Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Ade Was a Member of the Indonesian Armed Forces Service Since 1994 Serving with Distinction During the 1998-99 Indonesian Army and National Liberation Army (LASAN) Campaigns

 48 Years Ago Today

Friday 19th of July 1974
Artist and Leader of the Ruangrupa art collective Ade Darmawan is born in Jakarta, Indonesia.
After graduating from the University of Central Anglia in 2009, he studied art at the University of the City of New Zealand for three years, as well as the School of Education. He has appeared, represented in film festivals, and traveled a total of seven times. Known as "Shooto", he has taken part in three national and international exhibitions in Bangkok, as well as appearing in the Thai Film Festival from February 12 to March 2, 2014. Ade's other interests include art theory, theater, music, and poetry. He is currently serving a 12-month sentence in the I-R Penang. Ade was a member of the Indonesian Armed Forces Service since 1994, serving with distinction during the 1998-99 Indonesian Army and National Liberation Army (LASAN) campaigns. This award was also awarded to his "Shooto" brother for bravery and courage at the "LASAN Campaign" beginning on June 18, 1998. In 2012, Ade was awarded the award of Independent Artist of the Year in the Kachinsha Award for his music-art composition (Mukta Kipila). In 2014, after the I-R Penang War, Ade began his work with V-Band in Tuscany, Italy. He has worked with Ade.

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