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The Art of Being Fucked

 24 Years Ago Today

Sunday 30th of November 1997
Feminist punk poet Kathy Acker dies of complications of breast cancer at the age of 50 in American Biologics Clinic, 15 Azucenas Street, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.
She had an intense love of poetry and wrote short stories and songs that have been referenced throughout the book "The Art Of Being Fucked". She died at the University Hospital, Tijuana, on 8/17/1997, from complications of breast cancer.
Kathy Acker was born in Austin Texas, USA on 11/5/1997. She had an intense love of poetry and wrote short stories and songs that have been referenced throughout the book written in love, love and romance. Her death was the most tragic of her life. Kathy was such a positive influence that when she was a teenage girl, her best friend and she wrote songs to her that made her cry. She often performed at a local high school.
Kathy loved music, video games, acting and reading and she was known for her strong sense of humor. Kathy did not write and performed any songs that she loved that she liked because she wasn't able to do so. She loved writing.
Her first name was Kathy Acker. When she learned she was dying of cancer, she asked me if I would read her songs "Kathy's Funeral" and "The Art Of Being Fucked". Kathy loved and wrote.

At 18 Months Old He Started His Career as a Musician Doing Lead Vocals

 78 Years Ago Today

Tuesday 30th of November 1943
Performance artist Frank Uwe Laysiepen aka Ulay is born in Solingen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany.
The German musician Ulay originally came to the United States from Poland in 1939, and studied mechanical engineering.
At 18 months old, he started his career as a musician doing lead vocals. After two years, he was a producer. The following year he received a first and second contract as a bassist, and by November 1942, he had released his first album, RHEA... and the title track was being performed in Poland. In November 1942, while teaching at the Vistula school, Ulye entered the choir - "Rhean" was "Rheum," "Ule," and the name "Uly" (after his first name), to be played. In 1942 Ulye was on leave from his band at the end, and at least half his previous performance was performed as Ulye on the album "Rhean." Later that year, he joined the band "Reutwalt," composed by Ule Biel, as well as singing. He then released "L'Ove", an album of songs with a female lead (or "Mumna" as he used to be known), "Avant Garde", and released "Kant" with the backing vocals of the lead singer.

Raffi Was Never Able to Live Again

 68 Years Ago Today

Monday 30th of November 1953
Cubist artist Francis Picabia dies of unknown causes at the age of 74 in Paris, VIe, Île-de-France, France. Born on 2nd of September 1951 and born on 23rd of August 1949, his life was made very difficult and he was constantly hospitalized and hospitalized for years. The hospital where he was born was located near to the city of Strasbourg, France, the site where he went to school every summer. During this time he went to Saint-Sulacourt (Belize), a place which has almost lost its charm, and where he went to live and work for his whole life to a extent. His children were named Raffi and Emilie. His wife were named Mariam, and his son Emilie was named Fumi. Today he was born at the Tissot Centre for Applied Mathematics in Toulouse, France. When he came to Canada in 1966, he was living and being cared for by his father and his relatives in the city of Paris, where his parents lived. However it was discovered in May 1957 that he had developed a rare form of epilepsy in which it could start a seizure. The disease was very difficult to detect, and it started to spread over the country. Raffi was never able to live again. His grandmother died of the illness and his mother died in 1974. When he was twenty

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I Am More or Less a Normal Child

 25 Years Ago Today There Was no Light in His Eyes

Friday 29th of November 1996
Minimal artist Dan Daniel Nicholas Flavin dies of complications of diabetes at the age of 63 in Riverhead, New York, United States.
The artist's grave was just north of New York's West Side in East York, where he had worked with and lived for 27 years. He enjoyed creating, especially murals and drawings of animals. Dan was a great teacher, a wonderful father, a friendly member of the family, and a great friend who cared deeply about this generation and his legacy. Dan also cherished the fact that he could go on and on, he believed in it. This, and many more...
Wednesday 25th November 1996 I Am Not That Beautiful Yesterday At 14 years old, I had a rough childhood and I didn't like to look bad (I am more or less a normal child, but I was also an obese person who was always moving around). Despite some bad choices during adolescence and adulthood, I still enjoyed my early adulthood. However, that bad choices affected me in a very negative way in the short term as a result of various problems I had. Not wanting to be involved in my youth at the time, I had trouble looking like a very attractive girl. I had a very unapologetic attitude toward sex -- a very sensitive one, too. In my early 60s, when my older brother was a teenager (after I had been through some

Other Reports Say He Was Walking in His Vehicle When an Unidentified Man Approached Him and Cut His Throat

 35 Years Ago Today

Saturday 29th of November 1986
Actor Cary Grant dies of a stroke at the age of 82 in St. Luke's Hospital, Davenport, Iowa, United States.
Sometime prior to 11:59 am ET on Monday 1 February 1986, Grant was walking in a parking lot with fellow actor Bill Siegel when he died suddenly in a car accident.
During his final moments, Grant was confronted by Siegel and a man who he claimed was his father. Grant, who was later identified as Scott Siegel, testified that while he left on his own, Siegel approached him and threatened to kill him. The man called his father. Grant tried to escape, but Siegel shot him three times and killed both Grant and Siegel in a self-inflicted shooting range.
Afterward, Grant moved to a friend's home and began training with Bill Siegel.
The two, with Siegel as their trainer, developed into their best competition team ever. In 1985 Grant was promoted to the first team of their sport, while Siegel was promoted to the third team, and Grant, Grant's close partner through the 1960s, was recruited in 1978.
This has led to various rumors involving Siegel's disappearance. Grant, who used to hang on to a rope with "D" attached, was murdered one morning. Other reports say he was walking in his vehicle when an unidentified man approached him and cut his throat.

The Girls Who Participated Started to Go to the Gym Where Natasha Learned that it Was Forbidden to Participate in Exercise

 40 Years Ago Today

Sunday 29th of November 1981

Actress Natalie Wood aka Natasha Gurdin born as Natalia Nikolaevna Zacharenko dies of accidental drowning and hypothermia at the age of 43 in Santa Catalina Island, California, United States.

The following information was provided as a result of the extensive questioning about Natasha.

When Natalia Gurdin was born in 1958, she and her sister, Tia, left the family of their country and moved to the US a short time after they were born to visit their parents in their native Australia.

Natalia is an Australian naturalized human. She joined the Air Force in 1974 because she wanted to make a name for herself in sports.

Tia Gurdin left the Air Force and has since trained in skiing on the Western Front after years of service. She left home in 1994. In 2001, she began making professional endorsements by performing well at the Australian Olympics in 2002.

She was in the air for eight months over the winter.

When she was at work, she went to the bathroom to relieve herself. Her body temperature was between 28 and 29 degrees C, at which point she started to feel nauseous and would die in less than five minutes.

When Natasha was 9 months old, she decided to go to a gym where she did not want to participate in the training. The girls who participated started to go to the gym where Natasha learned that it was forbidden to participate in exercise.

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He Also Launched the Deutschmührer Klusse zu Einer Darmstadt und Nibelungsschwind in 1968

 201 Years Ago Today

Tuesday 28th of November 1820
Philosopher Friedrich Engels is born in Wuppertal, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany.
He studied in Dresden and graduated German Literature with a diploma in 1935. He also received honorary doctorate degrees from Germany's highest public secondary school (Hülschwärtzbuch), a Künrich-University of Technology (Hildegardt) and Darmstadt-Universität Berlin (Geltälcken). He studied political economy at the Universität Stalerische Freie Universität in Tübingen and later held the position of honorary director of the Berlin Museum of History with the Kunst und Museum for German Art (BND). He completed the Masters in German Literature (1943; 1945), German Art and Literature (1948, 1950), American Studies (1950), and Contemporary European Theory (1954; 1968). In 1953 He founded the German Expressionism Foundation (DEFA) that is dedicated to restoring artistic expressions to the world, supporting free speech, artistic experimentation and creative expression. With the organization of Deaf and other non-abnormal forms of deafness he founded Germany's first deaf-friendly company Deutschland in 1958. He also launched the Deutschmührer Klusse zu einer Darmstadt und Nibelungsschwind in 1968.

And I Hope We Shall not Soon Forget in that Day We Shall Find the Last Man and Then the Last Man Will Be Buried Together

 264 Years Ago Today

Monday 28th of November 1757
Poet and painter William Blake is born in 28 Broad Street, London, Soho, Greater London, United Kingdom. On 12th January 1757 James Blake of London died suddenly in what now being called the "Death of a New England," or in the words of Arthur Conan Doyle of Dublin, in London, New York. In a letter from his diary dated 18 November 1757 at his new home, he wrote: "… I am dead. My husband is still alive. All my friends have died." On 18 October 1757 Blake, born in London's Hampstead Gardens, was recognised as the "Battlestar Galactica" star by TV presenter Stephen King. The letter contains the famous lines: "… and I hope we shall not soon forget in that day we shall find the last man and then the last man will be buried together, for there is neither man and man but the one, and he is God… it behoveth us to keep watch out for him, lest a great event be about to take place." On 20 September 1757 King was awarded £20,000 by the King's Council for the Prize of the "Elderly and Noble Lady of the Abbey" for her achievements in making the most of that success. The ceremony was held in the Cathedral at The Priory, Cambridge the following year (1757).

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I Don't Wanna Be in Front of Your Camera

 79 Years Ago Today

Friday 27th of November 1942
Guitarist and singer-songwriter Jimi James Marshall Hendrix is born as Johnny Allen Hendrix in Seattle, Washington, United States.
He moved to England 10 years ago. Marshall's music is composed of all his songs and he has won many awards for his work. In 1982 on an episode of "Jimi's Garage", he created the first original live album, "Jimi's Garage", which went on to be the first full length studio album and first album to be released in the United States. He also helped lead the production of many of the songs in a variety of different styles and produced many of the songs with his own vision. He started playing in the studio with the vocalist and later the acoustic organist in the band The Big Show, and is frequently seen in his band, Pink Pea, with Jimi and guitarist Bob Kelly in particular. Marshall is survived by his mom, and by his siblings, Betty Marshall and Jimi, and family, and and by his seven dogs.
Jimi is preceded in the song "Johnny Allen", with the line: Jimi: it's about you and me and my kids. Jimi sings: "Oh my gosh! I don't wanna be in front of your camera! How could you think this would be so boring! I'm really gonna love making this little shit of you!"

The Caterpillar Was First Made of Aluminum and Has its Base in a Steel Box Shaped Like a Ball

 120 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 27th of November 1901
Wagon and carriage manufacturer Clement Studebaker dies of natural causes at the age of 70 in South Bend, Indiana, United States.
The Caterpillar was first made of aluminum, and has its base in a steel box shaped like a ball. The original box is made of steel, and the box weighs about 50 tons. An original box is believed to be made in 1892, where it was transported to Washington. The Caterpillar was a passenger passenger train, which ran on eight trains from Milwaukee to Portland, Oregon. The Caterpillar was very popular amongst American motorbikes, and several models of the Caterpillar have been sold to the US market. The Caterpillar was built by Robert Noyes for his home in Illinois, and he was the company's technical head. Robert Noyes' Caterpillar was based in Charleston. The Caterpillar is said to have employed eight to nine of the greatest members of the company, along with a few others. The original Caterpillar was shipped to the US in 1892, and the original box with original box contents is believed to be in the same condition. The original box is estimated to be more than 400 years old! In 1908, a large number of Cottontail carts and trains from the Cottontail Company arrived in the US and began working in North and Central America, including Panama, Mexico, and Costa Rica. They also made carts.

He Was the First Swedish to Make Contact with Galaxies Around the Milky Way

 320 Years Ago Today

Sunday 27th of November 1701
Astronomer, physicist and mathematician Anders Celsius is born in Uppsala, Uppland, Sweden.
He was the first Swedish to make contact with galaxies around the Milky Way. When he was a young boy, he wrote his name and the name of his place of birth on his paper, the Astronomy, with reference to a galaxy of the Milky Way that he called the Cisterns (pronounced and pronounced by one on a postcard). He later discovered in his last words about the Cisterns, "They look like stars and their stars appear to move one day." So, at 13 years old, he spent Christmas in Sweden and spent Thanksgiving with his friend, the Danish astronomer and the astrophysicist Peter Carlsson. Anders wrote on his "Birthday." On the 15th of November, 2003, Anders arrived in Sweden via Norway, arriving home on Boxing Day, 2003. Anders went home alone to spend Christmas with his friend Peter. The next month, he visited Copenhagen and in early 2003 found himself in New York City, where he met the first person to reach him that could make a connection with a galaxy the size of Earth. This was when Anders became interested in the galaxy he called the Asteroid 1712. In the year that followed, he spent Christmas in Copenhagen, his last day, visiting Anders, who made no bones about his love for astronomy.

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During His Childhood He Developed Certain Habits Which Led to Him Being Able to Move with One Hand

 122 Years Ago Today

Sunday 26th of November 1899
Kidnapper Bruno Richard Hauptmann is born in Kamenz, Sachsen, Germany.
During his childhood he developed certain habits, which led to him being able to move with one hand. He continued to hold the role of a soccer ball maker during his early years of life and enjoyed doing a lot of different kinds of tasks, like a hockey player and a basketball player.
Since being born he also enjoys sports such as swimming, running, skiing, tennis, etc. He currently lives in Dresden, Germany, with one of his relatives from Kamenz.

But We Can Do this Because I'm so Excited

56 Years Ago Today Erklärte Er die Bilder
Friday 26th of November 1965
44-year-old Artist and pedagogue Joseph Heinrich Beuys performs 'Wie man dem toten Hasen die Bilder erklärt' in Galerie Schmela, Hunsrückenstraße 16–18, Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany.
He was the creator of the German electronic, mobile, and music player, the original and dominant sound of Radiofrequency Systems at the University of Geneva. On the way back to the UK, he moved to the United States so as to complete his musical career and his wife is now his wife, Barbara. On the third or fourth day of August he wrote to his brother Peter, who took him over to Europe. The following day he moved to Boston, so he has written for the following newspapers (notably his Sunday Times, 'The Life of A Boring Life'): "I've begun and have yet to finish my works. But we can do this, because I'm so excited. I couldn't believe this has happened at all as my father. It was so easy to write. I'd love to give you a few words in a few words, and this time of year I'm writing 'My Way'. In your opinion it was a lot easier than it looks. It's almost like there was never.

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The Human World Was Under the Direct Control and Hands of Christ and His Apostles

 199 Years Ago Today

Monday 25th of November 1822
Sodomite William King is executed by hanging in Newgate Prison, London, Greater London, United Kingdom. King was charged with an 'unnatural offence'. 
Augustine of Canterbury in the First Ecumenical Council on Rome.
The sentence of Innocent I, who took in his own life without trial, was described in the Apostolic Constitutions: "This sentence, and by which, I mean, this judgment of the Church, was made at Rome on 4 July 1788, that the human world was under the direct control and hands of Christ and his apostles, and that therefore God himself had decreed that the human world must be taken and brought to a state of grace and perfect perfection through grace", at Constantinople, 1 July 1786. There was widespread scepticism before the death of this Roman pontiff. Gregory VII, the most eminent Orthodox historian, quoted his own words (cf. Eusebius in John 15:21 ). Augustine, as Archbishop Gregory of Nyssa, held that the Holy Spirit is sent by God to save humanity from sin. An anonymous Greek critic wrote of the papacy (4 Cor. 2:2-5). This book was in no way a repudiation of Christ's teachings. Gregory's own words were not. Indeed, these verses are directly connected to the "one God" in Acts 5:22-31.

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I'm Sorry if I Gave Everyone Who Had a Difficult Time Reading this What Their Story Is

 11 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 24th of November 2010
Musician Peter Martin Christopherson aka Sleazy dies peacefully in his sleep at home at the age of 55 in Bangkok, Central Thailand, Thailand.
He was an aspiring musician and a musician at the age of 25.
He died peacefully on 22nd November 2010. He was known as Musician Peter Martin, a great guitarist.
He left his home in Bangkok, Thailand on 21st November 2010 to join his friends in Singapore, the Republic of Singapore. The next day he met and fell in love with his best friend (Makai) and it is known that he spent over 20 years together. One can only imagine how much they appreciated each other. He was always a very special guy from start to finish. He had a very good sense of humour.
He was a fan of my band Blue Note. My band is part Of Thiksa, The Black Eyed Peas, Phat Cops and other hardcore bands.
He was a friend of mine and his brother (Eileen) and one of his last people were my bandmates (Liliang) and his brother in law (Abbut). They were my best friend from beginning to end and my closest family.
I'm sorry the information here is short and it's short.
I'm sorry if I gave everyone who had a difficult time reading this what their story is.

Bundy Was the One Who Was Missing from Many of His Childhood Memories

 75 Years Ago Today

Sunday 24th of November 1946
Serial killer Ted Theodore Robert Bundy aka The Only Living Witness is born in Elisabeth Lund Home for Unwed Mothers, 76 Glen Road, Burlington, Vermont, United States. Conceived out of wedlock to a father who disappeared Bundy's mother, Eleanor Cowell, fled to the sanctuary of the Elizabeth Lund Home for Unwed Mothers. After his birth Bundy was brought up by his maternal grandparents in Philadelphia. He was raised for a while to think that they were his parents and his biological mother was his sister. 
Bundy was the one who was missing from many of his childhood memories. Bundy was diagnosed with a mild mental illness and was severely mentally ill and failed most of his schooling. Bundy returned in 1955 where his last known appearance was on the set of a sitcom. Bundy returned to the National University of British Columbia (UBC) the following year. Bundy became a member of the Liberal Party of Canada (Canadian Federation of Students) which was later renamed to a "National Liberal Party in Canada" which became the largest political party in the world and held sway as far as UBC Canada remained. Bundy went on to hold Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) nomination for Governor General of Canada. Bundy returned to Canada in 1959 where he continued to run for Governor for the Governor General of Manitoba where he then ran for Representative in the Canadian Parliament for the first time in over six decades.

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She Has a Sister and Brother Who Have All Been Married to Deceased Men and Children in Her Past

 63 Years Ago Today

Saturday 22nd of November 1958
Actress Jamie Lee Curtis is born in Santa Monica, California, United States.
Born March 31, 1959. During her junior year at the University of California in Berkeley she graduated from Santa Monica State College. For the past 11 years she has studied nursing, psychology and sociology. She enjoys dancing and reading (including the New Testament in Psalms 23 & 26). She has a sister and brother who have all been married to deceased men and children in her past.

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His Signature Style is a Long Narrow-brimmed, Dark-jacketed Brushwork with Deep Green Accents

 123 Years Ago Today Il n'Était pas une Pipe

Monday 21st of November 1898
Surrealist painter René François Ghislain Magritte is born in Lessines, Hainaut, Belgium.
Known for his surrealist paintings, his signature style is a long narrow-brimmed, dark-jacketed brushwork with deep green accents.
Born in 1962, in the village of Little Belgium.
At age 16, in the small town of Corde de Guernsey, his family emigrated to the United States when he was just 10 years old. He was taken in by a boarding school for children, working as an industrial worker while visiting France.
At 14 years old, he found work as a painting assistant for a French company called De Guernsey. When he and his girlfriend went to see for the next year, he found one of the most expensive paintings ever made on the world market in June 1904. The painting cost him almost $25,000 and he was sold at auction in October 1904, along with a number of other artworks.
He was only 11 until his death in 2000. Born with an extremely strong desire to paint things, he has since painted many paintings but he is only 30 years old. He is survived by his wife Maureen and two children: his first wife Henrietta of Leyden, from whom he shared a dog named A.M.

Quentin Was a Tireless Advocate for the Development of Organic Recording and Electronic Music

 22 Years Ago Today

Sunday 21st of November 1999
Raconteur Quentin Crisp dies of a heart attack at the age of 91 in Claude Road, Manchester, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom.
He was born in Brighton on 17th May 1899. He was an accomplished pianist in his own right, with a lifelong dream of playing the organ. Throughout his career he was instrumental in countless orchestras, organ teams and orchestras worldwide, producing over 300 shows. In 1989 he also produced a number of works featuring instruments, organists and organ performers, with the goal of moving beyond the piano to other instruments and into the music that inspires and inspires each of us to explore. Quentin was a tireless advocate for the development of organic recording and electronic music. Born and raised in London, he was born in Hyde Park, Co Clare. He graduated from a local English school and went on to see the music he wrote and play in the United States as a pianist. Since graduating from the prestigious National Theatre Academy of Arts and Sciences he has served as a musical composer, recording technician in both English and German, as a member of a select group of English and German musical composers, an internationally known composer and a national and international audience for a wide range of music. In 1996 Quentin moved to Los Angeles as a director, and was the lead singer for members of the local musical troupe.

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Bachelors Would Not Write Down Their Real Names and Not Mention Their Age

 65 Years Ago Today

Tuesday 20th of November 1956
Model and actress Bo Derek is born as Mary Cathleen Collins in Long Beach, California, United States.
She is listed on the United States Birth Certificate, and was born on 20th January 1954 (She was the daughter of Charles and Ruth Collins). Bo is from Long Beach, California. (Click here for more about the birth of Mary Cathleen Collins.) On 17th January 1959 Bo was placed on a short list by the U.S. Supreme Court in which she was given her first choice of a name. Brought up in Pasadena, Barbara was a socialite, married off to two different men since childhood. In April 1957 Barbara divorced Bo and married a man named Jerry Leighton. Brought up in San Fernando Valley, Bachelorettes in California took up residence together, divorced at age 40, and in October 1959 married his only child, a daughter, Josephine. Brought up in Oakland, Marin, where Barbara worked and lived at the local hotel and restaurant, but was not found wanting until June 1961 when she received the right to marry into a small company but was never found wanting. He married in May 1961, but never named after her. Brought up in Sacramento, where Barbara worked for the San Jose Mercury News, her first name being used when she was first asked to run the newspaper, because Bachelors would not write down their real names and not mention their age.

After an Autopsy Szilveszter Matuska Died

 87 Years Ago Today

Tuesday 20th of November 1934
42-year-old Mass murderer Szilveszter Matuska aka The Orient-Express Wrecker is sentenced to death in Wien, Wien, Austria.
Thereafter he is buried under a mound. In the cemetery he is reported to have passed away a few years ago after suffering several strokes causing permanent permanent deformity. A recent statement on the death claim and evidence indicates that Szilveszter Matuska was present in Wien the day he died and had suffered several strokes which left him paralyzed. After an autopsy Szilveszter Matuska died. After a few months he was cremated by the same crematoria in Wien, Austria and was cremated the next day according to the testimony of the family of an eyewitness. For more information, see http://www.theorient-express.pl/mag/winsocker/detail/journals_nest/july.html.
A new article was published by the Bild Zeitung on Saturday evening regarding the investigation into the murder of Szilveszter Matuska with the assistance of Wolfgang Schuster (German Radio broadcaster or Die Welt), the owner of the Wien Zentrum tabloid newspaper. Following the murder a statement was released about the matter by Wolfgang Schuster: In his words: The murderer was "unknown", the witness was not "known".

The Youngest Ever Resident and the Only Person to Live a Regular Life of 30 Years

 97 Years Ago Today

Thursday 20th of November 1924
Miscarriage of justice victim Timothy John Evans aka The Innocent Strangler of 10 Rillington Place is born in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, United Kingdom.
He was born at 15:02, on 24 October, 1853. Evans became a doctor in 1895 (he went into medical college at Merthyr Tydfil before finishing his professional qualification in 1893) and became president of Merthyr Tydfil until 1900. After he retired from this prestigious field of medical practice, he became involved in the local community. He was the chairman of the local hospital until 1913, when his resignation from the hospital sent him to the Royal Hospital in London. During that period, Evans was considered the only person to have succeeded in a hospital in all his professional career. He now lives in London.

Born in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, May 27th 1889. Died at 18:15.

Henry John Evans is the greatest of Merthyr Tydfil, the youngest ever resident and the only person to live a regular life of 30 years. His oldest child is Peter Henry Evans (29 September 1948), age 6. He is the grandfather of the late Peter Irwin Griffiths (35 June 1975), born in Merthyr Tydfil and his son Henry Jackson Evans, 13 February 1859. After graduation, both men took up the profession as physicians, doctors were not allowed to practise.

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She Was Named the Next Person of the Year by Associated Press as the Fourth Most Popular Celebrity on the Internet After Actress Sharon Tate

 59 Years Ago Today

Monday 19th of November 1962

Actress Jodie Alicia Christian Foster is born in Los Angeles, California, United States.

She is the niece and nephew of actress and director of film Hilariously Insane, Jennifer Lopez and, among others, Jessica Williams. Nicole has over 50 films and is considered by many (including myself) to be one of Hollywood's greatest actors, actresses and directors. Over 15 years ago she began working in Hollywood on her feature project, Insane, which is set in the early '90s where she is voiced by David Prowse with voices including: "M.C. Escher's Inception", "American Dream", "The People v. O.J. Simpson", "Sex on the Water", "The Hunger Games" and many others. In 1996, Nicole announced that she and her husband, Chris Prowse and her husband Christopher, had married, released the film, Insane and released it for free in the United States. On May 8, 2001 she was named the next Person of the Year by Associated Press as the fourth most popular celebrity on the Internet after actress Sharon Tate. Nicole has seven children: Eric, Jodie, Jessica and Christina. Nicole and Chris have published three books: The Insane Life of Nicole Atkins Nicole Atkins (1987) The Insane Life of Nicole Atkins (1996) and The Insane Life of Nicole Atkins (1998) Nicole Atkins.

His Widow Alfred is Born in Zurich on the 28th of November in Her 49th Year

 123 Years Ago Today

Saturday 19th of November 1898
Wife of Bruno Richard Hauptmann Anna Schoeffler is born in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Wife of Friedrich von Schoenbach Schwieder von Schoenbeil von Schoenborn Schoenbeil is one of the oldest surviving surviving Nazis. Wife of Alfred Schiller Schiller is in his 50s and she is a descendant of one of the most well respected "Nazi spouses in history." Wife of the late Austrian poet Heinrich Ernst Schiller Schiller was born in Baden-Württemberg, Germany on 12 May 1866. Heinrich Schiller died of a severe lung disease. His widow Alfred is born in Zurich on the 28th of November in her 49th year. Fellow citizen of the State of Baden Schiller of Baden, Austria, she was just 18 when she left for the Netherlands. Wife of Frederick von Schoenbach Schoenbach is born in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Wife of the late Frankfurter Allgemeine Beobachter von Schoenbruck von Schoenbruck is also a descendant of one of the most respected "Nazis" living today. Habitual resident of Baden-Württemberg and wife of Hitler's brother, Ernst Schoenbaum.

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He Was an Avid Reader and Enjoyed to Discuss, Criticize and Argue with Anyone He Wished

 45 Years Ago Today He Was Unconcerned but not Indifferent

Thursday 18th of November 1976
Artist Man Ray dies of a lung infection at the age of 86 in Paris, Île-de-France, France.
His body has been cremated and his ashes placed in the local cemetery after the funeral. He was the only painter alive who had lived in Paris, Île-de-France, France, as a member of the Art Gallery of Versailles. In 1986 he died of a single, non-cardiomyopathy stroke that took place between 16 and 18, aged 54.
A short time later he left France for Rome where he remained in the service of his great-great aunt, Marianne. He worked for several years in the fine-arts gallery from the very first. After his death he and his friends began to publish a few paintings in France. He was an avid reader and enjoyed to discuss, criticize, and argue with anyone he wished. He was always available for discussion of art work as well; this was done as well while attending the University of Notre Dame.
His life was characterized by the constant interest for his work, to be used as reference in other forms, and to contribute to the collective well-being of artists and audiences. As a result and in order to support the continued enjoyment of his life he was often asked to create a number of images which were of interest to everyone, including those.

A Planet in Which One of the Leading Actors in the Story Has Become the Most Important Living Entity on this Planet

 22 Years Ago Today

Thursday 18th of November 1999
Composer and writer Paul Frederic Bowles dies of heart failure at the age of 89 in The Italian Hospital, Tangier, Tanger-Tetouan-Al Hoceima, Morocco.
His passing will be given as a shock to the family. He is the author of the popular science-fiction series, The Red Planet, a sequel to last year's critically acclaimed, critically lauded, popular science-fiction thriller, The Martian. His novels include, The Martian, Star Trek: Enterprise, The Last Stand, TNG and The Next Generation. At the beginning of his career he worked with director Peter Jackson for several Star Trek films and contributed to much of the subsequent Trek series. His final novel, Blood Red Line, was his first, and last, film. (Blood Red Line) 
A.K.A: The Red Planet? Or the Red Planet Trilogy: 
An ancient and beloved story and a trilogy that celebrates and teaches about the history of humanity as it has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years. This is the first of three tales (of three continents, each one with its own set of mythology and civilizations), about a planet in which one of the leading actors in the story has become the most important living entity on this planet. As well as being about the history of these ancient civilizations and their cultures, Blood Red Line is a journey through the lives of Earth.

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

A Chicago Suburb Where the Local Community Had Had a Reputation for Violence on the Street

 155 Years Ago Today

Saturday 17th of November 1866
Anarchist writer and feminist Voltairine de Cleyre is born in Leslie, Michigan, United States.
In 1889 she moved to Chicago, where she lived for most of her life until she met a young woman and wrote an article about her life in Chicago. Upon entering school in 1907 she became the school teacher and became a member of the group called New Students. She left the teacher's guild in the late 19th century, but was never again called upon to teach at public schools. Judith Keckham.
Anarchist author Judith Keckham and one of her first friends was a professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and also the first in her profession to become editor of The Spectator, a local newspaper which she served for 27 years before leaving the paper and becoming a writer. Judith was the first to post a note of resignation on the publication house's door door asking for a statement of resignation. Keckham, who is of Russian immigrant background, grew up in a Chicago suburb where the local community had had a reputation for violence on the street. She was an active member of the Socialist Party-dominated Illinois Civil Rights Commission, which worked with its members and which eventually gave life to the Civil Liberties Union and worked with the Illinois Freedom Party. Judith was a member of the Central Park Freedom League; a group of young left-wing activists led by one.

It Had Been Previously Stated that Möbius Invented Maui or Machines but that is Incorrect

 231 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 17th of November 1790
Mathematician and astronomer August Ferdinand Möbius known for his discovery of the Möbius strip is born in Schulpforta, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany.
He is buried in the Sachsen-Anhalt cemetery near the Strasse A, where he died on 23rd March 1790.

Möbius was a mathematician, and when he wrote his bestseller, "The Theory of Money", in 1791, he wrote his first book, "The First Money," in 1791, and in 1794. He was quite a prolific mathematician himself.

After his death in 1788, he had already developed a new mathematical method for estimating that money, which involves the use of the mathematical formula M = (X X) ^ X 1, which is a measure of the current level of the money. The formula is called the Möbius curve and is often used as an analogy regarding the value of money to one's life.

It had been previously stated that Möbius invented maui or machines. But that is incorrect. Möbius' maui had two parts (m) and two coefficients, while the maui coefficient was a positive zero value of X, which was what Möbius believed is a form of "zero".

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Whereas no Other Individuals Have Vanished Due to Their Prior Seizures or in Any Way Have Disappeared Due to Their Removal from Central Park Zoo

 115 Years Ago Today

Friday 16th of November 1906
33-year-old Tenor Enrico Caruso is arrested and charged with indecent behaviour for pinching Hannah Graham's bottom in the monkey house in Central Park Zoo, New York, New York, United States. On 23 November 1906 he was fined ten dollars, the maximum fine for disorderly conduct. Whereas on 11 November 1906, twenty-one dollars were confiscated, fourteen were transferred to his brother, John Caruso, an apprentice at the zoo and his grandfather. Whereas upon their respective departure from Central Park Zoo on 12 April 1909 and 15 April 1912, fifteen dollars have disappeared. Similarly on 13 April 1910, eleven dollars have vanished. Whereas there are numerous other pieces of evidence that have not disappeared since the 1906 seizure of thirteen dollars in the Park Zoo and on 9 April 1912, fourteen dollars have disappeared, and eight of the ten pieces that have not disappeared are missing or not at all found because of previous seizures of thirteen dollars, ten cents and eight cents have disappeared on 24 April 1912. Whereas no other individuals have vanished due to their prior seizures or in any way have disappeared due to their removal from Central Park Zoo, there are hundreds of missing pieces of evidence that have disappeared since 1906 with more disappearing in the same period. Whereas fifteen of the missing pieces have been found, twenty of them have gone missing. Whereas fifteen of the missing pieces which have disappeared have been reported to the authorities.

Monday, November 15, 2021

Her First Film Was The Faint Lingerie from the BBC, Starring Adrienne Baker

 89 Years Ago Today

Tuesday 15th of November 1932
Singer and actress Petula Sally Olwen Clark is born in Epsom, Surrey, United Kingdom.
She is one of seven children. In 1931, she moved to England and became acquainted with the fashion world; her first film was The Faint Lingerie from the BBC, starring Adrienne Baker, and she was born in Edinburgh a month before the Olympics began in Paris. In 1936, she moved to London where she attended St John The Baptist and learned to write, where she later worked as an editor. Her greatest achievement was writing for The Observer in 1936 and for The Telegraph in 1937. From 1937, she began working in fashion magazines and became a fashion reporter for the magazine. During this period, she also worked for magazines including the BBC and BBC Radio 4. She was awarded the Victoria Cross in 1937 by the BBC. In 1968, she established the first fashion magazine, the St John the Baptist; she became a fashion editor, she has lived in Wales and England all her life and she is the co-author of several of the most popular British publications including The Saturday Evening Post and the Evening Standard. She has produced many successful television films including The Big Bang Theory, The Little Mermaid and A Day Without A Name.
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Sunday 31st December 2016 at 11:30 GMT

He Had Many Different Parts, All of Which Were in English or Cantonese

 91 Years Ago Today

Saturday 15th of November 1930
Writer James Graham Ballard is born in Shanghai International Settlement, Shanghai, China.
He was born in March 1934 (aged 31), aged 30, in New York City, New York. There he attended the London School of Music and received a Doctorate of Music from the University of London as well as a Master's Degree from the Graduate Art Institute of Cairo. In 1949, he joined the Society of Artists and Writers of the Chinese Academy of Drama as a professional producer and, for the next two years, worked as a writer and stage actor. During that time he produced many songs in over 150 countries. He had many different parts, all of which were in English or Cantonese. He came to the United States from Japan at age 17, but later moved in with his children. Ballard became an active member of the Chicago Theatre Association and was inducted into the Chicago Symphony Hall in 1956. He received his DFA from Columbia University in 1963 and he has published several short works that have won both the Best Musical, Best Director and Best New York Poetry award. There he wrote for two Grammy-nominated albums, One in 1968 and One in 1971, as well as the film The Tender Tolls as well as four short plays and countless works both in Chinese and English. He wrote an autobiography. Ballard has appeared in several films and television series, including a short series of Doctor Who episodes called The Master.

Sunday, November 14, 2021

His Name Will Be Changed in Recognition of the Sacrifice

 34 Years Ago Today

Saturday 14th of November 1987
War criminal and art collector Pieter Nicolaas Menten dies of natural causes at the age of 88 in Loosdrecht, Noord-Holland, Netherlands.
His body has been placed in a crematorium in Mitte in Pomerania after an autopsy confirmed his death on 10th June 1987. His body was cremated on the 21st of November. He was taken into hospital on 16th December 1988 to be transferred to De Mitte medical center. Since he was found unconscious on 15th December 1988 it was necessary to bring him to a hospital in Rijswijk for further analyses. For the next 24 hours his body is to be buried in his home in Sjarnart on 7th November 1989. Before his body has been removed from the crematorium he will be transferred to Aderholt with additional care to ensure full and successful burial. He will be cremated on the 20th and 21st of November. He will be buried with his wife and three children under his guardianship under the guardianship of the house of his adopted mother and his four young children at his residence in De Mitte as well as his three grown sons and the father of his half brother. The three young children are to attend the burial service next Wednesday 8th December which will start after 8 pm. His name will be changed in recognition of the sacrifice. He will receive the same dignity.

Leibniz and His Wife Also Created a Patent for a Device that Could Translate a Radio Transmitter Into a Mechanical Typewriter

 305 Years Ago Today

Saturday 14th of November 1716
Philosopher and polymath Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz dies of unknown causes at the age of 70 in Hannover, Niedersachsen, Germany.
Leibniz, a geologist working as an archaeologist in his early years, studied German religious thought. The German mathematician and astronomer William Halle, with his wife Erwin, died of natural causes at a medical conference in New York. Leibniz and his wife also created a patent for a device that could translate a radio transmitter into a mechanical typewriter. The Leibniz and Erwin Leibniz Leibniz Leibniz and Erwin Leibniz.

Saturday 15th of April 1825
The first edition of his papers was published in 1844. The first edition of an introductory lecture on religion in 1837 was published in 1842. The first book, My Life and History of the Christian Science, was published in 1839. The first journal article on Christian literature in 1849 was published in 1866. The first edition of a letter to the editor was published 1885.

Sunday 11th April 1864
Leibniz wrote the English text of The Principles of Political Economy. His writings on Christianity and political economy are used as a basis for a number of books.

Saturday, November 13, 2021

We Are Grateful to a Friend Who Was There When He Was Murdered

 2 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 13th of November 2019
Cyclist Raymond Poulidor aka Poupou aka L'Éternel Second dies of heart failure at the age of 83 in Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France.
He is survived by his wife, Christine, a son, Josephine S. Poulidor, grandniece, and an untimely death. We are grateful to a friend who was there when he was murdered and has continued his advocacy on a number of occasions. Raymond was a regular visitor at the St. Pierre Cathedral in Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat, and was known to many of the citizens of the neighbourhood. Raymond had a profound impact on local community relations that have been a major factor in his legacy. It is not known if Poulidor was ever involved in the planning for the renovation. Raymond is best remembered as being known primarily for his tireless advocacy for the cause. Poulidor loved to play football, which is now a fixture on a lot of houses in the parish. He took his love of football to the United States during the Vietnam War and spent a great deal of time on the U.S. National School Tour, where he developed friendships with many of the football players. His first professional goal was set during a game against Iowa State on December 18, 1964 at St. Vincent.

He is Also the Father of Two of His Children

 80 Years Ago Today

Thursday 13th of November 1941
Mass murderer Patrick Henry Sherrill known for the Edmond Post Office shooting is born in Watonga, Oklahoma, United States.
He is also the father of two of his children. Sherrill committed suicide due to "the insanity of living," according to his father. He has also been involved in a number of violent acts, including the 1996 murder of three African American students at a New York City high school. Despite their differences, he is extremely hard-working, dedicated, and loved by the public. He was shot in the neck during a robbery that was planned as part of the "Jungle Wall" demonstration at the University of North Carolina. His body was found shortly after noon on November 11th, 2005 by a man who was at the store and had heard gunshots. It looked that he was shot from somewhere over a thousand feet away. Sherrill was a member of an elite grade 12 gang that had existed in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. In the late 1980s, he and 12 others had been killed by members of a notorious South African "gang". He and his family became aware that he had gone to the South African "gang" with the intention of obtaining information on gang violence and that the "gang leader" had threatened him there. The following was his account of the incident: After the initial attack on the store, Sherrill was on his cell phone.

The People of Kent Live Like Their British Neighbours

 303 Years Ago Today Sandwiches Were not Yet Served

Sunday 13th of November 1718
4th Earl of Sandwich John Montagu known for inventing the Sandwich is born in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom.
He was succeeded by the son of Edmund Montagu. This is what his name means. He was married to Louise Llewellyn for a son of John Morley Montagu in 1718 as well as his grandson. They have two children, John and Louise. He was born in Huntingdon in Devonport and grew up before moving to Cornwall and later settled as Farmer, who then worked for a fine company. In 1816 he was appointed King and Lord Bishop. One year after that, he had a family attack in the North Country. He died in 1729. He is buried at Winchester but in many ways as a farmer he has been a rather well known person. It appears that no one, including his heirs, has ever forgotten them from their days of labour. Somerset is the most visited place in England today. Somerset is the second largest land and estate in England with an area of 1.3 million people and an average lifespan of one year. Somerset is named an eminent tourist place among those that consider its worth. The people of Kent live like their British neighbours. They have the highest proportion of the population of any other part of the country.
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His Wife Loved Swimming and Kayaking, and He Always Enjoyed

 14 Years Ago Today

Monday 12th of November 2007
Writer Ira Marvin Levin known for Rosemary’s Baby dies of a heart attack at the age of 78 in New York, Manhattan, New York, United States.
He had previously received two degrees in physiology (from Boston College), one in pharmacology (from Ohio State) and one in chemistry (from Harvard); he died of heart failure on 4 September 2007. His father, a retired New Jersey lawyer, became a member and advocate for a single-payer health care model. From the beginning of their association, he was an active supporter of single, all-payer social insurance. As their primary caregiver, Mark was a loving, supportive husband, father, and father-in-law. When working on the film, Larry gave all of his energies and passion for creating awareness to bring change to this country! Larry and I met through one of Larry's close friends, who also worked for Congress on the Congressional Budget Act of 1998, and Larry worked at the New York Public Health Fund before heading off on his own work on television. His wife, who is a board member of the American Academy of Pediatrics, is Director of the Center for Family Violence. For about nine months, Larry's home had been hit by falling tree branches during a wildfire. Larry was home alone, and so was his family. Larry was an avid outdoorsman. His wife loved swimming and kayaking, and he always enjoyed.

Ambroise and Mary Maddox Were Both Widowed in 1970

 87 Years Ago Today Maddox Had No Name

Monday 12th of November 1934
Family leader Charles Milles Manson known for conspiracy to murder Sharon Tate is born as no name Maddox in General Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. Manson was born to unmarried 16-year-old Kathleen Maddox. He was first named 'no name Maddox'. Ambroise and Mary Maddox lived on the north side of Milwaukee. Their family members were Marilyn Manson (1880‐1939), Mary Beth Manson (1908‐1935), and Anthony Joseph (1944‐1946). Ambroise and William "Big Brother" Maddox were all members of the same family. Ambroise and Mary "Big Brother" Maddox did not have any children. Ambroise and Mary Maddox were both widowed in 1970. Ambroise and his wife Kathy (also known as "Kathy Wiggum") divorced in 1988. Ambroise's father was William "Big Brother" Maddox, who was later known as "Cameron". Ambroise and Mary Maddox were divorced a few years later in 1995. Ambroise was a member of both the California Democratic Party and is currently a member of the Illinois Democratic Party of Illinois. Ambroise was born in Pittsburgh and became an associate of the family's political party, the Pennsylvania Republican Party. Ambroise and his wife Kathy (also known as "Cameron") divorced in 1989.

The Unapologetic Feminist

 92 Years Ago Today

Tuesday 12th of November 1929
Actress and Princess of Monaco Grace Patricia Kelly is born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Born Oct 18, 1945 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Her parents were married Dec 22, 1943. Grace Patricia Kelly is a model, actress, actress, actress, actress... Free View in iTunes

27 Clean The Perfect Woman - Episode 955 - "The Perfect Woman" On Jan 17th, 2018, the great and famous Francesca von Erich Einhard Steisberg, a celebrated novelist whose story "The Perfect Woman" became available on her website is honored and honored. Steisberg was born on Oct 11, 1924 in Berlin, Germany. Free View in iTunes

28 Clean The Complete New Yorker - Episode 954 - "The Complete New Yorker" In this episode the listeners hear that the famous, American feminist Jane Fonda died July 21st 1976 having been forced into an abortion for the very reasons listed in her letter which states. (In a letter dated Aug 21st 1970). Free View in iTunes

29 Explicit Unapologetic Feminist - Episode 953 - "Unapologetic Feminism" On Mar 4th, 2018, the podcast of The Unapologetic Feminist will open and will open many rooms on the website of the Center for American Women's Studies. The podcast is made possible in part by the generous support of the St. Louis, Missouri. Free View in iTunes

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In the Mid-1970s He Organized a New Branch of the 'New York Times' that Was to Become the 'Hendrik Institute'

 200 Years Ago Today
Sunday 11th of November 1821

Writer Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky is born in Ul. Dostoevskogo 2, Moscow, Central Federal District, Russia.
He has written for several Russian political and literary magazines, especially for its 'Journalist, Correspondencer, and Author'. He taught at the University and subsequently at the University of Moscow and Moscow State University, as well as the Moscow University of Television and Television Arts. He is currently director of the International Film Institute on the Moscow-Aleksandrovsk Region (IPI-Russo). In 2007 Yuri Kovalchuk was named as one of Russia's top five directors of 'Journalism of the Future - Russia's Future in Three Strikes'. He held this position at three of Russia's top three directorships (the 'Kuratsky to the Future', 'Lubovik', and 'Iakov' in the 'New York Times'), a position which lasted until his death from unknown causes. For much of the 1960s and 1970s he worked in the 'New York Times' as an editor, with a specialization in public affairs, political reporting, and economics. In the mid-1970s he organized a new branch of the 'New York Times' that was to become the 'Hendrik Institute' (to be named the 'Centre for Public Opinion and Society') at the Moscow State Institute of Technology.

Her Dream Now is to Serve the Rest of the World and to Promote her Cause

 120 Years Ago Today Wurde ein Engel Geboren

Monday 11th of November 1901
Wife of Joseph Goebbels Magda Johanna Maria Magdalena Ritschel aka Engelchen is born in Berlin, Berlin, Germany.
She emigrated from the city the same day as Goebbels. Magda went to German universities. Her passion was theater and to play with her friends. She worked for the film crew for over a decade. Her dream now is to serve the rest of the world and to promote her cause. As it is not common for her to be a professional actor then this does not take away from her role. She works everyday at home reading, painting, or sewing. On her birthday she will come to Germany at a later date with special thanks to Emil Dufresne. We can only hope for much happier life!
Posted on 5th November, 2005.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

The Weapon of Choice in Today's World is to Keep a Sharp Head

 102 Years Ago Today

Monday 10th of November 1919
Weapon designer Mikhail Kalashnikov known for the AK-47 assault rifle is born in Kurya, Altaysky Kray, Russia.
Before he moved to the West, he started designing the AK-47 assault rifle. The following were chosen to be his weapons of the future.
The next three are also chosen due to their excellent performance.
The fourth gun is his first AK-47 and its short barrel which also makes it less prone to breaking.
Second round the first round of the second rifle will also put Kalashnikov's AK-47 to a close.
Kalashnikov's AK rifle proved to be very accurate with the M98 assault rifle at the time but this failed due to short sight distance and limited accuracy. Kalashnikov's AK-47 would be considered a much superior weapon of today due to the low cost of having a very long barrel.
Kalashnikov would not have made the first rifle since the K1947 assault rifle.
The weapon of choice in today's world is to keep a sharp head, a good accuracy and with little muzzle brake.

Dudy Barkson Sadly Loves Cringes and Loves Himself

 81 Years Ago Today He Was Screaming

Sunday 10th of November 1940
Musician David Edward Sutch aka Screaming Lord Sutch aka 3rd Earl of Harrow is born in New End Hospital, London, Hampstead, Greater London, United Kingdom.
(S. I. G. Sutch - The Fascist Revolutionist Movement)


Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Thomas's Family Has Not Yet Asked for His Funeral or Visitation with His Relatives

 68 Years Ago Today He Was Admitted with Acute Alcoholic Ancephalopathy Damage

Monday 9th of November 1953
Poet and writer Dylan Marlais Thomas dies of bronchitis, pneumonia and emphysema at the age of 39 in Saint Vincent's Catholic Medical Center, New York, Manhattan, New York, United States. Thomas was admitted with acute alcoholic encephalopathy damage to the brain by alcohol at midnight on 5 November. Thomas was born on 5 November, 1953, in New York City and lived with Mr. and Mrs. Thomas during his life; his mother served as his bedside relative during this period. His father passed away on 6 November. Thomas's family has not yet asked for his funeral or visitation with his relatives. Thomas Thomas died on 8 November.    Thomas Thomas. Born August 20, 1959, in New York City to a widow and three sisters, he died on 4 October at a hospice in Brooklyn. Thomas died after two years of sickness and four weeks of serious pulmonary tuberculosis. He had pneumonia and emphysema. Thomas Thomas died of pulmonary tuberculosis on 8 September 1963. Thomas Thomas died of complications of chronic bronchitis following an emergency in which he was admitted for hospice treatment. "Thomas Thomas"
The author of many articles on alcoholism, Thomas Thomas