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He Was Taken to a Hospital Where He Was Declared Sane

 77 Years Ago Today His Head Was on the Table

Monday 30th of April 1945
Führer and Reichskanzler of Germany Adolf Hitler commits suicide by a shot in the head at the age of 56 in Führerbunker, Berlin, Berlin, Germany.
He was taken to a hospital where he was declared sane. His death has been named to the National Archives.
Friday, 09 June 1943.
W.T. - Schutzstaffel des Mates - Kierenkultur (Petersburg). The Kaiser's son was born. The order to carry on the war was given to the Kaiser. He was appointed to the post of Kaiser Wilhelm II on 20 July 1945.  He returned to Germany, where he served twenty years. He was buried the following day in a chapel at the old palace of Krieger.  In September 1944, Heinrich Himmler gave a final call regarding the war. His body will be presented at the Albert Goring memorial.  He was born in Wollstein to two siblings. He died of a heart attack on 30 February 1945 in a state of mind where he had a severe depression. He gave the name W.T to the hospital of Wulf Kautsky and Wilhelm Wilhelm von Braun to allow her to look in.

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Klein Presented the First Ever Sculpture that Portrays a Character in the Likeness of a Character with a Specific Set of Eyes

 94 Years Ago Today

Saturday 28th of April 1928
Artist Yves Klein known for his International Klein Blue is born in Nice, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France.
He later achieved professional and artistic achievements, including his first exhibition, La Rebaite et la Rêveux (1928), depicting a young, healthy-looking young artist-in-training. He later performed as a solo artist in his own artwork for the L'Amour exhibition. Klein was awarded a National Art Award and a Golden Prix in 1929 and 1931 for his work, which included La Rebaite et la Rêveux: An Anthology of Artworks.
Siegfried Klein was born in Tenerife of a French Protestant family on 10 October 1928. He entered the art field in 1958 with a minor degree of research. He is considered to be one of the world's most distinguished sculptors, although his work in sculpture has often been misunderstood, for his ability to express a unique concept, as well as the idea of being made "human". In 1989, Klein presented the first ever sculpture that portrays a character in the likeness of a character with a specific set of eyes. He also portrayed human figures on Mars, an interspecies encounter during the Apollo space mission.[4] (…)
The painter and artist's work has an international connection. He was born in Hilden, Switzerland

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After Being a Farmer at 13 Before Marrying His Third Wife, Martha, Breese Morse Began Producing His Own Morse Code "Morse" by Means of a Cordial Affair with His Wife

 231 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 27th of April 1791
Painter and inventor Samuel Finley Breese Morse known for developing the Morse code is born in 195 Main Street, Charlestown, Massachusetts, United States.
The first English letter in Morse was coined in 1800.
After being a farmer at 13 before marrying his third wife, Martha, in 1811, Breese Morse began producing his own Morse code, "Morse", by means of a cordial affair with his wife. His Morse code was patented as Morse Code 200 in 1842. When he invented it, Breese Morse was awarded the patent in 1835 and in 1844 he began working on the Morse Code code. His Morse code had been used in France, Italy, Australia, India and Canada in the early 1900s.
Breese Morse was the first person to use a Morse code of his own.
Breese Morse was granted the Nobel Prize in 1910 for his discovery of "Morse". He was recognised by many as a scientist in 1909.
Breese Morse was born in Charlestown, Massachusetts, on September 17, 1821. The father of two children, Anne and Margaret Breese Morse, he received his Bachelor's degree in Chemistry in 1864-65. In 1861, Breese Morse was elected an honorary citizen of Massachusetts as a state senator, he graduated in 1863 with a degree in Biology from Cambridge. In 1889, he graduated from Brown University.

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He Had Many Opponents

 133 Years Ago Today He Would Be Better Understood in the Future

Friday 26th of April 1889
Philosopher Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein is born in Wittgenstein Palace, Alleegasse 16, Wien, Wien, Austria-Hungary.
His father, Wilhelm the Great, was a mathematician. Following this he worked with the British and the Swedes at Wien University. He became interested in quantum physics but died in 1895 in Vienna, Austria. Later Wilhelm became one of the most influential figures in Austrian science. He married Maria Koltovitch, daughter of Russian immigrants to Switzerland. The young Wilhelm is a good friend of Professor Ludwig von Köhler. He is also known as a great politician and as a poet. The author is very popular for his short stories. In 1914-1916 he founded The New York Times Literary Society. The following year his wife was divorced in order to marry his brother. He continues to appear in the literature. He was once the editor of a major book called The Life and Times of Ludwig von Mises: The Rise, Fall and Fate of Ludwig von Mises in 1845-1863. Mises in later years edited The History of Finance and also published The Wealth of Nations. There was much controversy around whether Mises was a revolutionary. Mises said that he would follow the philosophy of his contemporaries who had been following a classical version of that philosophy. He had many opponents.

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Werner Writes that Because There Was a Crisis He Contacted the German Government Who Said They Had no Need for Euthanasia

 120 Years Ago Today

Friday 25th of April 1902
Nazi psychiatrist Werner Heyde aka Fritz Sawade known for organizing the T-4 Euthanasia Program is born in Forst, Brandenburg, Germany.
Since 1954, he has been working under the leadership of Peter Wagner, a psychiatrist himself. Werner's interest in the euthanasia movement began in the 1990s when Wagner started making comments about "the suffering of the whole human race". He was also interviewed publicly about this fact. Werner says that in the early 1990s his theory about euthanasia was changed. He first published the article "The Future of the Oppressive Treatment" (The Guardian) in 1999. As mentioned, that article was published in March this year. In the article we are given the story of his discovery of the disease called T-4 Euthanasia or M-14. Werner writes that because there was a crisis, he contacted the German Government who said they had no need for euthanasia. Werner's hypothesis became known back in 2000 when a man named Andreas Mönich-Gothmann developed a theory about M-14 developed in the late 1970s about the "vast body of data and medical research that still has not been written about it". For the past three years he had researched and documented and compiled this massive database about euthanasia in Germany. In doing this he has had to ask for donations. Recently Johann Müller came to Germany with the idea they should ask for.

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Certainly it Has Been Believed that Someone Who Ate Meat Was Known to Suffer from a Rare Infectious Disease that Would Be Fatal and Cause Fatal Injury

 115 Years Ago Today

Tuesday 23rd of April 1907

Notorious cannibal Alferd Griner Packer dies of a stroke at the age of 65 in Deer Creek, Colorado, United States.

Packer is widely rumored to have become a vegetarian before his death. Contrary to what several believe, he suffered from a blood infection during childhood. According to the book, The Forgotten Killer (New York: W. E. Norton & Co. 1998), The Killer in the Dark (Chicago: The University of Chicago Press 1974), it appears that he also had been abused as a child, so how could he finally have become a vegetarian? Certainly, it has been believed that someone who ate meat was known to suffer from a rare infectious disease that would be fatal and cause fatal injury. It should be noted that the fact that the word "meat", which is traditionally associated with the white sheep that were slaughtered as meat, is not officially banned in the United States suggests that this is not a specific ethnic and religious affiliation for anyone that is not a vegetarian. Even if a few people could identify as vegetarian and even this belief became commonplace, the number of people that do not go vegetarian is probably negligible as it was only in the 1970s that the "meat problem" became public. Contrary to this, though, we believe it may have happened and that it continues for many years to this day. It is interesting to think about how the "meat problem" got.

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Littleness Is a Disease and This Is Just the Symptoms. There Are so Many

 75 Years Ago Today

Monday 21st of April 1947
Musician Iggy Pop is born as James Newell Osterberg in Muskegon, Michigan, United States.
He is a musical entertainer and songwriter whose signature record, the album of the Year (2011), was awarded multiple Grammy awards for "Best Pop Album" (2011). Pop has sung through three albums, featuring "Loser of the Year", "Bold Mother", and "The Best in Music." In 2014, he was nominated for an Academy Award for his "Fantastic Five" music video, performed at the LA Film Festival.

Iggy Pop's songs inspired a Broadway movie called Belly Up!, when the star performed lyrics from his songs in a play about "eating, sleeping and being lonely." The movie (now titled "Belly Up!", due to his performance on the movie) is also in the works.

He was inducted into the National Recording Association Hall of Fame on 12th March 1949. Prior to his debut studio album (2004), pop was only known for his hits "Sweet Little Lick" and "Bad Rap" but the name he used for his song, with its title, came directly from the character of Lippy, also named Lippy.

Pop has performed, in his own words:

Littles "Littleness is a disease, and this is just the symptoms. There are so many."

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It Was a Massive Heart Blow Which Was Due to Too Much Fluid Released from His Chest and Was Carried from His Arm and the Outside of His Abdomen to Die

 90 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 20th of April 1932
Mathematician and glottologist Giuseppe Peano known for the Peano Curve dies of a heart attack at the age of 74 in Torino, Piedmontese, Italy.
It was a massive heart blow which was due to too much fluid released from his chest and was carried from his arm and the outside of his abdomen to die.

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If You Want Your Dog to Have a Good Life You Need to Have a Lot of Fun From the Start

 89 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 19th of April 1933

Actress Jayne Mansfield aka The Working Man's Monroe is born as Vera Jayne Palmer in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, United States.
She was 5 years old when she was tragically sent to a foster home. She was raised here by her parents who moved to Pennsylvania on the 15th of March, 1964. Later in life she worked as an interior decorator at Sears at 10th Street and 5th Avenue. Since her parents' death, she has had her body cremated at her home. She was married when she was 8 years old. As she had the most wonderful memories of her youth there were moments where family friends and she would meet and get married. Since their weddings she has been a member of The Humane Society of Philadelphia, where she has been honored as one of the most wonderful women ever. Monroe also has a very special place in our hearts for her amazing family. The Humane Society of Philadelphia operates our rescue and rehabilitation centers nationwide in Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco and Detroit where Monroe is active in helping other dogs and cats in need to survive. Monroe has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy at age 7 years of age. According to her parents, she was a very outgoing and loving child. He was always smiling and there was joy in his face and laughter everywhere with him. If you want your dog to have a good life you need to have a lot of fun from the start.

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Kettler Wrote Letters to Kathy to Request to Be Featured in a Magazine of a Magazine She Did Not Want to Take Part in

 75 Years Ago Today

Friday 18th of April 1947
Feminist punk poet Kathy Acker is born as Karen Lehman in New York City, New York, United States.
Karen Lehman made her first appearance in the 1960s on an album called Black Woman by the New York Times. Later that year, she appeared on her album on the cover of the Times and became even more involved with The Times than her co-author John K. Walker had been. Kettler wrote letters to Kathy to request to be featured in a magazine of a magazine she did not want to take part in. In July 1953, she appeared in a documentary, The Black Woman, featuring her. Kathy wrote to the New York Times and asked them to change the name of the magazine. The paper offered to sponsor her at a price of $250,000, giving a chance for a newspaper reporter to appear in her book. On March 30, 1953, Kathy appeared on Kettler's cover story from her original magazine cover in London in the New York Times cover image from which most of her work with She-H. (Kettler's website at ). Kathy also appeared on She-H's cover in the first issue of Playboy in 1963. On September 19, 1963, Kathy wrote an article in the Times and wrote to Kettler to ask that she be featured on the cover, which was also featured on the cover.

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After Some Time He Visited Other Places and Even Saw a Car that Was Being Built From a Piece of Cement

 89 Years Ago Today

Monday 17th of April 1933
Serial killer Joachim Georg Kroll aka Jockel aka Der Ruhrkannibale is born in Hindenburg in Oberschlesien, Śląsk, Poland.
Although he was born and raised in Oberschlesien in his first year of life Jockel was living in Leipzig. Kroll is a musician who worked at the piano while in college as a school piano teacher (in Leipzig). One was born in his father's home on the outskirts of Rostock on the outskirts of Oberschlesien and lived alone in his room for over 10 years after that. A few months ago Jockel made the decision to visit family and he saw Jockel at Leipzig for the first time after being in the state of war. He visited his sister and sister-in-law in the city of Oberschlesien, as well as his wife and another man who lived in Leipzig. After some time he visited other places and even saw a car that was being built from a piece of cement. After having met Jockel and his family it is understood that these places have not been able to handle Kroll's family because of the war situation. While there are two types of orphans in the country (in Oberschlesien and in the city of Rostock), it is considered that there are.

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You Write My Name and I'm Called Arthur

76 Years Ago Today

Tuesday 16th of April 1946
Racecar driver and automobile manufacturer Arthur Chevrolet commits suicide by hanging at the age of 62 in Slidell, Louisiana, United States. Chevrolet was suffering from depression. Chevrolets Wednesday 2nd of May 1946 enthusiasticalbasket Tuesday 27th of June 1946 Halloween: I hate to say this but I have never understood you. I love I always felt that with every word you had used I wrote something for you and I wrote something for them. I am a great I am a great citizen of the world today. I have just received I thought about going on a cruise off the coast of Hawaii. I thought as I I know it will be a day on Hawaii when I return in 15 minutes. And I would be tried on a cruise off the coast of Hawaii with the intention of going on a cruise off an island of the ocean! It is great, It's like a dream, it is amazing! What the hell is this? You write my name and I'm called Arthur. What the hell? I didn't think this was real, It did feel real to me. When I first saw you what this stuff looked like when you were young. Well the way I am, when I that was little I never knew what it was doing. Not only did I see that, I was really

She Was Buried at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on September 29, 2013

 172 Years Ago Today

Tuesday 16th of April 1850

Wax sculptor Marie Tussaud dies of natural causes at the age of 89 in London, Greater London, United Kingdom.
She was buried at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on September 29, 2013. Tussaud was born on 3rd June 1782 in Port-de-Courcelette, in Belgium. Her son was born in Belgium at the age of twelve. In 1694 she left her native Poinsettia, just outside of Paris. In 1695 she moved to the French city of Sainte-Anne and was able to marry Henry VIII of France. She spent some time as a cook in her native Poinsettia while the two moved to the city after Henry's death. Tussaud spent a long career as a seamstress and her children gave her considerable insight into the work she was doing and the life she lived through as a seamstress herself. Tussaud's husband Edward of Arras was buried at her mother's grave at the Royal Poinsettia in Paris on November 8, 1774. The couple married at Saint Mary's, in Paris and Tussaud's late husband Edward died in 1827.
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When the Pain Was Coming My Throat Went Limp

 21 Years Ago Today

Sunday 15th of April 2001

Musician Joey Ramone dies of lymphoma at the age of 50 in New York–Presbyterian Hospital, New York City, New York, United States.

He was 86. He has three children. [5] The following has been quoted from "Molecules," p. 25: "My wife said, 'We've got some news.' And I said, 'We haven't gotten news yet.' She said, 'You've got to talk to your doctor, you've got to get the news out.' She had to be sure there were no signs that I was on anything different." The following has been quoted from "Molecules," p. 27: "When the pain was coming my throat went limp. My arms trembled more than when I was lying down. We would have to be careful."

"I had to be sure there were no signs that I was on anything different." "When the pain was coming my throat went limp. My arms trembled more than when I was lying down. We would have to be careful." "I didn't have a headache. I only had a weak muscle ache." [5]

"I didn't have a headache. I only had a weak muscle ache." "No signs were that bad, either."

"No pain. My arms don't hurt. And I didn't feel any pain at all."

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He Worked on the Laboratory of the Institute "Magneto-Mein Kampf" and Its Research on the Structure of Particles

 87 Years Ago Today He Didn't Arrive in a Chariot of God

Sunday 14th of April 1935
Writer and paleo-contact pioneer Erich Anton Paul von Däniken is born in Zofingen, Aargau, Switzerland.
He studied engineering and physics at Vienna University for two years before taking on the role of president of the company for 25 years. His previous assignments included President of the Fractional Research Institute and President of the Institute of Chemistry, Zweig, Switzerland. He worked on the laboratory of the Institute "Magneto-Mein Kampf" and its research on the structure of particles. He received his PhD in chemistry from the Austrian National University. Erich was very interested in cosmology and cosmology of atoms and they are the basis of a lot of ideas being worked on by scientists around the world today around cosmology.

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I Don't Know if He Was Killed Because of My Ignorance and Ignorance of the Cause of His Death or if Maybe There Was Something Not Known to Me

 327 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 13th of April 1695
Fabulist Jean de La Fontaine dies of natural causes at the age of 74 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Île-de-France, France. 
I don't know if he was killed because of my ignorance and ignorance of the cause of his death, or if maybe there was something not known to me. There seems to be no record of him as one who fought and died at a place named De La Fontaine. If he was a fighter he had a good idea who had fought the Germans. Perhaps I should point out that there are many great fighting men who were never on the battlefield but whose bravery saved their lives or gave them life. As far as I know, there is no record of him as much as there is of other famous fighters who were never on the field but who did fight or died and were so very successful in their way of saving their comrades and others. I also find no record of him fighting or dying in a military parade or at a military cemetery, I believe. Even the military is a great show of bravery and is usually seen and heard by people who know what they are fighting for, and who might like to believe that they were really there and the people who fought had their names written on their helmets. On a similar note, there is no record of him fighting or dying in the Parisian Palace or his own private apartment.

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The Children Are Not Allowed to Watch or Listen in Their Mother's Presence

 89 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 12th of April 1933

Soprano Montserrat Caballé is born as María de Montserrat Bibiana Concepción Caballé i Folch in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

The first child of her parents was married on 8th July, 1928. A child will be born to their first child, in September, 2000. A second child is born in December, 2020.

This child comes with his mother, María de Montserrat, through the family.

A child with a history of child abuse is called a "baby mama" or "baby mafiosa". The term baby mama usually means child with an abnormally large and long neck.

The children are not allowed to watch or listen in their mother's presence.

Each one of them is raised by their parent in a loving, normal and independent manner. A good number of young children born in this manner are born to parents that have been forced to live in such a violent manner as to hurt their feelings and not let them see the world.

Punishment to children should not be considered something that has been done by society, but should be viewed as something that is done with "reasonable" consequences in the interests of protecting children. It should be thought that the child should not play too bad a part in the society by getting involved in crime. A child should not be taught.

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He Discovered That He Was Able to Understand His Enemies in Ways Which He Found Fascinating Although His Enemies Also Expressed Strange Beliefs in Him

 111 Years Ago Today

Tuesday 11th of April 1911
Propaganda of the Deed anarchist Anteo Zamboni is born in Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy.
He received his DPhil from a local high school which he attended in Bologna, Italy. His studies involved a range of different fields, as he discovered that he was able to understand his enemies in ways which he found fascinating, although his enemies also expressed strange beliefs in him. In 1910 he was placed into the care of the University of Especialment and continued to publish a number of writings, as well as writing for numerous newspaper journals. He became the first American journalist to be selected as the recipient of a Fulbright FCE/CE and was chosen by the FSO as the first and only American citizen to receive a scholarship in English Writing Program in 1915. During a certain period he met the renowned Dr. Jules-Louis de Villerot. They ended up in New Haven, Connecticut, and later they moved to Geneva, Switzerland. At this point it is believed that after writing "The New York Times", "Mozart", and "The Independent," De Villerot wanted to become a lawyer and later became the managing director of London Law. During this time he went on to work at private offices in New York City, New Jersey, and San Francisco, California. He was married to Joanne Rous and he became a director.

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He Had His First Kiss on Earth When He Was Eleven and Continued His Love for Music

 86 Years Ago Today
Friday 10th of April 1936

Pop singer Ricky Valance known for his hit single ‘Tell Laura I Love Her’ is born as David Spencer in Ynysddu, Monmouthshire, United Kingdom.
His life spans in and around his birthplace are well known for his vocal talents and hard work ethic. He spent his childhood in the small town of Ynysddu, Monmouthshire, United Kingdom, where he became a musician. David was raised a small farm land and worked as a tailor before becoming a music producer.
Todayadays, David is known for his work to promote and support the Scottish Gaelic heritage in relation to their homeland of the country, and for his contribution to the promotion of the Scottish Gaelic language culture.
When David was only four years old, he made an impression when he went to the Stirling-based Church of Scotland to be baptised as a Child of God (COC) in the chapel of St Mary at Dunedin. He had his first kiss on earth when he was eleven and continued his love for music. It was this love that brought him to St Mary and brought him to St David's Church, in a historic ceremony where David was given the "Holy Cross of the Holy Name of Mary".
When this great church was converted and opened as St David's Church, we have worked hard to offer a diverse range of activities for its members.

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The Film Follows Paul Belmondo as He Travels All Over Europe to Achieve His Dream of Creating a World Ruled by the Jews

 89 Years Ago Today

Sunday 9th of April 1933

Actor Jean-Paul Charles Belmondo is born in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Île-de-France, France.
The son of Jean-Paul Louis Belmondo and Jean-Claude Riggs Belmondo, Belmondo became the youngest director to make an international impact. For more than 30 years he has been developing a film which he says has been the most important and most popular of the era. Belmondo was born in 1849 in Leisburg, Germany and entered the movie production industry when he was 20 months old [1941]. The film follows Paul Belmondo as he travels all over Europe to achieve his dream of creating a world ruled by the Jews, but it does not take into account the fact that the Jews were the real aggressors. As the film progresses, some members of the film's cast, including himself, become more and more obsessed with their respective goals. The film portrays Belmondo's journey back to Germany through his own efforts and his new life as a filmmaker. The film begins with the main character, Paul and he learn that there will be a future where the rest of the world is not happy to see him leave France and pursue a career as a Jewish director. Paul and his family are left in despair and the couple eventually end up being made over by two women. When they arrive at a deserted German restaurant.

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The Word 'Fashion' Tends to Mean Something that's Not Very Attractive or Glamorous

 81 Years Ago Today

Tuesday 8th of April 1941
Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood is born as Vivienne Isabel Swire in Tintwistle, Derbyshire, United Kingdom.
On September 10, 1931, Vivienne Swire becomes the first woman to run a fashion company. Vivienne Westwood is the only person ever to win the Guinness Book of World Records. Vivienne Westwood began fashioning after working on behalf of the late actress and beauty queen Elizabeth Cohan, who would become an icon. Vivienne Westwood had written one of the greatest works of her career, a series of short novels describing how her short life as a child made her an iconic figure in pop culture. Vivienne Westwood was a fashion-model for almost 90 years and won numerous awards. Since her retirement from fashion, Vivienne Westwood has appeared on numerous top-rated television projects such as "Parks & Recreation," "A Very Special Day for the Arts," "Blindspot," and her best selling memoir "My Beautiful Valentine." A personal favorite of hers is her 1988 song "Fashion" which features a version of "Fashion Girl" written by Vivienne Swire. "Fashion, however, is not a glamorous word, that's because it means a different thing in a lot of ways than what you would imagine from a picture-perfect fashion model. The word 'fashion' tends to mean something that's not very attractive or glamorous."

He Was Just a Regular Man Who Would Work on Paintings for Museums, Churches and Educational Institutions

 15 Years Ago Today

Sunday 8th of April 2007
Conceptual artist Sol Solomon LeWitt dies of cancer at the age of 79 in New York City, New York, United States.
He was just a regular man who would work on paintings for museums, churches and educational institutions. His paintings have been featured on magazines as well as on TV programs, newspapers, magazines and on films.
I always felt that with every painting he had a unique meaning to the world and wanted to be truly open to this new world. This was his most popular painting, of all time. He came from just shy of thirty years of age, but a strong young man. He was the first artist to visit a hospital in Chicago and his paintings are often seen in hospitals in this location.
In 1955, Solomon left Paris for Stuttgart, Germany. He was the youngest of four children, but still wanted an active lifestyle. The painter came with his father during his stay in Sweden and, while they continued their journey, made an appointment with a local artist who represented his family to be accepted into the Hahnemann School of Design, and they were happy after making the appointment.
This painting, by Theodor Solove, was featured in the Hahnemann School as a part of "The Art of Man," the Hahnemann Library of Arts & Culture (HCAAC) exhibition of the German National Museum (Bauen).

Thursday, April 7, 2022

In 1974 Landauer Completed His PhD at the Max Planck Institute for the Prevention of Human Evolution

 152 Years Ago Today

Thursday 7th of April 1870
Anarchism theorist Gustav Landauer aka Commissioner of Enlightenment and Public Instruction of the Bavarian Soviet Republic is born in Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. For over twenty years, he served as a professional of the Bühringerland Socialist Party, the Berlin Party, National Socialist Social Democrats of Germany, German Marshall's Party and American Socialist Democrats and a member of the German Soviet Socialist Party. In 1974, Landauer completed his PhD at the Max Planck Institute for the Prevention of Human Evolution and has been a citizen of the Soviet Union as Minister of Psychology and of the Ministry of Psychology of Germany. He also spent time as a member of the German Federal Republic, the German Marshall's Party, National Social Democrats of Germany and a member of the German Federal Labor Union. - Adolf Landauer

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

His Family Is Devastated by His Passing and After His Death His Family Is Asking Everyone to Do the Same

 8 Years Ago Today

Sunday 6th of April 2014
Vaudeville performer and actor Mickey Rooney dies of natural causes at the age of 94 in Los Angeles, California, United States.
"His family is devastated by his passing, and after his death his family is asking everyone to do the same. All they can hope for is that someone will come to their rescue during his time on the road with him, and the family and people involved in his case will share the same grief. The next funeral for Mickey will be on the 50th Anniversary of the death of his daughter, Mimi Rooney. It is our hope that we can remember him as one of the most memorable people you'll ever see on TV. He will be passed on to all who know his life and his passion." Mickey Rooney, wife Marianne Rooney.
Born June 1, 1934 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Mickey J Rooney Jr.
Birthday: Feb 17, 1965.
Died January 24, 2007 in L.A. as a result of complications from head injuries.
Treatments and medicines included:
• A corticosteroid that causes the liver to stop working, sometimes called the "dumbbell" effect.
• Low levels of corticosteroids can become very painful and lead to seizures, muscle spasms and other effects. This may cause dizziness and dizziness at times.

He Was the First British Army Captain to Surrender After Losing His Life by Guillotine

 128 Years Ago Today

Friday 6th of April 1894
Murderer Alfred Arthur Rouse aka the Blazing Car Murderer is born in Milkwood Road, London, Herne Hill, Greater London, United Kingdom. Herne's home address was Elizabeth Place, Wollongong Road, Kemptown, Hertfordshire County Council. Herne was a senior engineer, and is best known as Director of Engineering for Ewing & Co, a British Engineering Corporation. Herde was born on 23th August 1924, and died on 29th January 1985. Herde was the fourth eldest of their twelve children. Herde's father was a surgeon in the NHS as a boy, and died in 1965. Herde married Richard A. Johnson in 1945, and they have two children together, Mary and Elizabeth. Herde's cousin is Margaret R. Sayer. Herde married Michael R. Keesley in 1966, and married his second wife, Elizabeth R. Sayer. Elizabeth also had a daughter, Rachel, the year before, and a son, William, from the period. The baby boy was named Michael. Herde and R. Keesley have eleven grandchildren. Herde was active in the war of 1859 to 1861. He was the first British Army Captain to surrender after losing his life by guillotine. According to his memoirs, he was not allowed to leave and was forced to join the British Volunteers.

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Spector Was not Charged with a Crime and Only Appears as a Witness Who Says He Is Always in the Right Place at the Right Time

 60 Years Ago Today

Thursday 5th of April 1962
Actress and fashion model Lana Jean Clarkson is born in Long Beach, California, United States. In February 2003 Clarkson was fatally shot by songwriter and producer Phil Spector in the lobby of his mansion. According to a statement from Los Angeles Police Department, it is believed police confronted Spector for a lengthy period of time and in an attempt to get him to reveal a gun he had left behind. According to his family the shooting was justified because his wife and daughter were with Spector at the time of the shooting and were the first to see the man. Spector then left for a gun auction in April 2003 where he was shot and killed by his girlfriend, who has since been released from her hospital for treatment of breast cancer. According to The Times of London, the victim may be 'the most decorated woman in the world. It is believed the shooting was directed at a female member of the family, who had reportedly come into his home to share a bottle of wine with him. 'According to LA Times' sources, Spector was not charged with a crime, and only appears as a witness, who says he is always in the right place at the right time. When he was taken to hospital, it was said that he was 'still visibly shaken at the scene. He admitted to being upset by the fact that the other person he was talking to didn't notice him as well.

Monday, April 4, 2022

She Spent Four Years There in a House Which Now Has a Large Stone Floor

 39 Years Ago Today

Monday 4th of April 1983

Actress Gloria May Josephine Swanson dies of heart failure at the age of 84 in New York Hospital, New York City, New York, United States.

Swanson married Gloria June 18, 1934. They had four children: Gloria, James and Sandra Jane May Francis Swanson served as the wife of Richard and Mary Swanson at the age of 13. She had seven children: Francis, Robert, Richard and Mary Jane Mary Swanson was born April 19, 1953, on September 27, 1853. She spent four years there in a house which now has a large stone floor. The family later moved to a new house in Long Beach. Her last child James was born August 10, 1963. She attended Long Beach High School. She joined The Catholic Sisters of Christ while growing up in California. July 2, 1982 Gloria received the Lifetime Achievement Award for "Honorable Person of the Year" from the Catholic Center of San Diego. Gloria was ordained of this church at the age of 14 in October 1983, from the American Church, according to the Vatican Library. June 25, 1981 Gloria earned a B.A. from the University of Chicago, in 1950. July 5, 1978 Gloria's oldest nephew, David Swanson, began a fellowship fellowship for elderly people over the age of 65 with whom she lived in New York City for the past 60 years, the Vatican Library records. February 19, 1978 Gloria Swanson died March 30, 1978.

Unfortunately He Would Have to Return to Being a "Normal" Baby for Life

 90 Years Ago Today

Monday 4th of April 1932
Actor Anthony Perkins aka Norman Bates is born in New York City, New York, United States.
As a child, Anthony was diagnosed with diabetes and was diagnosed as having a form III diabetes shortly thereafter. In the early years Anthony was diagnosed with a form IV Diabetes, but he later had his pancreas removed and his pancreas repaired. In the early years of his illness he had difficulty functioning. Over a dozen years he was diagnosed with his form I Diabetes, but this was reversed after he discovered that form IV was involved in the increased risk of type 2 diabetes. Later in childhood, his pancreas had another procedure to remove the remaining blood vessels, to fix this condition, he finally had his pancreas removed and his pancreas repaired. Later in childhood he developed his form I Diabetes at a younger age. His diabetes did eventually lead to a medical condition called diabetes mellitus (MI). This condition, which he had used to diagnose and treat earlier symptoms related to his type 2 Diabetes, resulted from having a tumor inside his pancreas, an extremely serious type II problem. Unfortunately, he would have to return to being a "normal" baby for life, and the family eventually lost him for several years, since he spent most of his life under treatment, living alone around his children, and even using drugs. Over the course of his life with his form IV, he experienced tremendous improvement

Sunday, April 3, 2022

She Was Interviewed About Her Life in a Rolling Stone Article Titled 'Glorious Life of Doris Day in a World of Pornography'

 98 Years Ago Today

Thursday 3rd of April 1924
Actress, singer and animal rights activist Doris Day is born as Doris Von Kappelhoff in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States.
She was one of the most accomplished singers, performers, actresses and a dancer in her day. In 1945, she performed her famous live album My Country to the public for the first time.
In 1945, she performed his famous live album My Country to the public for the first time.
On March 11 of that year, she was interviewed about her life in a Rolling Stone article titled 'Glorious Life of Doris Day in a World of Pornography,' during which she stated: "In her 30s, it took me only about a month to learn how to take pornography down. She gave the best performances to any music I've ever heard. The only person I know she ever asked the song was 'Go home.' As my young son told me, 'I feel so beautiful inside.' Today, she doesn't think that anyone can take me for a lover. As a mother herself, I love to take care of my child."
The Rolling Stone article was a big shock to all the world.
After a long day of interviews by many celebrities including Elvis Presley, the actress who led the way for her career, and Bill Cosby, it is still known that Doris Day still lives in a house she owned in St. Louis.

He Died in His Sleep Just a Little Over an Hour After Being Due to Perform Today at the National Children's Hospital

 20 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 3rd of April 2002
Musician Frank Francis John Tovey aka Fad Gadget dies of a heart attack at the age of 46 in London, Greater London, United Kingdom.
He died in his sleep just a little over an hour after being due to perform today at the National Children's Hospital. He was born in October 1943 on a family farm in the Far East of Scotland, but grew up in the United Kingdom and now lives in Manchester.
On 2nd November 2002 he was interviewed as an invited guest on the programme of BBC One Evening News. A huge amount of information in English has been obtained and it is now believed he died aged 45 in London, Greater London, United Kingdom at the age of 46.
He was known internationally for his improvisation.
The show went on to include roles in three television series such as M*A*S*H*, The Simpsons, the TV series The West Wing and The Lord of the Rings.
On 2nd November 2002 he was invited by the United Kingdom Parliament for the show which he won on his first appearance.
On 17th March 2003 Frank Francis John Tovey was formally recognised as Scotland's Ambassador to the International Community by the National Children's Hospital. He was awarded the prestigious International Peace Medal by the UK and the BBC in 2003, along with several other honours such as the International Child Safety Award, the World Health Organisation's Children's Society Award.

Saturday, April 2, 2022

I Liked Classical Music But in Later Times There Were Times I Thought I'd Get Rid of it Because People Found it Boring or Boring

 131 Years Ago Today

Thursday 2nd of April 1891
Surrealist artist Max Ernst is born in Brühl, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany.
Max's father grew up on the farm in Schloss, west of Berlin. As a young boy he became acquainted with music because of the ability "I liked classical music but in later times there were times I thought I'd get rid of it because people found it boring or boring". Max has studied with a few French composers such as Günther König (1939-2014) and Carl Gustave Larsson (2010-2014), and at the time he was working as an illustration artist on a new album with John Schütz; however, when the album appeared he was unable to find a studio for the work. After doing many more pieces. Max started to get the impression of being an impressionist and so wrote a couple more pieces including a piece for Himmler's 'Wet of the Day' (1944) to give his impression while on tour of war. The album took over three months to complete before it was eventually released on 10th March 1945. It was also included in the album "Die Artigien Schutte", which was translated by Michael Frischmann in the 1990s which is a collection of over 150 works on the subject, mainly in German. This book is a work of historical detail and in particular Max Ernst.

Friday, April 1, 2022

As He Was Later to Die Aged 23 of Dysentery He Became an Adherent of This Great Sect of German Jews

 207 Years Ago Today

Saturday 1st of April 1815
1st Reichskanzler of Germany Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck is born in Schönhausen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany.
His father took part in the Jewish community's uprising against the regime and was sent to live with Bambur from 1565 until 1710. As his father's family was in exile, he was sent to Sachsen-Anhalt, the place where he lived until 1814, when German soldiers finally surrendered to British rule and allowed him to continue his education and later become head of a religious school in Sachsen-Anhalt to avenge his father in the Battle of the Bismarckian Theater of the Battle of Passau in 1719. As he was later to die aged 23 of dysentery he became an adherent of this great sect of German Jews led by B. Durch. During his time as a Jewish student he studied Hebrew at the University of Leipzig and later joined the Jewish Community of St. Francis of Assisi in France. He graduated in 1719 from the University. He then founded an early Jewish center, Leipzig The Jewish Centre in Leipzig, where he worked as a writer for the German Jewish Week. An international newspaper and weekly magazine, The Jewish Week, grew slowly, and was published in some twenty countries until 1922.