Sunday, July 24, 2022

Haigh Began Being Known for the Murder of a Married Woman Who Was Selling Her Daughter's Underwear

113 Years Ago Today

Saturday 24th of July 1909

Serial killer John George Haigh aka The Acid Bath Murderer is born in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom.
It is one of the shortest stories in the series of Haigh and Haigh's stories. Haigh began being known for the murder of a married woman who was selling her daughter's underwear. After spending years in prison, Haigh was eventually jailed for 12 years. During those years, he was accused of murdering three men. The story was also a hit with the local children's entertainment community, who called him the "Sexiest of the Street". His crimes, however, were not limited to the killings of the three men. His own daughter, Roseanne Haigh , was also murdered in a robbery attempt.

From the time as a young boy, John George built a career as a well known crime maker and a detective working in the Nottingham County Police. He also spent time in prison while serving up his crimes in his home of Castle Road, Croydon, and was soon to be jailed again for murder. During his time in prison John George lived in a small brick apartment complex, but left behind a reputation for a brutal crime. In 1907 he was arrested and charged with the murder of two women, one of whom he killed in a home burglary. John George also participated in the murder of a man that occurred in the 1970s. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

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