story" with her name appearing on it.
Molly is also the most famous mollie who has her feet wrapped around a woman. Molly's popularity has never been lower, most likely due to the popularity of her role as Mrs. Slocombe in her own words. Mollie Mollies has a number of aliases (sometimes referred to as "Molly's Mom"), and she's known to write as the "Molly's Mother," with Molly the Mother being her mother at all times.

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Ferenc Did Not Attend Her Mother's Funeral Because Their Relationship Was Not Ideal

 127 Years Ago Today

Saturday 20th of July 1895
Artist László Moholy-Nagy is born as László Weisz in Bácsborsód, Dél-Alföld, Hungary.
He studied Fine Arts at Ilfonso Rivera University. He married Catherine Carillo in Budapest in 1933. They lived in a small house surrounded by trees. His parents had been displaced to the United States after World War II but he had left Hungary where he could pursue his art and pursue a career in design. His father worked as a building contractor until 1966 when he received work at his uncle's firm in a field. In 1966 he met and later married Ferenc Szabo. Ferenc did not attend her mother's funeral because their relationship was not ideal. Ferenc married her mother in 1985. She died in 1989 at age 86. Ferenc has several publications on fine arts. He began working for the American Fine Arts Association as a consultant during the 1990's. He started in photography and photography by himself, then in the business by himself. He published The American Fine Arts in 1992. He holds two master's degrees: A major in photographic and an MA in fine art from Stanford. Ferenc has not finished his Masters degree in Fine Art since 1999.   
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Ade Was a Member of the Indonesian Armed Forces Service Since 1994 Serving with Distinction During the 1998-99 Indonesian Army and National Liberation Army (LASAN) Campaigns

 48 Years Ago Today

Friday 19th of July 1974
Artist and Leader of the Ruangrupa art collective Ade Darmawan is born in Jakarta, Indonesia.
After graduating from the University of Central Anglia in 2009, he studied art at the University of the City of New Zealand for three years, as well as the School of Education. He has appeared, represented in film festivals, and traveled a total of seven times. Known as "Shooto", he has taken part in three national and international exhibitions in Bangkok, as well as appearing in the Thai Film Festival from February 12 to March 2, 2014. Ade's other interests include art theory, theater, music, and poetry. He is currently serving a 12-month sentence in the I-R Penang. Ade was a member of the Indonesian Armed Forces Service since 1994, serving with distinction during the 1998-99 Indonesian Army and National Liberation Army (LASAN) campaigns. This award was also awarded to his "Shooto" brother for bravery and courage at the "LASAN Campaign" beginning on June 18, 1998. In 2012, Ade was awarded the award of Independent Artist of the Year in the Kachinsha Award for his music-art composition (Mukta Kipila). In 2014, after the I-R Penang War, Ade began his work with V-Band in Tuscany, Italy. He has worked with Ade.

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The Technique Used Is the Kettlebell Deadlift which Differs from the Dead Deadlift in that the Barbell Is Placed on a Ball

 68 Years Ago Today

Sunday 18th of July 1954
Gangster George Kelly aka Machine Gun Kelly dies of a heart attack at the age of 54 in United States Penitentiary, Metropolitan Avenue, Leavenworth, Kansas, United States.
All Rights Reserved (except one)
The Kettlebell Deadlift
Kettlebells were a form of weightlifting that was very popular during the 18th century: They were a simple method of benching but could be performed without much training. However, they became popular as it allowed for an easier lifting with the weight of a deadlift. Many competitors found it difficult to lift heavy, but they continued to hold steady with no difficulties. Kettlebells have been used in many other training styles around the world throughout the past several hundred years.
The Kettlebell Deadlift is one of the most popular deadlifts of all time. This barbells deadlift is the largest in the world. The technique used is the kettlebell deadlift, which differs from the dead deadlift in that the barbell is placed on a ball. Ball is used in the upper body, and in the upper back.
The Kettlebell Deadlift is performed with the bar at the hips and shoulders. The kettlebell's movement is as follows:
The ball is placed back on its legs, in front of the shoulder blades.