Thursday, July 28, 2022

Marcel of Course Is Very Proud

 135 Years Ago Today

Thursday 28th of July 1887
Dada artist Marcel Henri Robert Duchamp aka Rrose Sélavy is born in Blainville Crevon Village, Blainville-Crevon, Haute-Normendie, France.
His other parents were members of the French aristocracy, and Marcel did his degree in Art and Fine Arts at St. Joseph's College. In 1886, he began to photograph nature. His work appeared in many papers such as Discover magazine (March 1887), Naturalism, and Cessna, but his greatest success in the formative years was in the photographic periodical photography of 1902-1906. Marcel had an interest in the history of photography and this work inspired a number of publications. Marcel's most famous publication is the work entitled "Naturalism." The work was a fascinating study of both natural phenomena and photography (see below). His photography was so extensive that he was awarded the prestigious Novemeburole prize in 1894. Marcel's collection covers several important topics, and his photos were not made for photography only. Marcel made a number of important improvements to their photographic system. In the 1890's he switched from the traditional digital format to a white paper printing process. In 1907 Marcel had to cut corners to make his photographs in perfect condition. The result is a photograph that has stood the test of time and inspired the modern professional photographer. Marcel, of course, is very proud.

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