Saturday, January 8, 2022

Paul Rose From the Dark Night in Which He Had Worked as a Janitor

 126 Years Ago Today

Wednesday 8th of January 1896
Poet Paul Marie Verlaine dies of a kidney and stomach disease at the age of 52 in 39 Rue Descartes, Paris, Ve, Île-de-France, France.
He is of mixed noble and dignitary appearance and is a native of France. Paul was born at Auteuilé, where his father took up residence in 1888. He died in Paris, April 19th 1905 and was buried at the cemetery on September 27th 1906. He was buried in the family home on the Rue d'Eau de Marne and is in the family residence of Robert-Claude de la Mont-Quervous. He died at the hospital of a stroke at 18.30 hours April 19th, 1896. On May 29th, 1902 Paul's birth certificate was signed to the public which confirms that he was born in Paris, June 3rd 1904. He was the son of Jean-Louis Verlaine Vieux, who married Anne de Duchovny Vieux. On April 29th, 1906, Paul rose from the dark night in which he had worked as a janitor, and moved back to Paris at the end of the month to study business in the city. He was a clerk in his own printing house, in the same place he received his business degree. On 18.02, he was employed as a painter and salesman at St. Martin's

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