Thursday, August 4, 2022

Klaus's Father Was a Painter and He Was One of the Most Important Musicians in the Nazi Regime

 75 Years Ago Today

Monday 4th of August 1947
Electronic music pioneer Klaus Schulze aka Richard Wahnfried is born in Berlin, Berlin, Germany.
Before him being recruited by the German military in 1939, Klaus was one of the first musicians of his age to earn a German military record. Klaus's father was a painter and he was one of the most important musicians in the Nazi regime. The German occupation was just beginning and the young Klaus was born in an orphanage. While he was young he wrote music in a piano program and played as well on piano as he could. At the age of two, Klaus and his sister (her father being a musician who was a young and dedicated painter) were brought up but they were abandoned in the refugee camp and had to return home. A year ago Klaus was born. During that time Klaus played piano on a band called Die Schöne in Hamburg. Later he met his future wife Nina and went to the school of Art Deco. They continued playing the club club and became friends.
Luther Schulze Bach (1889-1945), also known as The First Emperor, was a member of Schule's group of 20 musicians on the St. Louis Blues. Though his time at the club was brief Klaus chose to come to the United States for graduate school and as he finished his law practice he took an interest in becoming a guitarplayer before traveling to Germany and settling in Seattle, Washington.

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