Friday, August 5, 2022

It Was Unusual for Men to Become Interested in Learning to Live in Space

 92 Years Ago Today

Tuesday 5th of August 1930
Astronaut Neil Alden Armstrong known for becoming the first person to walk on the Moon is born in Wapakoneta, Ohio, United States.
His brother Michael Armstrong holds the world record in the 5,008 meters he has set for his second attempt at this great stage in his life. Michael is also one of only five European astronauts to walk on the Moon since the launch of Apollo 17. Armstrong walked on for only seven days after he touched down at the International Space Station in June 1969, as his father Neil did not go aboard to study his early career in space when he was still a teenager. Michael was born on February 28, 1883, in Wapakoneta, Ohio. Michael studied Earth sciences at Harvard University but, by the time he entered the astronaut program, he had taken an engineering course. As it turns out, after starting this, there was not much interest in science at college, because it was "unusual for men to become interested in learning to live in space", his mother said. The fact that the boys did not want to study science and engineering in college may have been a problem as soon as they were a teenager, but they were the first in their family to ever go on a mission. Michael has lived the longest in space. One way or another in Wapakoneta, Ohio, we all come to see, and we all go.

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