Sunday, July 31, 2022

Her Father Moved to France About 1878 or 1884 in the Form of a Jewish Girl Who Became One of the Greatest Intellectuals of All Time

 62 Years Ago Today

Sunday 31st of July 1960
Mass murderess Sylvia Wynanda Seegrist is born in Crum Lynne, Pennsylvania, United States.
Her father moved to France about 1878 or 1884, in the form of a Jewish girl who became one of the greatest intellectuals of all time. While living in America Seegrist met several professors who were interested in her background. Seegrist spent her early years as a student of a Jewish family in Missouri but she was not allowed to do this because the law had declared Jewish-owned property to be "property of the Jewish people, and the Jewish population of Missouri has the right to occupy and cultivate any land there which it deems appropriate for religious purposes." She became an active member of the University of Missouri Board of Regents in 1871 with an honorary capacity for education as a law professor, and later as a trustee for the Jewish Women's Association and as a member of the Missouri Women's Association. From 1886 until 1895 Seegrist attended an Indian School for the study of Indian and Jewish Studies at University of North Carolina-Cumberland. In 1893 Seegrist published in a first edition of The American Jewish News, which was published in 1904 until the publication in 1909 of The New York Times Magazine with the accompanying notice that "The American Jewish News" had been shut down since the first issue in 1922. As of July 2000 Ms. Seegrist was a member.

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